Tuesday To Do List: Celiac Disease Awareness 

It’s National Celiac Disease Awareness Day! 


Let’s celebrate with checking some of these off the list:

  • If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with celiac disease in the past  12 months, (confirmation via endoscopy) there is a big gift basket waiting for you!
  • Need celiac safe medications? I use this list. (of course always triple check!)
  • Kudos to places like 225 South who have taken the time to undergo training to make celiac safe food for us!


  • Looking for a GI in the metro Milwaukee area that understands celiac disease? Dr. David Carron’s name comes up each time this is asked of our group. Also on the list: Dr. Kwiatt, also of GI Associates and if you’re looking for an amazing naturopath, Dr. Sarah Axtell of Lakeside Natural Medicine comes highly recommended.
  • An all time favorite graphic from Gluten Dude — kudos to him and other leaders in our community who know the way, go the way, and show the way! Keep spreading awareness, my friends!

graphic cred: glutendude.com


Tuesday To Do List: check these off!

Hello, hello!

Summer seems to lend itself to less blogging doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, I’m BACK!

So let’s start check, check, checking things off our list…

In the kitchen:

  • It’s back to school for many families out there which means we don’t all have time to have a cookout feast outside every night after sports practices, dance lessons, and homework. This easy-to-throw-together enchilada casserole from Gluten Free Gigi sounds like the comfort food I crave!
  • If you still have zucchini to use up like me, Shirley has THE go-to list for that!
  • I made these vegan chocolate chip cookies into gluten-free goodies just by substituting a gluten-free flour mix — they were a hit at our family reunion where we had seven celiacs and some who are also dairy and egg free.


Gluten Free in Milwaukee and Beyond — these places have come up recently as having good, gluten-free options. Have you been to any of these?

  • La Reve in Tosa — one of the best meals I’ve had out at a restaurant in a very long time. (and there were macarons!)
  • The Cheel, Thiensville.  I ate lunch there recently and had a great experience with food flavors I’ve never had before. (NOTE: they do have a shared fryer, so their talk of a gluten-free fish fry isn’t safe for us celiacs.)
  • Tofte’s Table, Waukesha. My neighbor’s daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac and attended an opening party with great gluten-free success. (Located in the old Key Westconsin location) Open for regular hours starting TODAY!
  • And stop by my DINING OUT page that has recently been updated to include more Milwaukee metro area locations, but also options across the state and country!


Travel on. I checked both Boston and DC off my travel bucket list this summer — not a single issue eating safely in either city. I actually had too many options to fit them all in! If you make it to either of these cities, try out:

  • Legal Seafood (both DC & Boston locations) they have been leading the way in celiac safe food service for many years. separate fryer, all kinds of fried seafood goodness. fries and slaw. lobster rolls. you name it.



  • Pappa Razzi in Boston – THE most amazing Italian I’ve had since being gluten-free. Separate menu, knowledgeable server, manager delivered my food, highly recommend!


  • Zaytina in DC – small plates of BIG flavor, inspired by Turkish, Greek and Lebanese cuisines, and creative craft cocktails.


  • La Colombe in DC – get a “black & tan” latte


  • Olivia Macaron in DC – I’ll take macarons over other sweet treats ANY day. These did not disappoint.


  • Oyamel Cocina Mexicana – came recommended by my girl Johnna as THE best margarita she had ever had, so this was for research, of course. 😉 plenty of options and one heck of a margarita.


That should keep you busy for at least a week. Until next time…



Tuesday To Do List

Tuesday To Do List is my newest attempt at bringing you tidbits from the gluten-free world each week. This will continue until my mind-that-doesn’t-rest comes up with another way to entertain you guys. You can read my very first to-do list here. Cross your fingers I am back here next Tuesday with another list.

Last night was our May Gluten Free Get Together dinner at Jose’s Blue Sombrero — which luckily involved the most patient and flexible GF guests around. From a lost reservation and being eventually seated across the room at two separate tables, to an eye rolling server at one table and many stumbles (everything was safe, but the server had to go double check on 234 things) just to get our food and drinks…we still made it work and everyone went home with all kinds of goodies thanks our friends from these generous companies below. Take a moment to check out their sites and use the discount codes!

