The Real Jules, Real Good Giveaway: gluten-free flour mix & sandwich bread

1/13/15 WINNER UPDATE: congrats to Cindy and Nicole — you both get to choose either the bread mix or the all-purpose flour mix. Please contact me within 24 hours at to claim your prize! (if I don’t hear from the winners, I’ll draw again!)



You know how you feel when a company has products you love and then stops making them? The worst. Right?

But now think about if THE person who came up with those products left the company (because her whole heart is with the gluten-free community and she refused to settle for nothing less than the best for us) and started a NEW COMPANY and is re-launching her amazing products, but the old company was still out there using her name? Confusing to say the least. Frustrating for those who just want that darn product they love.

That’s what’s been happening with our friend Jules Shepard from gfJules™  formerly Jules Gluten Free — she is no longer with that company and does not endorse those products, yet they are still selling the products with her name and logo on the package. (until March, pursuant to the legal settlement)

The most confusing thing for most people is that there is a Living Social deal being circulated (and even shared by local GF peeps) for the old products and people get excited about the deal, not realizing these are not Jules’ products.

I was just talking with another GF friend about Jules’ new mixes and she was so excited to try them, but had the same reaction as many others, “it’s just confusing — I don’t know which ones to buy!” (she had also seen the Living Social posts selling the old products, thinking they were the new ones)

So that’s where you guys come in!

We need to spread the good word about THE gfJules and her new product line.

gfJules gluten free mixes









(don’t you just adore the new packaging?)

And what better way to do so than to have you guys try them out for yourself — it’s GIVEAWAY time! Before I give you the details, check out some shots of us LOVING the goods we made with the flour mix.

Graham eats gluten free










I made my Pumpkin Spice Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting for Thanksgiving and my twin nephews were fighting over them!

Cooper eats gluten free cookies










His response when I asked for a little bite? “Noooooooooo!”










The cookies lasted one day. 😉











The mix is a combination of finely ground flours, which I love. It worked well in several different cookies, but also as a thickener for soups. I’m adding it to my short list of GF flour mixes I rotate through for baking. It’s CITC approved!

And my girl Jules doesn’t joke around, she has the highest standards:

  • All gfJules products are free of the Top 8 food allergens
  • All gfJules products are made in a dedicated GF and allergen-free facility
  • Jules’ flour is non-GMO
  • 7 of Jules’ 11 mixes are non-GMO (the others are at least 96% non-GMO)
  • gfJules flour & mixes are available in 2 sizes
  • If you don’t love it, and we can’t find a way to help you love it, then we’ll refund your purchase price

And the sandwich bread? My oh my. You need this bread!

gfJules gluten free sandwich bread










I can think of nothing better when the thermometer reads -2 than a big bowl of soup with a thick slice of warm bread like this to dip into it!

There was NO way I was waiting for it to cool — can you blame me with a rise like that of golden gluten free goodness?

gfJules gluten free sandwich bread










We also used it for breakfast sammies and the husband could not get over how good it was.



















Straight from the mouth of Mr. CITC:

  • “This is the best gluten free bread has ever been!”
  • “It’s so squishy. Not dense. Actually fluffy. There’s a fair amount of air pockets relative to others and it rises to a ‘real’ size, not a mini loaf.”
  • “We should just start the weekends making a loaf and use it for everything.”

This is serious stuff. A non-GF, very-picky-about-his-bread, real life review. You read it here, folks.

But don’t just take our word for it, you can WIN your own right here!

TWO lucky winners will receive either the sandwich bread mix OR the all-purpose flour mix pictured above in this post. (two winners, each one gets to decide on one box of gluten-free goodness) 

Here’s how:

  1. Leave a comment below telling me the first thing you would make on that delicious bread, or the first recipe you’d tackle with the flour mix. (please leave your email address so I have a way to contact you) 

That’s it. You don’t have to like 324 pages or follow 23 people on IG, Twitter, or MySpace. I just want to know what YOU would do first with your prize.

I won’t lie though, I would LOVE for you to go check out the new gfJules site. Need recipes? Click HERE. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter — just go show her some GF love from MKE. She is one of the sweetest, kindest, most sincere people I have met in the GF community. She’s a VERY big deal (read my previous post on her HERE) but you would never guess how big of a deal from hanging with her. She’s down to earth. And she goes to bat for this community all.the.time.

