Tuesday To Do List: Celiac Disease Awareness 

It’s National Celiac Disease Awareness Day! 


Let’s celebrate with checking some of these off the list:

  • If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with celiac disease in the past  12 months, (confirmation via endoscopy) there is a big gift basket waiting for you!
  • Need celiac safe medications? I use this list. (of course always triple check!)
  • Kudos to places like 225 South who have taken the time to undergo training to make celiac safe food for us!


  • Looking for a GI in the metro Milwaukee area that understands celiac disease? Dr. David Carron’s name comes up each time this is asked of our group. Also on the list: Dr. Kwiatt, also of GI Associates and if you’re looking for an amazing naturopath, Dr. Sarah Axtell of Lakeside Natural Medicine comes highly recommended.
  • An all time favorite graphic from Gluten Dude — kudos to him and other leaders in our community who know the way, go the way, and show the way! Keep spreading awareness, my friends!

graphic cred: glutendude.com


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