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NOTE: this page needs an update as I make a return to tending to my blog, please bear with me and do your due diligence to vet places… especially now with so many changes frequently, be sure to call ahead to make sure the places are even still open and if they still offer safe options.

Adding my GF in MKE & Beyond Google map for more ideas/locations.

Remember to ask questions and be an advocate for yourself for a safe meal! If something is fried, be sure they have a separate GF fryer. Is the kitchen knowledgeable? Stress and then stress again if you are a severely sensitive celiac like me, because GF has become so popular, there are many restaurants who say they have a GF menu, but aren’t prepared to serve those with serious, severe dietary needs. This list is a compilation of places I have personally been and places recommended by local GF friends — menus, staff, chefs all change over all the time, and as hard as I work to keep it current, ALWAYS ask questions, every single time!

Gluten Free in Milwaukee (and surrounding areas)

Wauwatiki – Wauwatosa – only dedicated GF (menu items, some bar drinks contain gluten) restaurant in the Milwaukee area


Cubanitas  Cuban food, have a “Celiac Friendly” menu

Cafe Manna – Brookfield – vegetarian restaurant

Maxie’s – Milwaukee – “oysters, bbq, fresh fish”

Beans and Barley – east side, North Ave – don’t let the name fool you, they have all kinds of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. pesto eggs, toast & jam, burritos, cheesecake and other desserts, soups, salads, sandwiches. also have market in the restaurant with many GF choices.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries (multiple locations, no buns but only fries go into fryer)

Stack’d Burger Bar – Water Street/Third Ward – burgers, fries, tots, chicken tenders, sandwiches, GF beer



P.F. Chang’s

Jose’s Blue Sombrero  – multiple locations – Mexican *be sure to ask for corn tortillas to be warmed on clean surface!

Good Harvest Market  



North Star American Bistro – Shorewood & Brookfield locations

Transfer Pizzeria – pizza, appetizers, GF beers and ciders

Lake Park Bistro


Motor Bar and Restaurant @ Harley Davidson Museum

Marty’s Pizza – Delafield location – pizza, garlic cheese bread, salads, pasta

Glass Nickel – Brookfield – pizza

Screaming Tuna Sushi & Asian Bistro – sushi, Asian fusion dishes *update: they now have a “Lil’ Tuna” location in the Mequon Public Market

Cooper’s Hawk – Brookfield – extensive menu, warm rolls!

The Rumpus Room – downtown Milwaukee (currently closed since covid)

Sala (across from UWM) (the best minestrone around!)

City Market  – Shorewood, Whitefish Bay – salads, soups

Odd Duck – Bayview – small plates, farm fresh, interesting flavor combos, amazing!

Libby Montana – Mequon

Pacific Bistro – Delafield – Asian fusion dishes, curry, sushi

Zin – Delafield

Belfrē Kitchen – Delafield

Hop Harvest & Vine – Pewaukee

Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery – dedicated gluten-free bakery with ALL the treats!

The Cheel – Thiensville – “fresh flavor altitude and farm-to-fork attitude, from the himalayas to the rockies”  *unfortunately they had a horrible fire, but working to rebuild! (check out their Daily Taco cantina where they are still serving their GF fish fry)

Blooming Lotus Bakery 

David Alan Alan’s Smokehouse – Mukwonago – smoked BBQ, dedicated fryer, GF beers/ciders

Fork in the Road – Mukwonago

Espresso Love Coffee – Mukwonago – coffee/cafe food

Bee Well Cafe – Mukwonago

Centro Cafe  – River West

Onesto – Third Ward – “modern fresh Italian”

Rodizio Grill – downtown Milwaukee – Brazilian Steakhouse

Beerline Cafe – downtown Milwaukee/Hot Yoga building – “vegetarian fast-casual”

Lazy Susan – Bayview

Fishbones – Delafield – cajun & creole

La Reve – Wauwatosa – French cooking with local twist and WI size portions AND macarons!

