Tuesday To Do List — what to buy, spy, and try! (or sometimes cry about)

Tuesday To Do List is my newest attempt at bringing you tidbits from the gluten-free world each week. This will continue until my mind-that-doesn’t-rest comes up with another way to entertain you guys. You can read my very first to-do list here. Cross your fingers I am back here next Tuesday with another list…

Checked off the list from last week: made the un-pumpkin spice from Alton Brown and the pumpkin puree. (why have I never done this before? THE best.)










Did you spy my lasagna stuffed spaghetti squash over on Prevention Magazine online? Yipeeee!


Too many fall recipes to choose from? I hear ya. Luckily you can see an entire carnival of fall recipes HERE. (I added my pumpkin spice granola!)


I’ve been trying recipes from Yummy Supper. Not only is the book full of gorgeous photos and stories, but the recipes are simple and made with real food. I made Sunshine Soup with ingredients from my own garden — if you don’t garden, this may not seem like that big of a deal, but for me, I get giddy over garden fresh goods. Always have. I think part of it was growing up with a family that gardened. I learned early on that it is hard to beat the flavor of a warm-from-the-sun tomato at peek ripeness, plucked from vine and eaten like an apple. I brought the book with me to our last GF Get Together dinner and my GFFs drooled over it, especially our vegetarian. Maybe you should add it to your list to buy? (or stop by for Sunshine Soup and borrow mine!)













Try these. No-bake donut holes. (thanks Johnna!)


Follow up from last week: the FDA is now investigating reports of illness due to the new “gluten-free” Cheerios. You can see last week’s post HERE, including posts from others in the community. Please read up. Since last week, I have had several people tell me they got sick from Cheerios — pretty please contact the FDA (as well as General Mills) to let them know. You can follow the steps listed here.

Because my mama and dear friend Shirley, from glutenfreeeasily.com, don’t have Instagram, I’m going to try to do a recap of the week’s photos here too. (the first two photos are Shirley’s flourless, gluten-free pizza — make it ASAP.)

So, I spy from Instagram…

(follow along: @celiacinthecity)




dreaming of London: my 1st doughnut from Borough 22 (now available at Selfridges!)


garden fresh = THE best.


#realfood50 dinner: Korean bbq marinaded venison & spicy-sweet garden green beans











quickly become my fave flave: melon & grapefruit (with frozen melon cubes)

quickly become my fave flave: melon & grapefruit (with frozen melon cubes) just add Tito’s. 😉

caprese eggs -- waiting for balsamic drizzle

caprese eggs — waiting for balsamic drizzle


cinnamon glazed popcorn mix from 100 Days of Real Food (my pumpkin spice version was even better!)

coffee lovers: add pumpkin spices to coffee grounds before brewing.

coffee lovers: add pumpkin spices to coffee grounds before brewing.










It’s NATIONAL COFFEE DAY — check out yesterday’s post (yes, I know, a day early) for all kinds of coffee treats! Speaking of treats…I owe Lincoln some treats for this sweet photo. 😉



As much as I wish I were getting paid big bucks to add these links to my page, I’m not. They are not affiliate links. I’m just sharing to share. (because I love you guys. and coffee.) 

4 thoughts on “Tuesday To Do List — what to buy, spy, and try! (or sometimes cry about)

  1. Those donut holes look delicious- I’ll be making those soon.
    The whole Cheerios situation….ugh. I never intended on trying them because I can’t eat oats- not even gluten free oats. It seems to me like they just slapped a gf label on the box and stuck with the same recipe. The box doesn’t even say Gluten Free oats. Even if I could have oats, just reading the label would’ve let me far away. 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m not sure where to begin commenting on this one, but I’ll try. 😉 First, thanks so much for the sweet words and for sharing my Flourless Pizza recipe. Your version looks DIVINE!!!

    Oh, yes, on fresh pumpkin puree! Canned pumpkin doesn’t even come close. Want to wow someone with your pumpkin pie? Then definitely make it using fresh pumpkin puree. 🙂 I always peel mine though because if I don’t, I always end up with some peel in my puree.

    The Un-Pumpkin Spice is interesting. I’ve never been a fan of anise, but I would love to try a little taste of this mixture in a recipe.

    Congrats again on your Stuffed Spaghetti Squash feature! 🙂

    Johnna’s No-Bake Donut Holes are the bomb for sure!

    I really appreciate all you are doing to keep folks safe regarding “gluten-free” Cheerios, Sarah. Something is amiss there and it needs to be fixed ASAP, so we definitely need everyone to report in to the FDA. I’m still hearing reports of GM not taking the reported reactions seriously and saying things like “well, this product must not be for you” and offering to send out free coupons, but not asking for the boxes back. So my emphasis is on reporting to the FDA right now and signing the petition, of course.

    That Lincoln is adorable! Love this photo of you two!


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