NEWS FLASH: finds & photos


Hello. Hi. Hola.

Remember me? 😉








We are eeeeeeeeasing into fall over here.

Mostly by eating as much Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Cake from In Johnna’s Kitchen that our tummies will hold.


gluten free pumpkin cinnamon cake










gluten free pumpkin cinnamon cake










gluten free pumpkin cinnamon cake










gluten free pumpkin cinnamon cake











gluten free pumpkin cinnamon cake










Pumpkin seems to be the theme pretty much everywhere you look. (don’t bother buying your PSLs, make them at home!)

DIY pumpkin spice latte










And it’s probably time to bust out the Pumpkin Spice Cookies with RumChata Cream Cheese Frosting, yes?

Pumpkin Spice Cookies with RumChata Cream Cheese Frosting








I tired my hand at making pumpkin scones and although I was happy with how they turned out, I’m still working on the recipe.

Here’s a sneak peek…

photo 2(1)










photo 1(2)










And after posting those photos on Instagram, my best gal Katie (spreading JOY as she always does) gifted me a fancy scone pan! Now accepting taste tester applications.

photo 3(1)










Need another excuse to add pumpkin to your routine? Add it in with Greek yogurt, granola and apples in the morning!

photo 2











Maybe you’re more of a salted caramel in the fall kind of person — you’ll be happy to know you can find Sweet Ali’s Bakery salted caramel cupcakes at all Milwaukee area Metro Markets! (other flavors too, including red velvet)












Looking for GF events in Milwaukee? (remember to use hashtag #glutenfreeinMKE)

  • THIS weekend our friends at Bacchus are hosting a Gluten-Free Cider pairing dinner. Read all about it HERE.
  • Empty Bowls Milwaukee is happening NEXT weekend and they contacted me about having more GF options for our community — let me know if you go!
  • I have started a private Milwaukee GF Get Together Group on Facebook — if you live in the area and would like to be part of this group, email me celiacinthecity[at]gmail[dot]com and I will add you. That way you won’t miss out when Facebook only allows a small percentage of you see my regular posts. It is a friendly community where you can ask questions, post about new products, share recipes, etc. And to keep seeing my CITC posts there, be sure to like posts, add comments, and interact to keep the status updates and photos coming.


Other things I’m snacking on now — these cute little “dunker” minis from Ginny Bakes. Loving the coconut oatmeal combo!

photo 4










In other news — it’s HONEYCRISP season! I wait for this all year… even more so when you have the cutest best buddies to share. (check out my twin nephews’ first time with a “real,” meaning whole and not cut up, honeycrisp apple.)

photo 4(1)










Shine on, my friends.

photo 5(1)















Just me. IRL. And other confessions.

You know what I’ve kind of been missing?

Friday Photos.

They went on for about a year, and then because my work schedule changed, and I started dreading doing the posts, I put them to rest for a while. (not that long ago)

Maybe because my phone is full of photos, or maybe because I secretly liked the structured schedule of it, I’m missing those posts already.

You too?

So I thought I’d bust out a post today. Which happens to be Friday.  With photos. Just because.

And maybe I’ll make a thing of it.

A weekly post with photos, but it won’t have to be on Fridays. Maybe a “weekend round-up” of sorts. Just me. In real life, a week in review. (and sometimes other confessions)

Confessions like…

  • I sometimes over analyze posts for so long that I don’t end up posting them. After I attended that blogger conference in the spring, I started to worry that what I was writing wasn’t good enough. After hearing things like: “be good at one thing, not a bunch of different things,” and “you should be testing your recipes at least 10 times before you post them.” I freaked out a little. Mostly because I am all over the place with cooking and baking — and that’s what I LOVE about being in the kitchen.
  • It took me until today to write that.
  • I will sometimes use butter, sugar, and white flours. There are plenty of blogs out there that are good at just one thing — and that’s just lovely, but this blog is just real life and in real life I sometimes eat those things.
  • Other times I will go all paleo on ya! That is the beauty of having a blog — to share all of the different recipes, cookbooks, websites, stories that make the world go round!
  • I don’t test my recipes 10 times before posting them. Let’s get real life — that would mean there would only be like one post a year! And what fun would that be? That doesn’t mean I haven’t made some of them at least 10 times since then. 🙂  I share with you what has worked for me, in our kitchen, not as chefs (although my husband really should be one!) but as people who love food and get joy out of spending time in the kitchen together.
  • It’s my THREE year blogaversary tomorrow — yep, October 20, 2009 was my first blog post! 

So there you have it. That’s me this week.

Now let’s get to those photos…

Hello, Honeycrisps. ‘Tis the season of apples, and I am taking full advantage by having an apple a day.

I whipped up an all-purpose flour mix, so I can spend more time baking and less time measuring and weighing — will keep you posted how it does on the baking front.

Who wants a chicken corn tortilla soup recipe? Raise your hand high.

I’ve been eating plenty of eggs lately. I’m feeling uninspired in the breakfast category — what are you eating? Share with me. Help make my mornings easier.

So there’s Crispin in a box. Which you probably already know. (since I talk about Crispin on FB from time to time) 🙂

But did you know that there’s also Fox Barrel in a box? Of the pomegranate pear variety. (which reminds me of grown up fruit punch and I am loving it!) AND Crispin now comes in cans. Yep. You heard it here first. (and Milwaukee is one of the test markets — watch for it in the very near future.)

I met up with some GFGFs (gluten-free girl friends) at Zaffiro’s in Mequon. For research, of course. They are willing to put your pizza on a pan, instead of directly on the oven surface and they will do fresh cut ingredients for you too — just call ahead and let them know you’re coming. I had them run mine through for a few more minutes, to get some color on that cheese — so worth it, and I’ll be going back!

Football food: Italian beef from the slow cooker topped with cheese and peppers — all on Goodbye Gluten bread and a side of butternut squash.

Leftovers: Italian Beef Nachos! Leftovers rule.

Know what else rules? ALL of YOU.

Thank you for joining me in this (sometimes) crazy ride — this blog has led me to new opportunities, introduced me to new friends, and allowed me to share my daily randomness with the world. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Many thanks. 

Happy 3rd Blogaversary, Celiac in the City.