  • American Gluten Free
    • I am LOVING their monthly box and may just have to sign up myself! (use code “AGF10” which is good on any subscription and takes 10% off every box every month) Their packaging is AH-dorable. I’m a sucker for stickers and they get bonus points for presentation. Boxes contain treats that are gluten-free AND dairy-free and they steer clear of the junk. My kind of box!

IMG_3258     IMG_3346

  • Love with Food
    • VERY generous of them to send three boxes to share with our GF friends — especially perfect because there was an entire box of Enjoy Life goodies that were also dairy-free, as we had several guests who cannot tolerate dairy. They were thrilled! Each box was full of gluten-free goodness, many of the items were new to me, which is always a bonus when you get those monthly boxes, to try new things!
  • Bread SRSLY
    • Oh man. This was one of those samples that people go crazy over. I think a few tears (of JOY!) may have been shed. I had toasted the pieces in the oven before the event, then kept them warm in stoneware so they were still nice and warm when people sampled them. Use code “celiacinthecity16” for FREE shipping! fThey also sent adorable Bread SRSLY socks that two lucky winners wore home.
  • Jovial
    • Bring on the pasta! It’s no secret that Jovial is at the top of my list of suggestions when folks ask about gluten-free pasta. Someday I hope to join their foodie trip to Italy. *fingers crossed* In the meantime, I’ll be whipping up real food style pasta dishes this summer with their organic brown rice pasta. And stay tuned…they have FLOUR mixes now! They sent some along for me to try and share with you guys, so you’ll be seeing them at our next event in June. Don’t forget to use your coupons we handed out at the dinner!


  • Halfpops
    • The minute I held these up, we had some pretty excited ladies…one had already tasted them and was giving out flavor suggestions and with plenty to choose from (dill pickle, caramel & sea salt, black truffle & sea salt, angry kettle corn, chipotle BBQ, and aged cheddar) it took time for everyone to make their decision. 😉 There were some dairy-free flavors as well, so EVERYone was able to enjoy them!


  • Gimbal’s Fine Candies
    • We did things backwards and had sweets for an appetizer. Gimbal’s sent fruity flavored jelly beans for the group and they were sneaking them into their bags as they left. (okay, I was strongly encouraging them!) Shop online and save 10% by signing up for their newsletter.


That’s all for today, my friends — enJOY your week and let’s hope it leads you into a long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. xoxo

As much as I wish I were getting paid big bucks to add these links to my page, I’m not. They are not affiliate links. I’m just sharing to share.

Tuesday To-Do List

Tuesday To Do List is my newest attempt at bringing you tidbits from the gluten-free world each week. This will continue until my mind-that-doesn’t-rest comes up with another way to entertain you guys. You can read my very first to-do list here. Cross your fingers I am back here next Tuesday with another list.

Add these to your list this week..

  • This song is on repeat — the week after an amazing weekend with your BFF is rough.
  • My new favorite Larabar is… PINEAPPLE UPSIDE DOWN CAKE. (actually don’t add that to your to-do list, I want to go buy all of them!)



  • Also on the Denver list, Sushi Den. Wow. Just wow.
  • I’m off on a “gluten-free in DC” adventure soon — give me some places to try and which sights I  *must* see!


As much as I wish I were getting paid big bucks to add these links to my page, I’m not. They are not affiliate links. I’m just sharing to share.


After making pumpkin spice granola and apple spiced granola all fall and winter, it was time to mix things up — this tropical gluten-free granola is sending us straight into warm weather mode.



3 cups truly, certified, absolutely purity protocol grown gluten-free oats from GF Harvest

2 ½ cups nuts & seeds of your choice (I used chopped almonds, sliced almonds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, but wouldn’t macadamia nuts be lovely? You can use ANYthing you’d like!) 

