Gluten Free in Milwaukee: GF Get Together Events

Join us each month as we meet up with other gluten-free friends in and around Milwaukee.

Stay tuned to the Celiac in the City Facebook page for invites and more information.

Have an idea of a restaurant you would like us to try out? Or a fun-filled field trip destination? Contact me at:





November GF Get Together

P.F. Chang’s, Mayfair Mall

Wednesday, November 19th, 2014 @ 6:30pm



Join me and other GF-friends for a night together to eat, drink, and be merry!

Please remember:

1. We are not a support group — although we do support each other in so many ways, we instead take a positive approach to what we CAN still enjoy in the company of others like us, and not focus on what we are missing out on.

2. We LOVE have newbies and welcome you to join us any time!

3. ALL of the attendees eat gluten-free with us for the meal, even if they aren’t GF themselves.

RSVP via the Facebook event or via email.


Using social media? Follow Celiac in the City and  use hashtags #gfgtmke and #glutenfreeinMKE for photos/posts!


13 thoughts on “Gluten Free in Milwaukee: GF Get Together Events

  1. Anyone know of or willing to share names of GLUTEN SAVVY DOCTORS? Found one, a great guy, but, being the modest gal that I am, its “weird” having a guy doctor, especially for my “lady” bits… Also he’s out of my insurance network, so its costing me a small fortune to have even routine office visits done, not to mention lab work. THANKS!!!!! You have no idea how long I’ve been searching. I do have a good GI doctor who is willing to communicate to other doctors, but really would like my professionals to know this on their own…

    • This question comes up often — I’m a big fan of both of my doctors, Dr Faust in Mequon at St Mary’s and Dr Caldwell for my, “lady bits” as you put it, doctor. 😉 Unfortunately the training for GI specific issues is almost nothing during med school. Sad. My doctors aren’t 100% on top of everything in the celiac/gluten free world, but they are open minded and Dr Faust’s nurse/MA is familiar as well.

  2. I am moving to Milwaukee in April and I love to join in on these events if they are still going on! I liked the Facebook page but I wasn’t sure if there anything else I should do. Looking forward to exploring gluten-free Milwaukee! 🙂

    • Hi John!
      Our next two events will be:
      Jan. 22nd in Madison @ The Silly Yak bakery and lunch at Bunky’s Cafe
      Feb 21st in Milwaukee area, TBA

      And save the date for our Team Gluten Free 5K on Saturday, May 21st!

      • Hi Sarah, thanks for the info. I have another commitment tonight but love the deatils on the pizzareia. I love pizza and have had problems getting something that I really like. I will definatly check this place out. also will continue to check out your next event. thanks Amy

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