RumChata Chocolates & Dairy-Free White Russians


Yes, RumChata is gluten-free.

And you should start using it — in some RumChata Cream Cheese Frosting perhaps?

Can you believe my BFF out in Denver has NEVER had RumChata? Nope. Never.

I know. But don’t you worry, I’m headed out there next weekend! (happy birthday to ME!) And there is already talk of these RumChata Chocolates I’ve been teasing her with.

Same goes for my celiac sista. Was talking to her after I started this post and she’s missing out too. Luckily her guy is on top of things and is bringing some home from work for her.

**If you are thinking, “WHAT is RumChata anyway?!?” I always explain it as “cinnamon toast crunch milk” or these days, cinnamon chex. (rum + cinnamon + cream)

I had this big plan to whip up some hot chocolate from scratch, before sharing this “recipe” with you guys, but several people have asked for it now — and if I have the real deal kind of hot cocoa in the cupboard, there is no telling how many of these I would drink a day. And a girl’s gotta work!

So, without further ado… the very fancy, very secretive recipe for RumChata Chocolates.


RumChata Chocolate

  • 2 cups of hot cocoa, prepared per package directions (I used Swiss Miss  – labeled GF!) 
  • 2-4 oz. RumChata (an ounce a piece, or maybe two – drink responsibly, friends!) 
  • Marshmallows — they are to hot cocoa what sprinkles are to cupcakes… necessary. 

Prepare hot cocoa in large mugs, add your RumChata, and fill to the very top with marshmallows. This serves two because you should grab your BFF — this is even cooler if you and your BFF are celebrating your FIFTEEN YEAR friendaversary… say, in Denver next week?! Wait until you see the mugs that are in the works for this celebration. 🙂


Don’t worry, my dairy-free friends — I wouldn’t forget about you!

In fact, I was thinking the other day, what a hard time I would have NOT being able to have White Russians. (Don’t get the wrong idea from this post — it just seems like I’ve been drinking more lately. It’s my birthday in a week, and I believe in celebrating everyday anyway. Plus, I’m not looking forward to my birthday so much this year — except for the trip to Denver — turns out “trying” to do some things in life is stressful, exhausting on about 23 levels, and leaves you with the strong desire to just eat and drink what you want sometimes.)

Now, where were we?

Right. White Russians.

For the dairy-free crowd.

Dairy-Free White Russians

⅓ vodka


 So Delicious Coconut Creamer (or just cream if you’re cool with dairy)

Some might say there should be more vodka than Kahlua. This is how I make mine. You can play with this, like any recipe you see on my site, to fit your needs. Do whatever makes you smile.

Fill your glass with ice. Visually divide the glass into three parts. Pour. Stir. Insert mustache straw and sip, smile, dance around the kitchen.

PS — speaking of mustaches… it’s Movember! You may have seen some fine fellas sporting mustaches this month, (and you guys know I love me a good stache) all to raise awareness about men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. My friend Paul, from Burp! Where Food Happens, is heading up a team here in Milwaukee. Check out their team page. Make a donation if you’re feeling generous. Either way, help spread the good word. 🙂

And on that note… I have some sipping to do.

What are you celebrating this week? Tell me all about it. 

Friday Photos: a crazy week in review

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

We started out the birthday celebration last weekend at Roots, one of my top choices in Milwaukee. They get the gluten-free thing, their menu changes each season, never disappointed. (but I do miss the Kobe pot roast — please bring that back) Talk about learning something new everyday — just went to their site to link you to their menu, and they have gluten-free options listed right on the website. I had no clue. Usually I just show up, ask questions, am taken care, life is good. I had no idea I could have the nachos… and they are amazing.**update: the nacho chips might go into the fryer which is NOT gluten-free, will have to investigate this futher!**  So we’ll be going back soon. You should too. We are fans of the Cellar, their downstairs area that leads out to the patio, with one of the best views of the city.

Cioppino from Roots Restaurant and Cellar

After a night out, with a little too much RumChata, a hearty breakfast was in order. I’m blessed with a husband who, even when sleep deprived, has the energy to whip up breakfast.

6 minute eggs over bacon & onion skillet potatoes, with Molly’s GF Bakery toast

My celiac-sister sent me this book, very fitting don’t you think? It came highly recommended by my dear friend, fellow blogger and food allergy advocate, Christi. She wrote about it here, but you can find her over on her new site here. If she recommends something, it’s worth reading. Want a visual? Watch this video for a sneak peek of the book.

I’m off to La Crosse this weekend, to meet up with my best buddies.

We’re celebrating our birthdays with a trip to the children’s museum, swimming until our fingers wrinkle, (and Auntie Sarah tires out) Happy Feet 2, and giggling way past bedtime.

Happy (almost) Birthday, buddy.