Newbies Chapter 4

~Restaurants- Milwaukee and beyond~

Gluten Free Registry for Wisco – registry to help you find safe places in Wisconsin

Beans and Barley – They have rice bread for sandwiches, staff is trained on gf and cross contamination practices.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries – Everything but the buns are gf! Just tell them clean work space and change gloves.

Stack’d Burger Bar – GF burgers and bun, beer and fries. Call ahead and have them turn the fryer on before you go.

Roots – One of my all time favorites in Milwaukee. We always eat down in the Root Cellar. Well trained staff.

Tess – Most of their menu IS gf, and it lists it on there. Excellent food.

Maggiano’s – Chef or manager will come out and speak with you. Most items can be made gf, pasta too!

P.F. Chang’s – Plenty of options, perfect when you’re out at Mayfair. I heart Chang’s Spicy Chicken.

Cafe Hollander – Kitchen is willing to work with you, eaten @ Downer location several times without issues. And they now have New Grist!

Balzaac – Another one of my favorites. The chef usually comes out, most servers are knowledgeable.  They will modify as needed.  Date night!

Crazy Water – They are willing to work with you. A favorite before and after diagnosis. Cool place.

Bunky’s Cafe (Madison) Almost everything on their menu can be gf. The. Best. Pizza. Sweet desserts. Warm owners.

Whole Foods – Love their sushi and they will have or let you get gf soy sauce from the shelf for the sushi bar. I also eat from the hot bar (for some this is a no-no due to cross contamination issues) and have had no problems.

Chancery Family friendly. Eaten there twice now, made the seafood tacos into a salad and a bunless burger. Yum!

Sake Tumi – Ask them to change gloves, clean station, NO soy sauce. (they do have gf tamari now!) Love their sushi!

North Star American Bistro – Chef gets gf eating. They will work with you. Mmm risotto.

Transfer Pizzeria – Extensive pizza toppings and options. GF crusts are new and improved. You can have  a beer too!

Pizzeria Piccola Stellar pizza! Everything goes into same oven, so ask for your pizza to be put on a pan to avoid cross contamination. Beer too!

Cempazuchi Manager was quite helpful. I had the tostadas. No chips though, they go in the fryer with other breaded items. House margarita is fabulous!

Almost any restaurant that has a trained chef will be able to handle your requests. IF they do have a gf menu with too-good-to-be-true items like empanadas that go into a fryer, ASK if it is a dedicated fryer, for gf items only. If they all go in together, you could get very sick. (I’m looking at YOU La Merenda and your “gluten free” menu that made me horribly ill for days. Tried to contact on several occasions to work with them on the menu, no response)

There are other options too. I’m still learning and so are restaurants. (good for us) Check out that Facebook page I mentioned in an earlier post too. Great ideas that I didn’t repeat on this list.

Add your favorite places too!

Newbies Chapter 3

Another day, another newbie post. Or for anyone really. These places make life easier.

Stores in Milwaukee area and beyond:

Outpost Natural Foods (several Mke locations)

Beans and Barley

Good Harvest Market (Milwaukee’s Third Ward and Waukesha)

The Gluten Free Trading Company

Trader Joe’s – they have a list of products that do not contain gluten

Riverwest Co-op

Silly Yak Bakery (Madison, WI)

Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery (Pewaukee, WI)

Larry’s Market (some gf products in the store, and try the honey mustard chicken salad in the deli… dip right in with some kettle chips)

Sendiks has come a long way with options too.

Pick n’ Save (some locations have great selections, others, not so much)

Festival Foods has a whole aisle for you! (I think Mke needs one.)