homemade rhubarb liqueur

Each year my mom gives me fresh rhubarb from her garden — and each year I vow to use it up quickly. (and then it ends up in the freezer)

But not this year!

It was muffins galore for a couple of weeks.





And when there was still rhubarb left… rhubarb liqueur seemed like a great idea.



(my GFGF Katie made that fun jar for me — it’s had all kinds of uses!)


Grab your extra rhubarb and let’s go!





2 lbs fresh rhubarb, chopped (extras from the freezer work too)

3 cups Tito’s vodka (any vodka will work, next time maybe raspberry Smirnoff?)

½ cup Triple Sec

¼ cup water

½ cup simple syrup


Add all ingredients to large canning jar or container with tight fitting lid and stir — if you are using a canning jar, just put on the lid and shake, shake, shake! Leave jar on the counter for 2-3 weeks, it will become a pretty, deep pink color. When it’s time to strain, grab a pitcher and a fine mesh strainer. Pour contents of the jar through the strainer, into the pitcher, smashing down the rhubarb to get all of the liquid out.

Return the liquid to the canning jar or other container. Mine stays in the fridge for storage and has been my go-to cocktail starter this summer.




Cherry Rhubarb Sparkler

2 oz rhubarb liqueur

Club soda or 7up

Fresh or frozen cherries


Add all ingredients (muddle the cherries a little for extra flavor!) over ice — stir and enJOY!



Summer in the City (thanks to Gluten Free Betsy for the name!)

2 oz rhubarb liqueur

1 oz vodka

Splash(es) of DRY Vanilla Bean Soda, cream soda, or Sprite

Raspberries, fresh or frozen, muddled

Basil or mint to garnish

Ice. Booze. Berries. Muddle.Soda. Stir. Sip. Summer.


Cheers, from our balcony to yours!


What better way to end a day…

…than with a new drink?!?! (new to me anyway)

There is a wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. I just sat down to work on a post when there was a request from the kitchen for some cocktails. I couldn’t turn down the request, my dinner is being made for me as I type this.

An order for a Caipirinha (kay-peer-reen-ya).  I was told the recipe was right on the bottle of Ypioca Cachaca Crystal. And it was.


Cut a lime in 4 pieces and put it in a glass. Add 1-2 tablespoons of cane sugar and crush. Add 1.5 ounces of Ypioca. Fill with crushed ice. Stir well and enjoy!

Did you see a mention of soda or a mixer of any kind? Me neither. But I made it following the recipe and it was very well received. I took a little sip *WOW* and then made my own drink. Too strong for me. I did use the same bottle, but modified it adding Fresca. Don’t judge. It’s tasty.

I am sipping it right now.    

And here is the fun part… it says right on the front of the bottle. “NAO CONTEM GLUTEN” which as you can probably guess means, does not contain gluten. (in Portuguese)

Then I find out through a little research that it seems all product packages in Brazil let you know if they have gluten in them or not. If only!

Dinner is served- venison tenderloin sautéed in garlic, thyme, butter and onions from the garden. (last ones!) Topped with herb garlic goat cheese and a side of rosemary broccoli florets and stems.

I think I have enough energy now to finish up the “newbie” post.

Tell me YOUR it’s-only-Wednesday-and-I-wish-it-were-Friday-gluten-free-end-of-the-day-drink!