Friday Photos: the view from here

Where did this week go? (seriously, if someone could explain, please do.)

Wasn’t I just talking about being on a road trip to Minnesota?


It was our “Joy in January” party, which I think is going to become a tradition with my family — my sister (supermama of the year) was the hostess with the mostess the whole weekend. Check out my JOY pancakes, does she know me or what? 20130127-093513.jpg

From the morning yogurt bar with “granilla,” as Chef Carter calls it, to homemade pizzas for dinner, there was gluten-free goodness all around. I cannot tell you how relaxing it is to be away for the weekend and not have to bring ANY of my own food. (other than a plate of cookies, including my 3rd place Snowflakes, which my sister tried and said, “mmm…it’s like a brownie AND a cookie.”) 🙂 20130127-093506.jpg

Not worrying about food leaves all kinds of time for funny stache photos, and a few of the photos that have become routine. (aren’t the peanuts bubbas so big?) 20130127-093500.jpg

Have you seen the new Van’s items? My sister scored some recently and they are fans of the products — those crackers are good! 20130127-093542.jpg

Carter’s school now has a gluten-free lunch menu! This is a very big deal in his book. The cool part? Many of the items they serve him are purchased at a local natural food store. He’s thrilled to be able to eat at school whenever he wants. Score one for team gluten-free!

Last night, after a long day at an interpreting workshop, I stayed in Madison to dine at Bunky’s Cafe with my dear friend PK. It’s at the top of my list for places to eat gluten-free in Madison — I highly recommend it if you’re in the area. Almost everything on their menu can be made gluten-free, including: pastas, lasagna, pizza, falafel, and DESSERT! 🙂 20130127-093445.jpg20130127-093452.jpg 20130127-093437.jpg

We went all out. (and then vowed to hit up the gym ASAP) So, so worth it.

And then there’s a Friday night at home, with the husband in Orlando (didn’t he pick the perfect week to get out of this cold?) and me not wanting to cook — so it was cereal for dinner. It’s real life. It happens. And it hit the spot.


Did the rest of you get this cold front? Brrrrrrr! The chilly evenings lent themselves to hot tea and cozy slippers — the heat pad came out too! 20130127-093534.jpg

Cold winter nights = cooking & crafts. 20130127-093549.jpg

20130127-093555.jpgI started Project Life this month and am loving it — as you may have read, the 2013 List includes taking and actually printing more photos, so this project is perfect for me. Keeps my mind and hands busy.

Have a JOYful week! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Friday Photos: the view from here

    • Sarah,
      I certainly did enjoy having coffee with all you girls and of course the two young gentlemen that joined us! I feel like part of the family..and why not……..I am your Mamasita’s twin…lol. She keeps me updated on how you are doing, and I check out you bog on a regular basis…keep up the good work! Love you like my own.. 🙂

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