Tuesday To Do List — what to buy, spy, and try! (or sometimes cry about)

Tuesday To Do List is my newest attempt at bringing you tidbits from the gluten-free world each week. This will continue until my mind-that-doesn’t-rest comes up with another way to entertain you guys. Cross your fingers I am back here next Tuesday with another list…

  • Once upon a time, I got to meet THE Pioneer Woman — I talked a mile a minute telling her what a big fan I was and that I had found out about her wonderfulness through Shauna from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef. Although I don’t follow along as closely as I used to, (I’m still sad that Google Reader is no longer!) I’m still a big fan, have a couple of her books, make her baked beans recipe by request, and will probably end up buying a piece from her new collection because it’s so dang pretty. (she is too and she’s hilariously down to earth)


  • And speaking of Gluten Free Girl… they have a new cookbook coming out this week! Their recipes have never let me down and I’m guessing this one will not disappoint: American Classics Reinvented. It’s already in my cart to buy on Amazon.


New Planet Gluten-Free Beer

Will travel.

Live from Denver.

Where New Planet was waiting for me.

Perfect pairing for another craft night. (instead of appetizers, munched on peanut M&M’s)

Makes blogging on the road easy.

Favorite gluten-free beer so far.

Have I mentioned how much I heart Denver?

Well, I do.

Especially weekends like this.

Yep. That’s Ree Drummond. The Pioneer Woman. And we’re just chattin’ it up. About this blog and how wonderful I think she is. How I found her through Shauna, and haven’t stopped reading since.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

No stress. Just friends, family, warm temps and New Planet.

Coming to the Midwest soon. *fingers crossed*