1 heaping cup mix of dried pineapple, mango, and banana, chopped (I buy all three at Trader Joe’s)

½ -¾ cup shredded unsweetened coconut (or use sweetened if you’re feeling extra sweet)

½ cup coconut oil (also can use olive oil or oil of your choosing) 

½ cup sweetener of choice (honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, date sugar, sugar sugar)

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

pinch of salt

2 tablespoons maca powder (optional)

1-2 tablespoons chia seeds (optional)



  1. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees. Line large baking sheet with parchment paper.
  2. In a large bowl, combine oats, (the really gluten-free ones from GF Harvest) nuts, seeds, optional maca powder & chia seeds.
  3. Heat small sauce pan over med-low heat with oil and sweetener. Stir to melt coconut oil and dissolve sweetener, if you do not use liquid sweetener. Then add vanilla and pinch of salt.
  4. Remove from heat and pour over dry oat mixture, stir to coat.
  5. Pour contents of bowl onto prepared baking sheet and spread out evenly.
  6. Bake for 15 minutes, remove and stir, return to oven for 10-15 minutes longer. When the granola aroma starts to fill the kitchen, that’s when you want to take it out — I have been making the mistake of baking it longer and longer, trying to get it crispy and crunchy like the store-bought granola, but instead have ended up with dark, burnt tasting granola. It will start to become golden brown and smell amazing, THAT’S when to take it out.
  7. While still hot, stir in dried fruit and coconut.
  8. Allow to cool completely on the baking sheet, then funnel it into a large glass storage container and enjoy for breakfast with greek yogurt and fresh pineapple & bananas.

As with ANY granola recipe, you can make this one your own. Add more or less dried fruit, go crazy for coconut, put a little orange juice into the oil/sweetener mixture. Make it yours then fill me in on how you adapted it!



As you read earlier this week in my post, we are on a mission to help our farmer friends at GF Harvest. My lovely friend Johnna got things rolling and we took it from there! Although we’ve made light of it with cheers of “SAVE FORREST!” and hashtags like #plantForrestplant, (good one, Al!) it’s no joke that they need our help. We can NOT let big name companies continue to mass produce mainstream oats via mechanical sorting (that are making some people sick) that are running smaller, family owned, actually-doing-the-right-thing-with-their-oats companies like GF Harvest out of business! We have the opportunity to speak up with our truly gluten-free oat dollars by choosing to purchase safe oats from a family who actually cares about the celiac community and has for years — their slogan is, “our celiac family serving yours.” We deserve safe oats. They deserve our business.

GO BUY YOUR OATS! (the awesome starter package deal ends today, April 15th, 2016)


GF Harvest did not ask for the help of our community, but we offered it, and in turn, they are offering the starter package deal (with free gift while supplies last!) for you this week. I am not being compensated in any way and have placed my order already! 


Tuesday To Do List: what to buy, spy, and try! (or sometimes cry about)

Tuesday To Do List is my newest attempt at bringing you tidbits from the gluten-free world each week. This will continue until my mind-that-doesn’t-rest comes up with another way to entertain you guys. You can read my very first to-do list here. Cross your fingers I am back here next Tuesday with another list.

  • At the very top of the list is: GO BUY OATS. Truly, absolutely gluten-free oats. We’re doing a “cash mob” for our friends at GF Harvest — read my post from yesterday for all the info.




  • I spy THE prettiest eggs — if you have the opportunity to buy farm fresh eggs from your neighbors, please do so. (or if you’re lucky like me, you have a brother-in-law-egg-dealer) These beauties were from my mama’s “egg dealer.” 😉


  • If you are looking for a space to hold your next event, you should seriously consider Loft 24 in Oconomowoc! We had our Gluten Free Get Together Spring Salad Bar there last night and were so very impressed with it all. The venue is decorated perfectly, space galore, and the best part is that you can bring in any of your own food and beverage and at a super affordable price to rent the space. (and they have a play room for the kiddos!) Call and talk to Laura, she’s a gem, tell her I sent you over!


  • News that made me cry? Bunky’s in Madison, one of my all time favorite places for gluten-free goodness, is closing their restaurant. (but will still cater!)


  • Let’s end on a bright note with these little daffodils. They were mostly closed and had fallen over out in our yard after the nightly frost, so I brought them and they had fully opened to say HELLO, YELLOW!



EnJOY the real life sunshine and warmth that is coming this week!

As much as I wish I were getting paid big bucks to add these links to my page, I’m not. They are not affiliate links. I’m just sharing to share.

truly safe gluten-free oats (and helping our farmer friends!)

I need your help, friends.

Well, I need your help to help our farmer friends.

I usually don’t ask for help. I’m not so good at that part. But this, this is important. And I can’t do this one myself, so we need to band together as a gluten-free tribe and do this one together. If there is one thing I pride myself on, it’s being part of THE most amazing gluten-free community and the way we come together when one of our own needs us.

