Happy Valentine’s Day!

As we carried our bags filled with ingredients for our big dinner tonight out of our local Sendik’s, I had to laugh at the line of at least eight guys in the floral department. The looks are their faces were priceless.

Roses? Traditional, not much thought needed. Carnations? Seriously?! (my mom hearts carnations though, she can’t help it, her mom did too) A couple of guys had ventured into the “build your own bouquet” areas, but most backed away after catching a glimpse of an already made arrangement that caught their eyes. It’s a big decision. Girls are picky. I get that.

We got a good laugh out of it and commented on how we are glad we don’t do the gift giving thing anymore for this Hallmark holiday. Instead, we do food. On the menu for tonight: seared scallops drizzled with balsamic vinegar, white wine and crushed red pepper. Accompanied by caramelized patty pan squash and glazed carrots. And a little saffron rice. One of our favorite meals. Ever.

I planned to make a fruit cobbler type dessert, but was pleasantly surprised by this amazing g-free treat last night as our Valentine’s Day gift.

“Cupid” used a family favorite gf chocolate chip recipe for this. We found it in the newspaper at the very beginning of my gf adventure, and have been using it since. Sometimes, she even fills her cookie jar with these… and none of the kiddos know the difference. (and there are 21, yes 2-1 grandchildren…a good sized sample have been surveyed)

It’s perfect. Soft, chewy, delicious. Yes, I had some for lunch and will after dinner too. With vanilla bean ice cream.

I hear scallops sizzling! My sous chef duties are calling…