Friday Photos

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

This week was a whirlwind… where did the time go?

The plan for the weekend was to jet out to Denver, home of my sweet little Valentine. (D-town is kind of a regular on CITC, in case you missed it you can read about gluten-free in Denver here or here.)

But plans changed and it left my weekend pretty wide open, so I’m going to finish up week 6 of the Couch to 5k, run around doing errands for my celiac sister’s shower (all GF of course) next weekend, and head out to the farm tonight for a Pinterest party — just me, Molly and Q. (who has also become a regular around here.)

But before I get moving — here is the week in review.


The mystery of the afternoon snack was finally solved over on Facebook.

Kohlrabi — sprinkled with a little Penzeys seasonings.


Still on a tea kick.

SPORTea — served at The Grind at UWM, Alterra, or on-the-cheap at home.


More recipe testing for Carrie’s (Ginger Lemon Girl) new slow cooker cookbook. (seriously… pre-order it)

Almond & Dried Cherry Granola alongside her Chunky Applesauce


Because of leftovers – like tasty enchiladas from Cocina DeLeon – and my trip to the market for soup, we did more warming up than actual cooking this week, which was a good thing since our week was loaded with hair cuts, dentist appointments, test driving cars and one sick husband. But I still make time for a good breakfast, no matter what.

Fried egg sandwich loaded up with spinach, on Ancient Grain from Molly’s Gluten-Free Bakery


Brown rice cakes are sometimes my vehicle for spreads I love. (like hummus, peanut butter or tuna)

Farm fresh hard boiled egg w/ roasted red pepper hummus rice cake


And sometimes there is dinner at my desk — working until 9:30 one night a week makes for some serious planning to have a hearty lunch and dinner packed.

Zesty Corn Tortilla w/ chiles, cilantro and lime from Wisconsin Soup Company


There you have it — my week. What about yours… any new recipes you tried this week that we should know about? Tell us about it! (after seeing 53 comments over on the FB discussion about kohlrabi — and a great little discussion going on this morning about eating paleo — I’m digging the comments and hoping to see more here on the blog!)

Happy day!


Friday Photos: live from Denver


Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.



As I type this, I’m sitting outside on the deck. The sun warming my face. No coat or umbrella needed. (the rain, wind, and cool temps of Milwaukee were a harsh send off) But Denver welcomed me with sunny skies and temps in the 70’s.

My belly is full from this simple yet satisfying breakfast.

I was a guest at a home I have never eaten at before — that can always be a little scary, but it was just fine. My hosts for brunch have a sister and niece who have Celiac Disease, so they understood my needs. I skipped the banana bread, but other than that, I didn’t go without.

I get spoiled when I come out to Denver. Both of my dear friends who I spend time with while I’m here get the gluten-free thing. And they do so without making a huge deal out of it.

Like when I arrived last night, a counter of snacks greeted me: Crispin cider, Sabra hummus, both Crunchmaster and Back to Nature crackers, cheese, fruit and Riceworks chips. We settled on the cheese, cracker, hummus combo. (loving these crackers, with both did, similar to Crunchmaster crackers)

And I have no doubt, when I arrive at my next destination today, there will be a New Planet beer waiting.

The folks at New Planet sent me some samples to try a while back, and it is by far my top choice for gluten-free beer. My fingers and toes are crossed that they start distributing in Wisconsin in the very near future. In the mean time, how many beers do you think would keep me under the 50lb limit for one piece of luggage?

In other news, did you know that the butter popcorn from the Boy Scouts is gluten-free? It says so right on the package. (check out their website for more detailed allergy info regarding their other products)

Did you head over to Writing Up an Appetite this week for my guest post? If you didn’t, you missed one heck of a pumpkin cookie recipe. There’s still time…. head over there now. Thank me later. (and yes, they are perfectly okay for breakfast. I took a poll on it.)

The weekend has only just begun here in this gold-star-GF-city  — who knows what else I might find this weekend! I’ll be sure to fill you in next week. Same time. Same place.

cauliflower is cool.

I may have lost a few of you already. Cauliflower and cool in the same sentence?

I know, I know, you want the good stuff. The monster cookies. The oh-so-good chocolate chip cookie recipe. A slice of crazy cake. Who do I think I am showing up here and talking veggies? On a Tuesday.

I’ll tell you who I am. I’m the girl who ate her way through Denver — gluten-free style this weekend.

It was Duo on Thursday night. Barely touched down and we were off to dinner. And wine. And mojitos.

Friday I had a date with my Valentine at Udi’s Cafe in Stapleton.

She really had nothing to do with me now having to eat vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner this week. But isn’t that the sweetest face you’ve ever seen?

You should have seen my face when I took my first bite of this Udi’s Club.

And yes, those are sweet potato fries. Once you get a sandwich with bacon, there is no turning back. (for the record — two of my very best friends helped with the fries)

One would think that I might have slowed down by Saturday.

Not a chance.

Family dinner at The Old Spaghetti FactoryMizithra Cheese & Brown Butter pasta.

And a trip to D-town wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Lala’s. (yes, it’s the Nonna, I’m a creature of habit)

And you thought I didn’t eat any veggies this weekend?

So now you know why I am in need of a little healthier menu this week. And why there was no way I was going to skip the gym tonight. (I’m on Week 8 of the Couch to 5k program, can you believe it? Never made it past Week 2!)

