Friday Photos: the view from here

*Update 2/9: sorry if you stopped by yesterday when I posted this but the photos weren’t showing up — kind of defeats the purpose of Friday Photos. Here it is again. 🙂


The alarm went off at 4:30am and there has been no coffee, so I can’t really be held responsible for the content of this post. 😉

It’s my annual “bee my valentine” trip to Denver — where we’ll bake sweet treats, spend a crafternoon making valentines, and hopefully sneak out of the hive for a girls’ night with my BFF.

But first, a week in photos…


I joined Vine this week. It’s kind of like Twitter and Instagram got together and had a cool kid named Vine. Short (6 second) videos that show up on your stream. Thinking some quick tutorials could be fun, or just documenting gluten-free goodness around Milwaukee and while traveling.

Check out my debut video of my long time friend of the blog, Quinlin, and his review of Grandma G’s Monster Cookies with ice cream — just click here.

He might just have an ongoing position around here. Little did he know when he showed up for Taco Night that he would be the star of the show.

And while Q devoured dessert…



I think the taco bar stole the show.




Sometimes Sunday afternoons call for a CafeChata. (Or a RumChata Chocolate works too.)


I know I say this often, and I’m not trying to rub it in, but I have THE best friends, family, and co-workers when it comes to being supportive of my gluten-free life style. I’m truly blessed and offer up the praises to them because some folks can’t even get their own parents to get the gluten-free thing, which always saddens me, and I have a whole team of people cheering me on.
Yesterday my supervisors treated our staff to a pizza lunch in appreciation for our work — the beginning of the semester in the post-secondary world can get a little crazy, and they wanted to show their gratitude. Sweet huh? Even sweeter was the fact that they got me my own GF pizza. From a separate pizza place that carries gluten-free crusts, VIA on Downer. (Thanks Amy & Shannon for ALWAYS including me — it means the world to me. From M&M’s and popcorn at every meeting to never forgetting to bring the labels, you’re the best!)
Yesterday looked like someone shook the snow globe
Which meant a warm beverage was needed in order to brave the storm to run errands. (but it also meant time with my guy, which was long overdue, and it was fun to cruise around in his new truck and not worry we won’t make it through the intersection, which is usually the case with Little Civ.)
Time to wrap this up, we’re landing — hello, Denver. Nice to see you again.
Have a JOYful weekend!


Some of the top searches that bring people to this site are:

  • gluten free in Milwaukee
  • gluten free restaurants in Milwaukee
  • gluten free menu in Milwaukee
  • where to eat gluten free in Milwaukee
  • gluten free pizza in Milwaukee

You get the picture — and luckily, Milwaukee is full of gluten-free options.

There’s a whole list of places to dine out in and around Milwaukee HERE, or by clicking on the “Dining Out” tab on the homepage.


Every month, for the past (almost) THREE years, I have hosted a Gluten-Free Get Together dinner, and there have been very few times we have repeated restaurants.

The exceptions:

  • Transfer — THE best gluten-free pizza in Milwaukee. Hands down. Ask for Danielle. She is THE best server. Hands down. 🙂 They host us every year after our Team Gluten-Free 5k in May and for our holiday party with cookie exchange in December. 
  • Cocina DeLeon — You can get take and bake enchiladas, and if you join us, you can experience an after-hours private party, thanks to the lovely Linda. She turns the store into a “restaurant” for us each year for a fiesta you won’t forget. They are hosting our 3rd Anniversary Celebration (GFGT3) in February.

Although the husband and I would prefer sipping Old Fashioneds and dancing around our own kitchen, we do get out and about in Milwaukee for food fun too. And I want to share more of those experiences with you.

Plus, I really want my hashtag to take off — do me a favor? When you post pictures to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else, add on #glutenfreeinMKE. Spread the good word and support those businesses that feed us well. (hopefully they’ll start using it too, when they post)

This might mean a full out restaurant review like when we went to Rumpus Room, or maybe it will be short and sweet.

Something like…

Check out the sushi at Whole Foods in Milwaukee. Bring it home, whip up some sriracha mayo, and dig in!


Did you know you can get a cake like THIS from Molly’s Gluten Free bakery? IMAG1642 Please tell me you’ve had the chicken salad at Cocina DeLeon!?!DSC_0776

Really, it’s the best gluten-free pizza in Milwaukee —

Odd Duck is lovely. They have gluten-free options. And a patio to boot. (now if it had just stayed light long enough to get photos of the food)IMAG3495 Need a java jolt? Head to Roast on Maryland, near UWM. Tell Brice I sent you! photo

Simply sharing the gluten-free goodness. More photos. (2013 list — check!) Posting the one photo I snapped at dinner before the lights went down. A new place to find frozen yogurt. My hangouts. Places we should meet up for pizza and a beer. (Transfer. Seriously.)


Sarah #glutenfreeinMKE

*Please remember — it goes without saying, but ANY time you are at a restaurant, ask questions, then ask them again the next time. Be your own advocate. Educate (kindly) servers and staff with a smile. Menus change, management turns over — these are places I have been lucky to eat safely at, but re-check things every.single.time.