Let’s show our gratitude by spreading the good word about THE gfJules — if you see those Living Social deals for the “other” company, SAY SOMETHING! I did. And I’ll keep doing it. Join me!

*Contest runs from today through January 13th at 10pm CST, with TWO winners being announced as an update at the top of this post. Winners will have 24 hours to contact me with their mailing address and then will receive a shipment with the prize from my friend Jules herself. 

Just me. IRL. And other confessions.

You know what I’ve kind of been missing?

Friday Photos.

They went on for about a year, and then because my work schedule changed, and I started dreading doing the posts, I put them to rest for a while. (not that long ago)

Maybe because my phone is full of photos, or maybe because I secretly liked the structured schedule of it, I’m missing those posts already.

You too?

So I thought I’d bust out a post today. Which happens to be Friday.  With photos. Just because.

And maybe I’ll make a thing of it.

A weekly post with photos, but it won’t have to be on Fridays. Maybe a “weekend round-up” of sorts. Just me. In real life, a week in review. (and sometimes other confessions)

Confessions like…

  • I sometimes over analyze posts for so long that I don’t end up posting them. After I attended that blogger conference in the spring, I started to worry that what I was writing wasn’t good enough. After hearing things like: “be good at one thing, not a bunch of different things,” and “you should be testing your recipes at least 10 times before you post them.” I freaked out a little. Mostly because I am all over the place with cooking and baking — and that’s what I LOVE about being in the kitchen.
  • It took me until today to write that.
  • I will sometimes use butter, sugar, and white flours. There are plenty of blogs out there that are good at just one thing — and that’s just lovely, but this blog is just real life and in real life I sometimes eat those things.
  • Other times I will go all paleo on ya! That is the beauty of having a blog — to share all of the different recipes, cookbooks, websites, stories that make the world go round!
  • I don’t test my recipes 10 times before posting them. Let’s get real life — that would mean there would only be like one post a year! And what fun would that be? That doesn’t mean I haven’t made some of them at least 10 times since then. 🙂  I share with you what has worked for me, in our kitchen, not as chefs (although my husband really should be one!) but as people who love food and get joy out of spending time in the kitchen together.
  • It’s my THREE year blogaversary tomorrow — yep, October 20, 2009 was my first blog post! 

So there you have it. That’s me this week.

Now let’s get to those photos…

Hello, Honeycrisps. ‘Tis the season of apples, and I am taking full advantage by having an apple a day.

I whipped up an all-purpose flour mix, so I can spend more time baking and less time measuring and weighing — will keep you posted how it does on the baking front.

Who wants a chicken corn tortilla soup recipe? Raise your hand high.

I’ve been eating plenty of eggs lately. I’m feeling uninspired in the breakfast category — what are you eating? Share with me. Help make my mornings easier.

So there’s Crispin in a box. Which you probably already know. (since I talk about Crispin on FB from time to time) 🙂

But did you know that there’s also Fox Barrel in a box? Of the pomegranate pear variety. (which reminds me of grown up fruit punch and I am loving it!) AND Crispin now comes in cans. Yep. You heard it here first. (and Milwaukee is one of the test markets — watch for it in the very near future.)

I met up with some GFGFs (gluten-free girl friends) at Zaffiro’s in Mequon. For research, of course. They are willing to put your pizza on a pan, instead of directly on the oven surface and they will do fresh cut ingredients for you too — just call ahead and let them know you’re coming. I had them run mine through for a few more minutes, to get some color on that cheese — so worth it, and I’ll be going back!

Football food: Italian beef from the slow cooker topped with cheese and peppers — all on Goodbye Gluten bread and a side of butternut squash.

Leftovers: Italian Beef Nachos! Leftovers rule.

Know what else rules? ALL of YOU.

Thank you for joining me in this (sometimes) crazy ride — this blog has led me to new opportunities, introduced me to new friends, and allowed me to share my daily randomness with the world. I appreciate each and every one of you.

Many thanks. 

Happy 3rd Blogaversary, Celiac in the City.