Jalapeño Loco – near MKE airport – Mexican

Tofte’s Table – Waukesha

MOR – dedicated GF bakery

Uncle Harry’s – Waterford – have dedicated GF waffle cone maker and take precautions for allergies/intolerances

Skinny Vic’s – West Bend

GLUTEN FREE FISH FRY LIST (created 2.3.23)

**ALL places listed have stated they have a DEDICATED GF fryer, 100% GF only, no gluten items go in, even when super busy.**

105 W. Freistadt Rd.
Thiensville, WI 53092

DAIRY FREE? NO, yogurt as base
ANY BAKED/OTHER COOKING METHOD FISH AVAILABLE? No, but could be accommodated for special request
FISH USED:  Meagre (essentially a Grecian sea bass)
GF BONUS POINTS: “About 98% of our menu is GF with the exception of the buns for tortas and flour shells for burritos.”

6502 W North Ave 
Wauwatosa, WI 53213

OIL USED FOR FRYING: 100% Canola, if unavailable they use soybean oil
DAIRY FREE? Yes. Also DF: slaw and crack fries. CONTAINS DAIRY: tartar sauce, cornbread
UP CHARGE FOR GF? No. (entire menu is GF)
FRIDAYS ONLY? Yes, but everyday have coconut curry salmon dish and an Ahi tuna crudo dish
ANY BAKED/OTHER COOKING METHOD FISH AVAILABLE? Yes. Baked options: plain, blackened, lemon pepper seasoning
FISH USED: Cod (fish fry is 3 pieces)

203 East Main Street
Port Washington, WI
UP CHARGE FOR GF? No, all fish fry GF
FISH USED: Atlantic cod

356 N Pine St, Burlington, WI 53105

UP CHARGE FOR GF? No (unless replacing bread/bun)
FRIDAYS ONLY? Yes (for now)
ANY BAKED/OTHER COOKING METHOD FISH AVAILABLE? Not yet, but hopefully in the future
FISH USED: Atlantic Cod
GF BONUS POINTS: “Everything on our menu is gluten-free or can be made gluten-free easily by switching out buns, taking off croutons, avoiding the caesar dressing which is not gluten-free and we don’t make in house, avoiding tomato soup for the same reason. All of our sauces other than the caesar and balsamic vinaigrette are made in house including the ketchup, mustard, mayo. Our beer batter is 100% gluten-free using Lakefront New Grist beer meaning that our homemade pull apart cheese curds, chicken tenders and jalapeno poppers are very popular with the gluten-free community! Fish fry is gluten-free just please tell your server or bartender you are gluten-free so they can ring the food in properly and someone won’t accidentally throw a piece of rye bread on top, contaminating the meal. Our kitchen does have gluten containing items (that are prepared and cooked separately) so we definitely have a disclaimer on the menu for that but our entire staff is careful and aware of the correct methods to not cross-contaminate!”


OIL USED FOR FRYING: Canola, but there are dishes that contain ALMOND flour that get fried in fryers, so for NUT allergy, take note! One fryer has duck fat just for fries. Fun fact: ALWAYS dedicated fryers!! “There’s not a single thing that gets fried in the entire restaurant during any service that is not gluten free.”
DAIRY FREE? No, dipped in buttermilk, BUT can do OAT milk for dairy free. (Celiacs who avoid oats, FYI. But they can also do coconut milk.)
UP CHARGE FOR GF? $3 up charge
FISH USED: Always have cod and then one other weekly rotating fish, often walleye or blue gill
NOTE from Blue Bear: Specify GLUTEN ALLERGY (their words) to get the buttermilk style coleslaw, otherwise a MALT vinegar (not GF, contains barley) is used for their slaw.  (so be sure to specifically state you have celiac or “gluten allergy” and you do NOT want the malt vinegar slaw!) 
GF BONUS POINTS: “So much on both our brunch and dinner menus are offered as gluten free. Right now we are planning a Valentine’s 3 course dinner (all available GF) as well as a pop-up bakery for Valentine’s with GF dipped chocolate and other desserts. And on 2/25 we’re doing a wine dinner completely gluten-free!”

