{Friday Photos: the view from here}

We’re midway through our road trip to Minnesota, for “Christmas Joy in January” with my family.


This week…..

I’ve been playing around with my cinnamon bread recipe — made it into muffins, added some glaze, packed ’em up for the weekend.


(Don’t worry, I’ll share it after some tweaking.)

Speaking of sharing… the husband shared his sorbet. Peach Ginger will make your taste buds dance.


THE news of the week: my Snowflakes took 3rd pace in the Gluten Free Cookie Swap!


Take a look at those prizes…so very lucky! There will be much more to come on all this as the sweet prizes start showing up.

But for now, it’s time to go…. Minnesota, here we come!

Coffee. Stat.


Have a JOYful weekend!

3 thoughts on “{Friday Photos: the view from here}

  1. YAY!!! Snowflakes, and third place, and breadmaker, OH MY! Congratulations! So glad you got to spend the weekend with the fam! xoxo

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