A basic margarita recipe (the only one you’ll ever need)

My favorite margaritas are served at Rio in Denver. (and last time I was there, they double checked and the chips and salsa are safe too)

I used to drink margaritas that consisted of tequila and a mediocre mix from a bottle — little did I know, it’s just as easy to make them yourself. (and this recipe comes pretty darn close to the ones at Rio)

So, just in time for Friday happy hour…

A Rio-like Margarita

Equal parts:


Triple Sec

Lime Juice (I used Rose’s)

Apple Juice

Pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice, give it a few shakes, and serve over ice. (to make just two margaritas, use 1/4 cup of each ingredient) Know the trick to getting the salt to stick to the glass? Run a lime wedge around the rim a couple times, then dip.

Garnish with a lime, and let happy hour begin!

Are you a margarita fan? On the rocks or blended? Or what other concoctions are you whipping up for your summer happy hours? (I’m an Arnold Palmer fan too!) 

4 thoughts on “A basic margarita recipe (the only one you’ll ever need)

  1. Love this! Thank you!
    Also, as a Colo native that just moved back from 7 years in WI, all – yep all – of the Rio restaurants in Colorado have a gluten free menu! Also – make sure you order the House marg, if you get specific it wont taste as awesome 😉 Cheers!

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