7098 S US Hwy 45
Oshkosh, WI 54902

OIL USED FOR FRYING: Canola. Fryer is in a different part of back kitchen to avoid CC! 😊
UP CHARGE FOR GF? No (only for bread/sandwiches)
FRIDAYS ONLY? They bread and freeze the perch, so technically could have any day of week if they have some available. Baked haddock and fried catfish on Fridays. Walleye is on everyday menu and always GF.  “People love the walleye!”
ANY BAKED/OTHER COOKING METHOD FISH AVAILABLE? Baked haddock available on Fridays.
FISH USED: Perch, haddock, catfish, walleye

11600 W Park Pl Milwaukee, WI 53224 

DAIRY FREE? YES! “Usually when guest ask for the dairy free and gluten free, we walk them through our buffet to explain what is gluten free and dairy free and how we do it.
FRIDAYS ONLY? Yes (and Ash Wednesday)
FISH USED: Cod loins
NOTE: This is an all you can eat buffet – they do keep GF items separate and “not only will chef and his team work with sensitive celiacs, they’ll invite them to the open kitchen to watch!” 
GF BONUS POINTS: Chef noted, “they’ve noticed an increase in GF guests and the team enjoys meeting them, and seeing them return and become not just repeat customers, but also friends!”

UP CHARGE FOR GF? No, all fish fry is GF 
FRIDAYS ONLY? Yes (for now)  
FISH USED: Cod loins 
GF BONUS POINTS: The only thing on our truck containing gluten is the tortilla wrap used for the wraps and if there’s an item with a bun or the bread for grilled cheese (which we keep in their bags and separate from the food items) however, we do have gluten-free wraps and buns available for an upcharge. If you order a wrap or bun item let us know you are celiac so we can change our gloves along with washing down the area as a precaution to make sure there’s no cross contamination. Besides our Fish Fry, we are especially known for our Avocado Fries, Fried Pickles, and Avocado Caprese which are all 100% gluten-free!”


804 W Paradise Dr, West Bend, WI 53095 

DAIRY FREE? “we carry to dairy allergy as well”
FISH USED: Haddock
GF BONUS POINTS: Hand cut slaw, house made slaw dressing and tartar, all breading made in house and GF and ALL soups GF

Gluten Free in Madison, WI (and nearby)

Madison Chocolate Company — Dedicated GF bakery and cafe — THE best weekend waffles, they have mastered hand pies and pain au chocolat!

Bartaco – our family favorite, VERY allergy aware, only a couple items on menu contain gluten

Bunky’s Cafe – sadly they closed their restaurant biz in 2016, BUT still do catering and private events!

Bloom Bake Shop – Monroe St in Madison (not dedicated, but they take gluten-free safety seriously)

Miko Poke GF and DF menu, also have Dole Whip!


Ice Cream Social – DEDICATED GF (they do use GF sorted oats for oat items so be sure to inquire about ingredients if you only do purity protocol oats or no oats)

Eno Vino Downtown — small plates perfect for sharing

La Taguara 

RED – sushi

Gluten Free in Wisconsin Dells

Survivor’s Bar & Grill @ Wilderness — has GF menu, dedicated fryer for fries

Gluten Free in La Crosse, WI

Piggy’s  – BBQ (we eat in the pub, not the fancy dining room, where you can order from both menus)

The Freight House  – steak house

Charmant Hotel

4 Sisters Wine Bar & Tapas

The Waterfront

Buzzard Billy’s

Gluten Free in Wausau

The Bar – all the bar food! (they have had some mixed reviews, proceed with caution at that location)

The Mint Cafe

Wausau Mine Co. 

Gluten Free in Door County

*this list for DC is not up to date, stay tuned!

Wickman House

Whitegull Inn

Get Real Cafe

Chef’s Hat


Grasse’s Grill

Island Orhard Cider House and Tasting Room


Blue Bear  

Kick Ash 


Wild Tomato Pizza is a NO for celiacs (MANY have gotten sick there)

Gluten Free in Green Bay, WI

Graystone Ale House  – pizza and pub food

Hagemeister Park – sandwiches, fries, pub food

Plae Bistro


Iron Duck

Naturally Delightful – organic/GF/vegan bakery!

Soup Sister — everything is GF!

Gluten Free in Appleton/Oshkosh

Happy Bellies Bake Shop – dedicated, delicious bakery!

Mark’s East Side 

The Bar

The Free Market 

TJ’s Harbor House 

Gluten Free in Racine/Kenosha

Blue Bear

Jose’s Blue Sombrero 

Gluten Free in Chicago area

Chicago’s Pizza (deep dish pizza)

Da Luciano – River Grove, IL – separate GF kitchen, AMAZING Italian, lasagna, pasta, chicken parm, fried mozzarella, and frozen foods you can take home. Italian cookies, Nutella filled cookies, desserts

CheSa’s Bistro & Bar entirely GF menu!

