Red Apple Lipsticks presents: Christmas Collection 2014

There’s a super sale on gluten-free makeup starting tomorrow from our friends at Red Apple Lipstick. 

Before I go into detail about how much I LOVE their products, here’s what you absolutely need to know, even if you don’t read any further:

  • Sale runs 11/17-11/24 (and it’s a private, VIP sale so just REGISTER HERE and you’re all set and will be enjoying the goods before the general public)
  • I know, I know, registering seems like a lot of work, but it’s not! You just enter your name and e-mail and then they offer you a buy-one-get-one offer you don’t want to miss.
  • Use code CITC for a 22% discount on your order — this is better than the VIP monthly discount! 
  • All products will be guaranteed to arrive in time for Christmas!
  • The Christmas Collection is AH.mazing! (don’t just take my word for it, check out the “look book” by clicking HERE — aren’t they all just stunning?!)
  • They are having their sale early this year to allow their employees to enjoy time off for the holidays. That alone makes my heart sing and motivates me to support this company that supports their own.

It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of every single product I have gotten my hands on from Red Apple Lipstick. And the new Christmas Collection is no exception.

You should have seen me when I opened the package from them — it was like Santa had read my mind and delivered!

red apple lipstick christmas collection










As much as I wanted to keep them all to myself… I had to share with some of my girls!

red apple lipstick









Just look at my best gal Katie — she can pull off ALL of their bold colors with such ease. She’s glowing in Back to the Fuchsia. (remember you can see all of the colors by view the look book HERE.)

red apple lipstick back to the fuchsia








And here’s my soul sister, Kristi in Gypsy Soul. (fitting, yes? my soul sister in gypsy soul) 😉  She was impressed by the color, but even more so by the texture — when she first put it on she said, “oh, it’s so smooth.” She is my go-to girl for all things makeup, (she did my makeup for our wedding) so when she’s impressed, you know it’s good — and I’m pretty sure I will have her hooked on RAL after this sale.

red apple lipstick gypsy soul









And me? I’m a Red Apple girl. I just am. Not because they send me free goods to try out and tell you about, that’s a lovely perk of being a blogger friend with Andrea and Jay, but because they make quality, gluten-free products that make me feel beautiful. And although I get to try some things for free, I also place orders with them throughout the year using my VIP code they send each month.

I don’t have to worry about reading their labels. I know they are safe: no petroleum, no animal bits, no gluten, soy, dairy, corn, harsh chemicals or GMOs.

And they’re good people. Down to earth. They want you to be happy. (they give a ridiculously generous SIX month money-back guarantee on their products) And they moved their sale up this year to be sure their team is home with their families for the holidays. That may not seem like a big deal to some, but to me and my family who watch our mama work every single year during the holidays, it is a VERY big deal and I admire the gesture.

red apple lipstick Ooh la la









I wake up with Ooh La La and coffee. (my favorite lipstick color of the new collection) And the eye shadows? Oh my minerals. They are gorgeous! And on days when I’m feeling lazy I at least grab my Mint 2 Be gloss and The Lash Project mascara — there are two new glosses in the Christmas Collection. (read all about The Lash Project HERE and then add that to your cart!)


Now… when YOU wake up tomorrow … GO SHOP at  and use code CITC to save 22% on your order through November 24th. What are you picking out first? Lipstick, gloss, shadows, or one of each?












5 thoughts on “Red Apple Lipsticks presents: Christmas Collection 2014

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  2. Thank you so much Sarah for the coupon code, you really made my day. I am very excited to try Oo la laa and Gypsy soul and Manhattan. Best regards, Rachita

  3. Having used my new lipstick for 4 days now, I’m SOLD on this product. It is the creamiest softest lipstick I have ever tried. I’m very surprised how they got this creamy delight to stay on for so long! My chapped lips are healing quickly while having a rich color to show off.

    Over dinner 2 big time fans of The Lash Project raved about their beautiful conditioned and growing lashes, so I used your generous discount and bought myself the mascara as well as another tube of lipstick! So thrilled to invest in cosmetics that will nurture my skin!! Thank you for spreading the word, Sarah! (and thank you for that amazing discount!!)

  4. What exact lipsticks, lipgloss, & eyeshadow colors did you order??? I never wear make-up due to my old military Air Force brainwashing & possible gluten poison- I have celiac disease, but this would be fun for when I feel like being the being a lady & not always 1 of the guys at the VA.
    I could also share this with my female soldier vets in Green Bay WI that were taught & think like me in our military brain. We are all somehow linked- kinda like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. There are 5 that IM close with. The holiday are the hardest for us- so anything I can do to lead & share in example would help. It also would be a good pick me up morale for the women that I admire & set strong examples.

    • Hi Nicole. First off, THANK YOU for your service! The wonderful thing about RAL is that ALL of their products are GF! No worries. I meant it when I said I have loved all of their products! I’m pretty basic with makeup and use more neutrals, but sometimes they talk me into some fun new shadow colors. I loooooove the lash project mascara. Big fan of the Mint 2 Be Honey Badger too. Please do share the sale and the discount code. Be sure to register tonight!!!

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