We need to talk about OATS. Don’t freak out. I know there has been a LOT of talk lately about gluten-free oats. You’re probably getting sick of hearing about it. (me too) But until I can be sure that all of those big name packages labeled “gluten free” truly are gluten free and people are no longer getting sick from them, I’ll have to keep talking about it. It’s my job as a safety monitor. 😉

I won’t take up your entire day talking to this point, but will direct you to some recent postings with more in depth information:

  • Tricia from Gluten Free Watch Dog is the go-to person to the most up to date information on all things gluten-free oats.
  • Johnna started us off with this post earlier today and is behind this oat buying extravaganza campaign — her post is FULL of information stated so beautifully, that I won’t reinvent the wheel here — READ IT! (then go buy oats!)
  • Gluten Dude explains the difference between purity protocol (clean, real-deal GF oats) grown oats compared to mechanically sorted (people are getting sick) oats.

So… you’ve heard me talk about GF Harvest’s certified gluten-free oats in the past. They are the only oats I use now. There was a time when I would buy Bob’s Red Mill oats, but a few people in our local group were (sensitive celiacs like me that tolerated gluten-free oats in the past just fine) getting very sick from them, so I stopped eating them and vowed to only buy from a company that not only has celiacs in their own family that runs the business, but cares about us enough to be absolutely sure through a very strict inspection and testing process that their oats are indeed gluten-free.


I was lucky enough to meet Forrest several years ago — his story impressed me. He started their company as an FFA project in high school. Yes, you read that right. A high school student, who just so happens to be a fellow celiac, started their company out of their home when he was in high school. They have grown as a company offering quite the selection of products, and like I mentioned earlier, are THE only oats I eat.

I recently shared this article on our local Gluten Free in Milwaukee Facebook page that Gluten Free Watch Dog had shared with her readers. It’s about our friends at GF Harvest. Then ones I want us to help — take a moment to read that article so we’re all on the same page.

When I read the article, I wanted to cry. It made me sick to my stomach. The idea that their 2016 crop may be put on hold because they are losing to the big companies who aren’t following purity protocols, the ones using mechanical sorting…that didn’t seem right.

Not fair. Not right. Not sure what I’d do without my GF Harvest oats! (let’s hope I never have to find out!)

My friend Johnna and I text often about all things gluten-free, bourbon, coffee, and donuts, so I wasn’t surprised to get a message from her shortly after. She was thinking the exact same things as me… but in her true Johnna fashion, had already rolled up her sleeves and was working on a plan!

That’s where you guys come in…

Let’s BUY ALL THE OATS! Cash mob style.

Our friends at GF Harvest have set up a starter pack that includes:

Three packages of their most popular products.

  • 20 oz Traditional Gluten Free Oatmeal
  • 20 oz Traditional Gluten Free Quick Oats
  • 40 oz Traditional Steel Cut Oats

BONUS:  Order Now, and they will include YOUR CHOICE of either one of our trendy “I Make Gluten Free Look HOT!” shirts, or a GF Harvest plastic travel cup. (while supplies last)

All of that for just $29.95, shipping included!

I ordered mine this morning and already had an “your order has shipped!” email by this evening.

I shared this story at our Gluten Free Get Together dinner tonight and one of my favorites, the lovely Melissa said, “I don’t do oats really in general, but I will still buy some, you’ll just have to tell me what I can make with them.” (LOVE that she was already on board and ready to CLICK & BUY!)

Ideas for your new GF Harvest oats when they arrive:


Buy for you. Buy for your gluten-free friends. Buy up these oats so they can get started on their next crop! Then ASK FOR THESE OATS at your local grocery story — just take this form to the store and ask nicely.

(By the time I had finished the story tonight at our event, there were cheers of, “SAVE OUR FARMER FRIENDS!” followed up by, “SAVE FORREST!”)

They need our help, friends. Please help me help them. Help me SAVE FORREST! 😉


GF Harvest didn’t ask us to do this — this is the generous work of my girl Johnna reaching out to a company we love and want to support and asking what WE could do for THEM. I’m not getting compensated. There are no affiliate links here. I just want to do the right thing and need your help to do so. THANK YOU in advance!