GFAF Expo Chicago

Guess what I’m doing next month?
I’m an official blogger for the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo on April 12-13. 
Care to join me? (I’ll be there all weekend!)
We go each year with our GF Get Together group and this year is no different — we’re organizing a meet-up at the expo! So grab your tickets now (using the code above) and get ready for a weekend filled with more gluten-free goodness than you’ll know what to do with.
Click HERE to see the Facebook invite and join the group.
And while you’re over on FB, check out the GFAF Expo and show them some GF love.
Each year, I find new gluten-free goodies to try. And although I now go for more of the networking opportunities, (which are going to ROCK this year!!!) if you’re new to gluten-free eating, or a seasoned vet, I guarantee you will find something new-to-you. I went to the expo shortly after being diagnosed and I was in gluten-free heaven! I cannot tell you how relieved I was to be able to walk into a room and be able to eat EVERYTHING!
When do we get to do that?
Are you going to be there? I’d love to see your smiling face. Leave me a comment if you are going to be there, then keep an eye out for this girl and her camera. 🙂DSC_7142

Bad mouthing a local business — the post I didn’t want to write.

This is a post I’ve been sitting on since last week Thursday — the night of our Gluten-Free Get Together at Rustico Pizzeria in Milwaukee.

I debated just letting this go, hoping things would just die down and I could just not return to their restaurant or never recommend it again. I thought maybe I was over reacting to the manager’s extremely poor (and insensitive) customer service skills and defensive responses in emails.

But then people got sick from their gluten-free food at that get together dinner… and I knew I had to write this. Because as much as I love to share with you the success stories and the restaurants in Milwaukee who ARE feeding us safely, I feel responsible to tell you this story — as much as it kills me to have to talk negatively about a local business, I thought you should know.

I always check out the restaurants before we dine at them with our group — the mistake I made this time was just picking up a pizza to-go, instead of dining in and spending some time there.

I should have known when I emailed Dan the manager, letting him know that the crust was mushy and gave the suggestion to crisp it up for Thursday, and his response was pretty defensive — never once apologizing for it, but instead saying I should have had it at the restaurant rather than to-go… I should have known there were going to be issues.

But in the end of his email he said, “We understand the growing number of individuals affected with this condition and are ever vigilant in providing the best experience possible, every time. We look forward to serving you and your group on Thursday.”

That sounds pretty reassuring doesn’t it?

I arrived early on Thursday to grab a glass of wine (it was a horrible) and met the manager at the bar — he introduced himself and then (after eyeing up my platter of rice krispie treats) said, “you aren’t planning on serving those tonight, are you?”

I said that was the plan, to which he responded, “well you can’t… Wisconsin state law doesn’t allow it… and even if they were pre-packaged, I’d have to charge you $2 per person for a “plating” charge.”

At this point, things started to go downhill. I explained that we do that at every single event, and that we’ve never had a problem — especially when the restaurant doesn’t have a dessert option for us. He disagreed saying that they had gelato that we could have, then started in on statistics about how many millions of people in Italy consider it a great dessert. (I’m a huge gelato fan, but we are also sent treats or supplies to make treats that we have been enjoying for 2+ years) He also compared me bringing in treats to bringing in a flask of vodka to a bar and then ordering a cranberry juice and pouring the vodka in. What the what?

He did eventually say he would “allow it to slide” just this once — why not just say that at the beginning?

I tried to stay cool — but his tone was defensive and condescending, not at all welcoming. Not one bit. If we wouldn’t have had 12 other people about to show up at any minute, I would have already left, (and gone to Transfer) but thought it would have been too much of a hassle to move everyone. (I thought wrong, totally should have.) And I told him that straight out, explaining that his tone — as it was in the emails — was defensive and lacking any kind of customer care.

Our conversation ended with him saying he had “bent over backwards” for our group by bringing in New Grist. (the day AFTER we were there) And then he left. (but not before he went over and talked about me with the bartender — as I was sitting there)

Luckily we had a great server (the servers’ manager, who split our bills up with a smile and was quick on his feet all night) And Brittany — their social media person — was awesome. She is a great example of GOOD customer service, welcoming us and apologizing for the bad first impression. (we didn’t get into details with her, to avoid putting her in the middle)

Half of the pizzas came out under cooked. Two people got the wrong pizzas. And at least THREE people got sick from eating there.

Not how I wanted the night to go. At all.

I felt responsible for all of it — like I let the group down. I have been hosting these events every month since February 2010 and haven’t ever had people get sick.

It makes me sick to even think about it.

Yes, we may require a few extra steps to be fed safely — but we just want to eat out, like everyone else, and support our local restaurants. We are a strong, supportive little community. And we stick together.

I for one will not be going back to Rustico. Ever.

And pretty, pretty please — if I suggest a restaurant that you’ve gotten sick at, or even had poor customer service at, let me know — there are plenty of other places in Milwaukee to check out — places that will provide us with the best experience… every time.

Gluten Free Get-Together V ~ Friday, June 25

Summer has finally arrived in Milwaukee.

Perfect timing for our next Gluten Free Get-Together. This month we are headed to Tess in Milwaukee for dinner. You can view all the details over on the invite on Facebook.  I have been there several times, pre-gluten-free and after, and have always left in a food coma, with a smile on my face.

My hope is for more amazing weather that would allow for some outdoor dining. Much of their menu is designed to be naturally gluten free and they have Crispin. Have I mentioned how much I like Crispin before? Don’t worry, if you missed it you can still read about my love for Crispin Cider.

My new friends at Canyon Bakehouse will be providing samples of their products and the friendly folks at Pamela’s are also sending treats for all to try.

You can RSVP through my Celiac in the City Facebook page or leave a comment below with the number attending. Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier!

Gluten Free Get-Together III

This Thursday, April 8th, is our next GF Get-Together. We’ll be hanging out at Stack’d Burger Bar in Milwaukee.

You should come. If you missed my post on Stack’d, you can read it here. There are some burger places out there, but with a bun? It’s rare. Throw in beer and fries? Done deal. See you there.

You can view the invite on Facebook , RSVP here in the comments section, or just shoot me an email under the “Who is Celiac in the City?” tab.

It will be a good time had by all.

Last month, we met up at P.F. Chang’s for our GF Get-Together. They had recently launched their new gf  menu, and we wanted to be part of it. Here is what you missed:

Lettuce wraps

Chang’s Spicy Chicken

Hong Kong Beef with Snow Peas

Flourless Chocolate Dome

Have a suggestion for a future GF Get-Together restaurant or event? Leave a comment and let me know!