{Friday Photos…. are back!}

It’s 2013.

There’s a new list for the new year.


It’s Friday.

notes from the universe

I missed the photos. (and it’s on the list to take more, print more, say cheese more) Plus my work schedule will exclude Fridays this semester — long Monday through Thursday, but then a day for me to take pictures, tell you stories, bake you treats. 🙂

So in true “Sarah style,” I give you a mismatched run down of what’s been happening around here.

Santa Hustle Milwaukee

Movement is on the list too — of any kind, just.get.moving. (at least 3 times/week)

up north

Cozy nights up north.

white russians

Mastering White Russians for the fam. (Check out my dairy free version here — not dairy free? Use half & half.)

farm fondue

Another fondue night at the farm. Read more about family farm nights (with recipes!) here, here, (little Q turns FIVE this month, yes five!) or here. And if that isn’t enough, read this.

go pack go

Let’s hope tomorrow night’s game turns out just like this one — GO PACK GO!

christmas cheese plate

Cheeses and pickles and crackers, oh my! (with Crispin cider, of course)

keep calm and laugh on

New honey pot that makes me smile.

eggs and hummus

Staple on my breakfast menu: poached egg, hummus, toast. (avocado is also a great pair) And plenty of hot coffee.

That’s the story in my neck of the woods — what’s happening with YOU? Did you make a list for 2013 too? If you’re on Instagram, join us for this month’s photo fun, I started in November with gratitude, joy in December and now…. #31daysofcelebration… here’s a sneak peek of my daily celebrations thus far. (and what’s to come — join us!)






*seize the day*

seize the day

*my word for 2013*


Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “{Friday Photos…. are back!}

  1. Things are lookin’ good for 2013! Whoo hoo! So excited to see what is in store for each of us as 2013 unfolds….. with pictures, movement, reading, cooking, enjoying, WOL’ing and much MuCh MUCH more! All with JOY and being OPEN knowing that what we are doing is ENOUGH ( 3, whichever) xoXOxo Laura

  2. Sarah, I soooo love this post for a 100 reasons! I can’t even go into them all obviously, but the photos (the little on … oh my goodness, what a face! … being cozy up north … the calendar from The Universe (TUT? I didn’t even know they had those!!) and the way you’ve shared them speak to me. I have to do my own post on what I’ve been up to lately. Just trying to muster the energy.

    Happy Friday and Happy New Year, Sarah!

    • You’re so sweet, Shirley — been thinking of you lately, wondering how you are… this post brought back some FUN to the blog. I was getting to a point where I didn’t feel like I was doing enough, posting enough, converting enough, healthy enough, etc… and this year is all about just being enough. Enough of what I have at this moment. And just being joyful about that. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to. Have a wonderful weekend!

      • I just posted, Sarah. My motto of the moment is “This, too, shall pass.” I so hear you on everything, dear. I think when we go back to our original mission/earlier times when we didn’t know how much was “enough,” we’re much happier. Choosing having enough and joy are both very good things. xo

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