Tuesday To Do List

Tuesday To Do List is my newest attempt at bringing you tidbits from the gluten-free world each week. This will continue until my mind-that-doesn’t-rest comes up with another way to entertain you guys. You can read my very first to-do list here. Cross your fingers I am back here next Tuesday with another list.

Last night was our May Gluten Free Get Together dinner at Jose’s Blue Sombrero — which luckily involved the most patient and flexible GF guests around. From a lost reservation and being eventually seated across the room at two separate tables, to an eye rolling server at one table and many stumbles (everything was safe, but the server had to go double check on 234 things) just to get our food and drinks…we still made it work and everyone went home with all kinds of goodies thanks our friends from these generous companies below. Take a moment to check out their sites and use the discount codes!

  • American Gluten Free
    • I am LOVING their monthly box and may just have to sign up myself! (use code “AGF10” which is good on any subscription and takes 10% off every box every month) Their packaging is AH-dorable. I’m a sucker for stickers and they get bonus points for presentation. Boxes contain treats that are gluten-free AND dairy-free and they steer clear of the junk. My kind of box!

IMG_3258     IMG_3346

  • Love with Food
    • VERY generous of them to send three boxes to share with our GF friends — especially perfect because there was an entire box of Enjoy Life goodies that were also dairy-free, as we had several guests who cannot tolerate dairy. They were thrilled! Each box was full of gluten-free goodness, many of the items were new to me, which is always a bonus when you get those monthly boxes, to try new things!
  • Bread SRSLY
    • Oh man. This was one of those samples that people go crazy over. I think a few tears (of JOY!) may have been shed. I had toasted the pieces in the oven before the event, then kept them warm in stoneware so they were still nice and warm when people sampled them. Use code “celiacinthecity16” for FREE shipping! fThey also sent adorable Bread SRSLY socks that two lucky winners wore home.
  • Jovial
    • Bring on the pasta! It’s no secret that Jovial is at the top of my list of suggestions when folks ask about gluten-free pasta. Someday I hope to join their foodie trip to Italy. *fingers crossed* In the meantime, I’ll be whipping up real food style pasta dishes this summer with their organic brown rice pasta. And stay tuned…they have FLOUR mixes now! They sent some along for me to try and share with you guys, so you’ll be seeing them at our next event in June. Don’t forget to use your coupons we handed out at the dinner!


  • Halfpops
    • The minute I held these up, we had some pretty excited ladies…one had already tasted them and was giving out flavor suggestions and with plenty to choose from (dill pickle, caramel & sea salt, black truffle & sea salt, angry kettle corn, chipotle BBQ, and aged cheddar) it took time for everyone to make their decision. 😉 There were some dairy-free flavors as well, so EVERYone was able to enjoy them!


  • Gimbal’s Fine Candies
    • We did things backwards and had sweets for an appetizer. Gimbal’s sent fruity flavored jelly beans for the group and they were sneaking them into their bags as they left. (okay, I was strongly encouraging them!) Shop online and save 10% by signing up for their newsletter.


That’s all for today, my friends — enJOY your week and let’s hope it leads you into a long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. xoxo

As much as I wish I were getting paid big bucks to add these links to my page, I’m not. They are not affiliate links. I’m just sharing to share.

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