who says you need a campfire for s’mores?

Summer took a while, but finally made its way to Milwaukee, and we are taking advantage of every moment we can to get outside and live it up.

You may have heard… I’m getting married in September!

Which made for a hectic spring, and now, a jam-packed summer. But we’re loving each and every minute of it. Still taking time to hit the road and have some time to ourselves.

(this may be your first peek at my guy — he won’t be thrilled that I chose a picture with this crazy hair of his, but that might just encourage him to wear his helmet)

We have Summerfested, partied it up for birthdays and graduations, cooked out, camped out, chilled out, rocked out, and somewhere in there, we managed to plan our wedding.

One of my favorite days of the summer was the 4th of July — it is pretty much every year, I mean, look where I was last year.

This year, we got out on the bike and headed to West Bend for their parade.

(they are all chowing down on Kinnikinnick donuts, you see, I didn’t think there would be enough sugar at the parade)

Followed by a day of swimming, sunning and s’mores.


I get giddy when the party is at my future sister-in-law’s house — her husband and daughter are both gluten-free, and so is her husband’s sister and her daughter. All of that combined is the perfect setting for a safe, tasty meal.

And dessert is always on the table.

We’re talking homemade dessert. My guy’s, sister’s, sister-in-law brought these — does that make sense? What does it matter really, they were absolutely ridiculous. In a good way.

In the kind of way where having just one isn’t going to cut it. At least two lil’ s’more cups. Or three. I’m not saying I did eat three for sure. (I may have lost count when his sister brought out her six layer, not to be confused with seven layer, these were minus the nuts, bars — you’ll notice there isn’t a picture, and that’s because I couldn’t put down the bar to grab my phone for a picture)

You’re probably going to want to make these, and you can find the recipe here. Just substitute gluten-free graham crackers, of course.

But before you go clicking over there, remember my little cake monster? He is a big fan of these bars.

He wanted me to let you know.