Weber Grill – multiple locations – extensive menu, burgers, sandwiches

Do-Rite Donuts

Sweet Ali’s – GF bakery

Gluten Free in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota (and beyond)

Pizzeria Lola


Twin City Grill – in Mall of America – huge GF menu, warm rolls, many choices

Mill Valley Kitchen

Rincón 38

Victor’s 1959 Cafe

Hell’s Kitchen

French Meadow Bakery & Cafe 

Spoon River 

Twigs – Rochester — dedicated kitchen, full menu of choices, AMAZING!

Gluten Free in Nashville

Mas Tacos Por Favor – little taco shack, go early, double check what’s GF, enJOY every bite!

Peg Leg Porker – amazing BBQ, we go every time we’re in Nashville

Vegan Vee – dedicated vegan and GF bakery

Wild Cow – vegan/vegetarian

Crema – coffee break!

Acme Feed and Seed


The Yellow Porch

Gluten Free in Boston

Legal Seafood – separate fryer for all things fried seafood and fries, knowledgeable staff, celiac safe protocol for handling orders and food prep

Boston Public Market – all kinds of fresh food finds and my favorite cookie of the trip was from Jennifer Lee’s Allergen Free Gourmet Bakery 

Papa Razzi – Italian – Separate menu, knowledgeable server, manager delivered food. Fried mozzarella, pasta, chicken parmesan, desserts.

Gluten Free in Washington, DC

Zaytina – small plates of BIG flavor, inspired by Turkish, Greek and Lebanese cuisines, and creative craft cocktails

La Colombe  – coffee shop – get a “black & tan” latte

Rise Bakery – had some tasty treats, some a little crumbly, but a dedicated place that is 100% gluten free and also has dairy free, egg free, soy free, nut free options. They had croissants, which I wanted so badly, but they used Bob’s Red Mill oat flour and I’m avoiding any and all oat products except those grown via a purity protocol that are truly gluten-free.

Olivia Macaron  – I’ll take macarons over other sweet treats ANY day. These did not disappoint. Fun shopping and atmosphere in Georgetown.

Plan B Burger Bar in DC – wow. just wow. burgers & fries. amazing!

Oyamel Cocina Mexicana – came recommended by my girl Johnna as THE best margarita she had ever had. plenty of options and one heck of a margarita.

37 thoughts on “Dining Out

  1. There’s a restaurant in Appleton called Osorio’s Latin Fusion that recently catered a party for a friend and they had 5 gluten free items at the party. When asked they said they had more items on the menu and will work with you to get you what you want.

  2. If you’re every down in the Chicago suburbs, I’d love for you to visit the Gluten Free Co-Op Bakery I am now a part of. The bakery is Sweet Natalie’s (228 S. 3rd St. Lower Level, Geneva IL 60134). My brand is Rejuveneating and my products are gluten free as well as paleo, dairy free, egg free, naturally sweet, soy free, and some vegan options. You can check out all the products at http://www.rejuveneating.com/store. 🙂

    Geneva is a beautifully charming town, enjoying a nutritious treat while strolling downtown is absolutely wonderful!

  3. Screaming Tuna. I have had great experiences here…so far. A few weeks ago we went on Monday night because they have a half off sushi menu. It’s a special menu that doesn’t have the GF items in a special color. Anyway, I told my waitress I had celiac, she went through the options with me. I ended up order kani kame, which is fake crab. In the depths of my mind I might remember that this is often not gluten free, but in 5 years I have never had it and forgot. Anyway, we went back last week and I went to order the same thing and the waitress said it is definitely NOT gluten free. She was super apologetic. I talked to the owner the following day and he said they had all had a meeting about the episode. And they were in the process of making new special menus (for sunday and monday) and were going to use the same color coding system on them. I thought their prompt action to resolve the issue was really great. He even mentioned how Celiac in the City had written them up, and they work really hard not to have issues like this. Just thought I would make everyone aware!

  4. Simmer Cafe at 718 N. Water St. Is delicious and VERY Gluten-friendly. Husband and wife owners, Steve and Jennifer are so kind and helpful when I eat here. Jennifer has Celiac, so she is aware of how important GF menu choices are. She bakes the GF bread! They have the most delicious soups! Also great salads and Panini’s with GF bread (I have not tried because there is not dedicated panini maker for GF bread so they have recommended not taking a chance!). Give them a try, you can feel safe and will be so happy with their food. They also have a food truck in the summer!

