30 Days of Real Food Challenge


Tomorrow we kick off 30 Days of Real Food, gluten free style!

I have wrangled up some real food eating friends over on Facebook in a new, “Gluten Free & Good For Me” closed group and you should join us too!

Here’s a little “Real Food 101” so we’re ready to go…

  • Know where we’re headed!
    • Check out the rules for our real food challenge — just remember that Lisa and her family are not gluten-free, so just ignore the “whole wheat” and know that means whole grains for us, like brown rice, sorghum, etc. I have used several of their recipes as ideas and inspiration and any that are not written as gluten-free are easily converted.
  • Plan ahead!
    • Don’t let yourself get hangry. ALWAYS carry snacks.
    • Write out your menu for the week and make a grocery trip.
    • Look at your calendar for any upcoming social events and see if you can choose a restaurant with real food, meet for coffee instead, eat before you go, etc.
  • Try new things!
    • Let this month be an experiment in new-to-you foods.
    • Check out all the real food ideas on Pinterest. (be sure to modify them to be GF)
    • Dig out some of those recipes you’ve tucked away but been meaning to try, then share them with us!

See? You’re set for the first few days!


I know we can do this! (I did over 50 days of real food in the fall and survived, so this will be totally do-able, I promise!)


{Friday Photos}

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

Hello, Friday.

  • This was taken on the way to La Crosse today — to meet up with my sister, mamasita and ALL the boys.
  • My two best buddies are coming to stay with us ALL week.
  • They already want to: make ice cream, go to the Betty Brinn museum, go swimming, bake cookies, go to Discovery World, visit Mark’s parents, (they have dogs and a big yard) go to the lake, and play tag.
  • I may need a nap.
  • Or a margarita.

Hello, French Dip.

  • Served on Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery bun.
  • Tastes so much better when people go out of their way to make a recipe GF for you.
  • My sister-in-law rocks.

Hello, make ahead breakfast.

Hello, simple lunch.

  • All it takes is hard boiled eggs, a little mayo, smidge of mustard, and some salt and pepper.
  • Served on Canyon Bakehouse’s Colorado Caraway (it’s like a mock rye, but more interesting — soft, chewy, good bread.)
  • Who else loves egg salad?

Hello, Practical Paleo.

  • Cannot wait to dig into this book.
  • I realize that may be hard to believe after seeing all of the other photos in this post.
  • Already loving the layout and marking 34 recipes I want to make this week.
  • I realize that may be impossible with my buddies staying over, but they like to hang in the kitchen, so let’s hope for the best.
  • Snag your copy on pre-order from Amazon. (like right now, go!)
  • Might as well check out the blog too. 🙂

Hello, healthy cookbook.

photo source

  • The pictures are stunning — and not just a few photos in the book, we’re talking big, beautiful photos of every single recipe.
  • These recipes are simple and easy to follow, perfect for a newbie to the GF diet.
  • I’m giving away a copy of this book at our GF Get Together on Tuesday.
  • You should come, so you can make things like this…

  • I already did make some of the recipes from the book — and I know I’ll make plenty more.
  • I’m loving these no-bake cookies.

  • I’ve never had quinoa for breakfast.
  • I think I should more often.

  • Grab your copy of The Healthy Gluten-Free Life today.
  • We could all use a little more healthy in our lives, right?
  • Am I the only one who hadn’t had quinoa for breakfast yet?


List of Links: 4th of July edition

It’s still pretty hot, isn’t it?

I have settled into the it’s-too-hot-to-bake idea, but my poor plants out on the balcony would like to request a side of rain with tonight’s dinner. (me too)

The forecast for the week looks like hot and more hot, so I thought we should put together a list of links for the 4th that require no oven time. (except for #1, which is a get-up-at-the-crack-of-dawn-to-beat-the-heat exception)

See something you like? Get to the store (before chaos ensues) and grab your ingredients. Then sit back and enjoy your holiday!

We’ll be hitting up the parade in West Bend again this year — my brother-in-law marches in the parade each year with other police officers who serve their community, and then a cookout and some pool time perhaps — what are your plans for the 4th? 

Keep cool.

(that’s me, the hotdog)