Dancing in the Kitchen with Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

It’s here.

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef: A Love Story with 100 Tempting Recipes

I have been waiting for it since we tested some of the recipes many moons ago.

Anyone who knows me is aware of my admiration for Shauna. Gluten-Free Girl. Her first book got me through the first months of living on a gluten free diet. Her website pulled me in and has kept me reading for almost three years. Her charming husband (the chef) entertains me with his videos, full of helpful tips to use in the kitchen.

Although we haven’t met in person, I cross my fingers that we do someday. I would love to thank them in person for being a positive, supportive part of my journey. And even though they haven’t actually been to my kitchen, they have been “here” all along.

So when they put a shout out to fans, asking for volunteers to preview some recipes from their new book, I was in.

And spent the day Friday, dancing around the kitchen.

Measuring flours (by weight of course) for fresh gluten free pasta.

Don’t worry if there is no pasta machine in your kitchen… they also tell you how to cut it by hand. Which is what we did. (the pizza cutter worked great with a flimsy, plastic cutting board as a straight edge)

It was used for the pasta with anchovies, lemon and olives dish.

Which was the most unique, mouth awakening pasta dish I have tasted. Really, anchovies? Who knew I would be a fan? The brightness of the lemon mingled with the salty olives. And the anchovies melted right into the sauce.

I know we will be making homemade pasta more often. And ravioli. Haven’t had it since being gluten free. Now there is no excuse. They tell you how to make this pasta right into ravioli. (thank you)

And then the shrimp.

seared shrimp with garlic-almond sauce

Let’s get serious.

The marcona almond sauce? Ridiculous.

So good that we are still talking about it. And it made a round-2 appearance the following night at an appetizer party, and THEY are still talking about it.

The shrimp was so easy to make. (I did it myself… very big deal.) I get nervous when things are searing. It makes me feel like the pan is too hot. But I now know that a hot pan is a good thing. No cold pans here folks.

I’m glad the recipe didn’t say something silly like, “feeds 6.” That would have been really embarrassing.

You didn’t think I was skipping dessert did you?

chocolate-peanut butter brownies

If I would have had vanilla ice cream in the freezer, the whole pan would be gone. Instead, I put a cap on how many I could eat each day.

Day one went fine. Just one brownie. A teaser really.

Day two. I was doomed from the start. It was picture day for these brownies. And I wanted you to see what they looked like with some homemade jam in the middle. (I partially blame Shauna and Danny for this, they did suggest it, and I am a very good listener.)

A pb&j brownie sandwich.

Who knows what Day three might bring? They might just get eaten right out of the pan with a fork. (again, their suggestion, just following directions here)

This book is for gluten free friends and those who can handle their gluten too. It’s for people who love food. Who don’t miss an opportunity to dance in the kitchen together. For those who want “joy in the belly.”

It’s a love story.

With food.

My kind of book.

Go buy it.

Then eat.

Feel joy.