  5. Tried Hotel Metro recently–had a great experience and was well-taken-care-of on the GF front. I used online reservations, let them know I was gluten free AND had a coupon. They were waiting for me and my hubby with a table set up, special menus ready, and no attitude, no issues with the LivingSocial deal. I will be going back there for sure. I had the salmon and my hubby had a bleu cheese crusted filet. They had a lovely dark choco/berry torte as well. SO delicious! I want to go back and try the full menu soon. I can’t get over how many restaurants serve GF and am still grateful for the exceptional experiences.

  6. Ubeer Gastropub in St. Francis is wonderful for gluten free! We have eaten there multiple times without any problems. They have gluten free bread/bun options with no upcharge! The staff are super knowledgeable about all things gluten-free. It’s become our new favorite place.

    • This is so exciting! I’m in Bay View and always looking for good, safe places to eat nearby. Is the selection pretty good? I tried to view their website but it wasn’t working. Thanks for posting this!

      • I have to second and third Becky’s comment. Ubeer is the ONLY place I go for burger and fries gluten free. It irks me to be offered a “gluten free burger” for the same menu price WITH NO BUN OR BREAD! The burgers are fantastic, and there are multiple salads and entrees, including beer can pulled chicken…you can get a nice grilled chicken breast instead of the burger, if you want. They have good gluten free bread and a safe fryer for delicious, crispy fries. They always have at least a couple of special ciders on tap, too–like one with blue agave or a pumpkin-apple blend or one of the dry-hopped varieties I love. I’ve tried so many I’ve lost track. I get tired of the sweet-sweet ciders because I have to drink cider rather than beer and get easily over-sweetened, and I just can’t stomach Magner’s and Strongbow so much anymore. Ubeer’s manager actually gets it and orders for cider drinkers who don’t necessarily want a mouthful of sugar water. When they can get local, they do. The staff is wonderful and welcoming, and the regulars–among whom I include myself now–are lovely and learn your name. I look forward to going every week. Yep. EVERY week. You will be treated like family, and not a single server or bartender will curl their lip at your gluten free needs. It’s just too bad that it’s getting too late in the year for you to try the GF food AND sit on the patio, which looks out onto Lake Michigan just north of the condos in St. Francis. Your non-gf loves will enjoy it there, too, because of the great dishes and outstanding beer menu. I take ALL picky people to Ubeer because everyone will get delicious food and great service in a homey, beautifully traditional wooden pub atmosphere.

        PS I’m glad to have found your site and will be back to see what else is new!

  7. For the commenter above asking about Dr. Dawg I work nearby and eat there on occasion and it is an AWESOME place for people with Celiac. They are knowledgable about cc and even the cupcakes are GF! Separate fryer for fries and GF bun options for everything. Highly recommend them!

    Another place I have really been excited about lately is Ian’s pizza on North Ave. They have a GF crust that they can make with any of their regular pizza toppings (I usually get smoky the bandit). The first time I found out about the crust I asked some questions about CC and I was satisfied with the answers (however, I would always encourage someone to ask for yourself before just taking my word for it). They told me they use a clean cutter for all GF pizzas.

  8. Have you ever been to or do you know anything about Jackson Grill on the south side? It’s on Mitchell St. Ate there before being diagnosed and the food is excellent. Would like to go back.

      • I ended up going to Jackson’s Grill and had a positive experience. The waitress was knowledgable and after I asked her questions the woman at the table next to me informed me she is GF and eats there all the time. I am newer to my Celiac diagnosis so I’m still a bit sheepish at times about asking about cc issues but with the waitresses willingness to talk to the chef about anything and the women next to me being so enthusiastic I decided to not worry too much. (I know the woman may have just been GF and not Celiac, and I realize I was taking a risk, I’m still learning). I had a great experience and the food is always amazing there (used to eat there before diagnosis). I don’t feel comfortable vouching for the CC issues but I think they would be accommodating as they were very helpful with all of my questions. And the food is fabulous. It’s mostly steak and veggies. They have a few soups and salad dressings that would be a risk but the menu is pretty simple.

