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Gluten-free grocery shopping

dedicated gluten-free bakeries in the Milwaukee area

gluten free medications list

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  1. After having celiac for 13 years,I now have the skin issues of celiac, dermatitis herpetiformis . I have been taking dapsone 300 mg for a year , and using aczone. My worst area is my scalp. I use gluten free products totally on hair scalp and skin. I have no improvement in my scalp. The itching drives me nuts. Does anyone have something that has worked for them ? Help?

  2. To whom it may concern,

    My name is Michael Abbato and I recently published a children’s book based on diseases that children and adults have and put a comic book spin on them. The characters become heroes with superpowers that fit their disease. The first book was just released on the itunes store and is picking up steam. The first book is based on Celiac Disease and its called Celiac Girl The Battle For Gluten Free City. Here is a write up. I’m a devoted fan of your blog and I would be absolutely humbled if you could consider doing a story on the book series. Here is a write about the book and where you could find more information about it. My fiancé and myself are both teachers in Union City N.J. and would love to get the word out about our book. We believe the concept and writing style is original, entertaining and informative. Please consider us for a story.


    Inspirational, Informative & Comical

    An unlikely hero’s story about a young girl diagnosed with Celiac disease. After a series of annoying tests by ill-informed doctors, an accident occurs that transforms our main character into Celiac Girl ! Celiac Girl is a super human girl that has the power to visually see gluten and can convert others who know nothing of the disease into informed, health conscious citizens. Our hero is involved in an ongoing battle against Gluten in order to obtain a Gluten Free City. Celiac Girl’s origins stem from the idea that diseases do not only need to be looked at as weaknesses, they can also develop into strengths, and in this case, superpowers. This is one of many books in a series designed to focus on a variety of diseases and illnesses that individuals have and how their struggles eventually lead to great triumphs. Celiac girl is geared to all ages and genders but especially to those who have or know someone that has Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance. Celiacs Unite !!!




  3. Hi,
    Just wondering whether you heard that there’s a GF cooking class being offered at WCTC. I’m signed up, but the class has a lot of openings. I’m afraid they’ll cancel it if they don’t get more people. The hitch is that the class is from 12:30 to 3:55 p.m. and most people are at work. Do you any GF friends who might be interested?

    The class starts 9/15 and runs for 4 weeks, every Wed.

    Thanks for your help.


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