(delayed) Friday Photos from Denver

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

From an unplugged Memorial Day weekend…

(how do you like the camo? we were on a boat. fishing. at 7am. just me and my guy.)

…to a show at Red Rocks…

It’s been one crazy week!

Let’s back up for a second and check out the cool finds from up north.

We stopped at Piggly Wiggly in Green Bay on our way up north, and I was more than impressed with their gluten-free selection. Shelves of GF goodness, including this Love Grown Foods granola. Short ingredient list, just the way I like it. And tasty too. Not to mention it was on sale for $3.49, which is a steal for gluten-free granola. Perfectly paired with Noosa yoghurt. (as I sit here typing this in Colorado, it’s ironic that both of these products are from here)

As usual, my girls in D-town were prepared for me — there was Crispin cider waiting in one fridge and New Planet Beer in the other, and both had stocked up on gluten-free snacks.

Most of my week was spent with my BFF and her two little bees — we conquered the park, worked our way through the storybook shelf, had dance parties in the kitchen, and indulged in good food.

(Miss Bee loves food as much as me.)

We did a little grilling — turkey burgers with avocado and a side of quinoa salad.

In the quinoa mix:

black beans



Dressed with:

olive oil

lime juice

lime zest


Grabbed some Tokyo Joe’s on the go.

And they were a helpful bunch, reassuring me that they take precautions (separate equipment, knives, cutting boards, etc.) to avoid cross contamination and provide a safe meal for those with dietary restrictions.

Thanks, Tokyo Joe’s!

Followed tradition and made a trip to Udi’s Cafe.

And satisfied a sweet tooth with Ciao Bella mango sorbet.

But I did sneak away for a Red Rocks show, with a Chipotle tailgate dinner. And a night out for adult beverages and pizza.

Thanks to a comment on a previous post, from someone local to Denver, I found a new pizza place to check out.

Lucky Pie. Have you been?

I’ll be back next time I’m in Denver. For sure. Oh-so-good.

To wrap up the weekend, we took a little stroll and made our second appearance of the week at Wash Perk — where the iced coffee was pretty much perfect and they had a little case of gluten-free goodies to go with the java.

It was tough to choose, so we got two. I think that’s standard.

pumpkin bread and almond-poppy seed muffin

And just when I thought I was on my way out… we sat on the runway waiting.

And waiting…

So when we finally took off, (an hour and a half later) we were in need of a cocktail.

Sister Laura and I whipped up some Izze cocktails — a recent addition to my summer beverage line up.


I’m back at home.

Catching up on life.

And preparing to teach my first gluten-free class next week — would love to see you there! I’m going out on a limb with this one. It’s on my 2012 list, but putting it down on the list was the easy part. Actually doing it makes me a tad nervous.

So come on down and ease the nerves will ya? 🙂

You can sign up for the Dabble class, “Going Gluten-Free 101” by clicking here. 

I’ll be back soon — I have a shrimp skillet dinner to share with you guys. And “pan toast,” have you heard of it? Trust me, you’re going to want to make it this week for breakfast.