  9. Oooo! I see Chipotle on your list. I haven’t had it in 3 months because I’ve been nervous! Which location do you go to? Because I will be going.. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Hi Stephanie — I’ve eaten safely at the Chipotle on the east side, on Ogden I believe. And also at the one by Mayfair. I just tell them I have an “allergy” (I know, celiac isn’t an allergy, but they GET that.) 😉 and to please change their gloves and have the same person handle my order all the way through the line, rather than switching for the condiments. It has always worked well and they are happy to do it. I’ve eat at Chipotle while traveling in other states as well, both CO and AZ successfully.

  10. Has anyone tried Dr. Dawg on Port Washington Road in Glendale? I was doing some investigating since I have seminar near there next week. I called and the gal was super nice. She happily rattled off GF: Hamburger buns, hot dog buns, burgers, brats, dogs, italians, kolby beef and salami. (all sausage is homemade.) And FRIES! She said they are awesome, home made, soaked in water and deep fried in dedicated fryer. People who are GF stop in to purchase them by the ‘bag’ (yes they sell them cooked by the bag full!) I will see if they have a seperate GF menu. Made my day!

    PS Any “typo’s” I had – is just because I am so excited to have found this site. 🙂

  11. Hui’s chinese is Wauwatosa does not have a GF menu. Rose and her brother are very familiar with GF. I bring my own GF soy sauce and have never had a reaction. Chicken and shrimp is safe. Pork and beef is marinated in regular soy sauce. And nothing deep fried is safe. They have great Saturday lunch plates.

    Hui’s Cantonese & American
    (414) 475-5150
    8818 W North Ave
    Wauwatosa, WI 53226

  12. Mo’s in Tosa…has good food. Be leary of the GF menu. They’ve told me they can NOT guarantee the GF foods not getting cross contaminated. Server was nice, but, again uneducated — I can’t take the chance.

    • Mo’s didn’t make my list because of the issues with their “GF” menu. Some gluten intolerant friends eat there, but after hearing from them about their own concerns with keeping things GF, I’ve skipped it and had a cider instead. 😉

  13. Sarah – I am so happy my friends saw your great write up in the Cue Food section. I have celiac disease..Easter will be 3 yrs. your recipes and blog have given me my enthusiasm to cook back!
    You have a restaurant listed that you have NOT tried. I have, love the place and the people, but last 3 visits my GF dinner left me sick. Last lunch I ended up in the ER. Besides being sick for Christmas, having a large medical bill I’ve been torn on what to do with the restaurant…I do NOT want others to get sick.

    Hope to talk more. Thanks so much,

  14. Just ate at Casa Di Gorgio in Franklin yesterday. Great pasta dish. However was not impressed with their pizza. My current favorite pizza is at Classic Slice in Bay View or Mia Famiglia

  15. Mo’s Irish Pub downtown has a gluten free menu. I am not sure about Wauwatosa, though. I am also not sure about the fryer situation, but they do have gluten free bread for burgers and sandwiches.

    El Fuego (on Layton by the airport) has a gluten free menu. They do note on their menu that their cheese is not gluten free.

    Kil@wat does not have a gluten free menu, but will work with you. Same with Ward’s House of Prime and Mason Street Grill downtown.

    • Thanks for the tips, Stacie — word of caution… Mo’s has a big disclaimer on their menu that their main ingredients listed do not contain gluten, but other ingredients may, it wasn’t enough for me to feel safe to eat there.

    • I ate at MO’s down town and loved it. no issues, friendly staff – manager came out… the whole nine yards

      Went to Tosa and not only did I get extremely sick, but they were rude and for a place that has a DEDICATED G-F menu, were EXTREMELY uneducated even the manager came up to me and rudely said what are you complaining about all our breads are gluten free, and 20 min later came back and said sorry I am from ohio where we ONLY serve gluten free breads and did not know Wisconsin does- but his TONE of sorry was condescending and he was just a plain ASS.

      • Thanks for letting me know. I have not had a problem downtown, but I haven’t eaten at the one in Tosa. Downtown has a dedicated fryer. Kil@wat now has a gluten free menu, but it’s basically taking items from their regular menu that are gluten free. They totally work with you to subsitute whatever you want. Their menu changes often enough, too, kind of like Tess.

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