If you are still with me, and didn’t go into a food coma after all these pictures, let’s move on.

Roasted Cauliflower

This one is easy, just chop up your head of cauliflower into wedges. Toss it with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add any other seasonings that make your taste buds happy. I went with Bangkok from Penzey’s. Place foil on sheet pan or baking dish. Cover with foil and roast at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes. (the bottom will get dark, but you’ll thank me once you bite into it) Remove foil, carefully flip the wedges over and bake for another 10 minutes. Boom. Done. Enjoy.

Cauliflower Leek Soup

Another simple recipe. I used about half the head of cauliflower for the roasting, and the other half for this soup. Saute 3-4  chopped leeks and two cloves of garlic in  a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.  Not so much an exact science here, I was just throwing things together and it worked out wonderfully.

Add four cups of chicken stock and your chopped up cauliflower. (it can be half a head, a whole head, potatoes, whatever you’d like) Bring to a boil and simmer until cauliflower is tender. Using an immersion blender, puree soup to nice, smooth consistency. You may have to reduce it down, if you want a thicker soup. (or you could use some cornstarch or rice flour to thicken) Topped mine with some more Bangkok seasoning.

Some for now, and some for later. Perfect kind of soup to freeze. I try to keep a few options in the freezer for the mornings when I’m too lazy to make my lunch. Or comb my hair.

Any other cauliflower fans in the crowd?





New Planet Gluten-Free Beer

Will travel.

Live from Denver.

Where New Planet was waiting for me.

Perfect pairing for another craft night. (instead of appetizers, munched on peanut M&M’s)

Makes blogging on the road easy.

Favorite gluten-free beer so far.

Have I mentioned how much I heart Denver?

Well, I do.

Especially weekends like this.

Yep. That’s Ree Drummond. The Pioneer Woman. And we’re just chattin’ it up. About this blog and how wonderful I think she is. How I found her through Shauna, and haven’t stopped reading since.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

No stress. Just friends, family, warm temps and New Planet.

Coming to the Midwest soon. *fingers crossed*



Will travel. Gluten free in Denver.

For several years, I have been traveling to Denver at least once a year. Not only does a dear friend of mine live out there, but I have family there as well. My first trip to the fine state of Colorado was in 8th grade, for a band trip. (I was an alto sax girl)

I have loved it there ever since.

And now, being gluten free, and finding out what a gf friendly city it is? More visits are in order.

My most recent trip was a jam-packed weekend of family, friends and big fun! (Isn’t is amazing how much more you can do when you aren’t out downtown until the wee hours of the morning?) This time, Mel-Sarah Fest was a little more low key. You see, my BFF is having a baby. I could not be more happy for them!

I still had the most amazing time. She researched some new restaurants to try, ALL offering gluten free options. She’s a gem like that.

Want to see what she picked out?

First stop, within an hour of landing, Snooze. A cozy little place, packed with hungry folks, who were willing to wait in line over an hour for their turn to enjoy this goodness.

Many had raved about the pancakes, so I had to give them a try. We have done pancakes at home, but this was my first dining-out pancake experience since being gluten free.

I couldn’t decide on just one. I had to go for the Pancake Flight. (3 of your choice) Almost all of their pancakes could be done gf. I went for the Pineapple Upside Down, Reese’s and a basic Buttermilk. I think there was actually a requirement of some sort to order bacon as well.

Light. Fluffy. Just how pancakes should be. (I would be lying of I told you they were just like the regular ones… mine were a little smaller, a bit less rise to them, but this did not matter.)They were perfect.

Next up ~ Duo, in the Highland area of Denver. (they even had a separate gf menu)

Although we had a bit of a rough start, (their gf menu needed some updating to reflect new salads) I did get a tasty on-the-fly, fresh greens salad.

I am not a fan of lamb, was not feeling like fish. This steak was calling my name from the menu. It was full of flavor, tender and made the perfect breakfast for a certain someone the next morning. (you are very welcome)

With our tummies full, we thought there was no better place to sit and relax than a Mammoth Lacrosse game. Hilarious.

Day two was just as food, I mean fun, filled.

Started the day off right with some veggies at Mad Greens. I went for the Dionysos, right off the regular menu, where they tell you which dressings are gf. Added a little grilled chicken. Fresh. (except the tomatoes, which I know are not in season and were as crunchy as the cucumbers)

A quick trip to Red Rocks before dinner with the fam. I think when Little Bee arrives this summer, Mama Bee and I will have to catch a show here.

Last time, I fell in love with Beau Jo’s pizza. This time I had to try a new pizza place.

Lala’s , where the gluten free menu is just as long as the regular menu. My uncle has Celiac too, so it worked out well for both of us.

We went with the Margherita Classica and Nonna’s pizza. Both delish. The housemade, spicy Italian sausage had just the right amount off kick, the perfect balance for the sweet peppadew peppers.

Not sure whose Nonna made this pizza, but I like it.

A classic.

The leftovers made the perfect plane-ride snack.

Before taking off, an afternoon at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.

My best friend. From Day 1 of college. We have been through it all, and then some. Even though there are many miles between us, we have an amazing bond. She is going to be such a great Mama.

Do you have any Denver faves?