Tuesday To Do List — what to buy, spy, and try! (or sometimes cry about)

Tuesday To Do List is my newest attempt at bringing you tidbits from the gluten-free world each week. This will continue until my mind-that-doesn’t-rest comes up with another way to entertain you guys. You can read my very first to-do list here. Cross your fingers I am back here next Tuesday with another list.



  • If you’re a local Milwaukee GF friend, be sure to join our private, closed group on Facebook — after years of Facebook deciding who sees what (and usually only serving my posts up to very few people) we started a little group that’s just us, friends in and around Milwaukee that can share recipes, honest restaurant reviews and concerns, and ask ANY questions. Click HERE to join!



  • Just for fun — I LAVA THIS VIDEO! (first saw it in the theater before Inside Out, just try not to cry!)




  • I haven’t found a gluten-free fish fry in Milwaukee that even comes close to the fish & chips I had in London…but maybe trying a homemade fish fry would be best?

That beautiful plate was from Truscott Arms in London — THE best fish & chips I’ve ever had, gluten-free or otherwise. EVER. (and stay tuned for the day when I finally write more about my 85 days in London!)

That’s all for today, my friends.

I miss you all and hope to get back to a more regular blogging schedule soon.


As much as I wish I were getting paid big bucks to add these links to my page, I’m not. They are not affiliate links. I’m just sharing to share.

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