random round up: national coffee day

You know me, I’m a sucker for “national ______  day” posts. (you fill in the blank, I get pretty excited about them all.)

But today? Today’s “national day” seems more important than just a quick thumbs up on Facebook or a double tap on Instagram. (I’d even considering doing a Periscope video if I had combed my hair.)


This deserves a celebration.

Grab your mug and start clicking…


My Cinnamon Dolce Latte made this list a couple years ago — we still make that one often.

No words even needed, make your own PSL today. (I now add pumpkin spices right into my coffee grounds before brewing and sweeten with maple syrup!)

pumpkin spice latte gluten free

Dairy-free? My recipe for dairy-free coffee creamer is just what you need. (add pumpkin spice!)


Maybe you need your coffee and smoothie in one. Try this Morning Monkey Mocha smoothie.


While in London, I fell in love with the Flat White, a misunderstood coffee drink here in the US. I got lucky and had some Australian friends make me my first one, but you can make them at home as well. (now would be a good time to insert an item from my birthday list: an espresso machine! 😉  )

Speaking of London, I bought this Cafe Life London book while I was there and made it a mission to get to as many as possible — a fun challenge if you ever find yourself there for three months or even three days! Or in any city really, go out looking for a local coffee shop, they rarely disappoint.

We use a French Press for our coffee makings — what do you use are your house?

This one looks fancy: pumpkin chai tea latte. (dairy-free!) I am a huge fan of chai + coffee. I use cold brew coffee mixed with cold chai and add honey for a little number I call Liquid Sunshine. This goes for hot coffee + chai too.

DIY pumpkin spice latte

Happy National Coffee Day — may your coffee be strong and your Monday be short! xoxo

photo 5(1)

my place

There’s this place, in my apartment.

My coffee spot.

I could sit there all day.

In my place.

Under my quilt.

The one my grandma started. She wanted to cross it off her list before she left us. (Grandpa helped too) Then my mom took over. She brought it when she came to visit this summer and we finished tying it together.

A three generation quilt.

For my coffee breaks, I’ve been using So Delicious Coconut Milk Creamer. It’s gluten free, dairy free, soy free. Perfect for my gf-friends who avoid dairy too.

We were talking coffee over on my Facebook page this week too. My guy has been making me pumpkin spice lattes in the morning. If you check out Snack Girl’s site, you’ll find an easy recipe. We use the same one around here, but with honey or agave. The immersion blender just isn’t cutting it, so I’m getting an Aerolatte. (thanks for the heads up Snack Girl)

Simple to make. You’ll save money.

And you can sit in your place.

And just be.

What about you? Do you have a favorite coffee treat you make at home? Or another toasty-warm drink to share?