Red Apple Lipstick presents: The Lash Project (with a giveaway)

UPDATE 7.31.14: CONGRATS to Kate Biwer, winner of the prize package!

Don’t worry, if you didn’t win, remember you can still use code CITC to save 22% off your $50+ order!

Next week, our friends from Red Apple Lipstick launch THE LASH PROJECT: a gluten-free lash conditioning mascara. Basically the product I’ve been waiting for my whole mascara wearing life!

My lash envy has gone on for years — I have girlfriends whose eye lashes look long and full BEFORE they even put on their mascara.

Here are my sad little lashes without mascara.


I have spent years asking which mascara they are using, running out to buy it at Target, Sephora, or a department store only to end up with clumpy lashes that leave me with raccoon eyes by afternoon. I toss them into the “rejects” drawer in hopes of trying them again someday to pull off the look I saw on a friend. (never happens) I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on mascaras that don’t work for me. I pull out lashes trying to get the gunky mascaras off — they make my eyes itchy, watery, yet I keep buying new ones in hopes of finding the one that works.

For my wedding I let someone talk me into a tube of mascara that was over $30. Big mistake. Spidery lashes. Smudging. Another reject. (into the drawer)

See the pattern here?

The Lash Project mascara is unlike any other mascara I have tried. Sometimes when you hear claims like that, they sound fake or overused, but I honestly feel that way about this product. (and you guys know I’m 100% honest about products I try, if I don’t like them, believe me, you’ll know!)

Full disclosure: I was gifted a tube of The Lash Project mascara to try out, share with all of you, and even give away a gift set that also includes a Red Apple Lipstick color. Jay and Andrea are super generous in that way and I have never seen anyone stand behind their product (or get as excited about it) like they do. Knowing how much I have loved all of their other products, I will tell you I still had doubts about this one at first.

It’s $42, my friends. And for some, that may seem like a deal breaker at first thought.

But my lashes want you to know….it is worth every single penny and I will be continuing to use it for the rest of my mascara wearing life!

It’s that good.

Here are just some of the highlights…

The Lash Project 2-in-1 (conditions and brings beautiful color) formula is: Gluten Free, Paraben Free, Corn Free, Soy Free, Vegan (synthetic beeswax, not the stuff from real bees), Cruelty Free, Dairy Free, Plasticizer Free, GMO free, Glycol Free, Nut Free, & SLS free



They have solved:

Clumping (my biggest mascara pet peeve)
Spidering (gross)
Smudging (hello humid Wisconsin problems!)
Eye Irritations: itchy, scratchy watery eyes (then I rub them and it gets worse!)
Puffy and red eyelids (ouch!)
Short, stubby lashes (totally me, notice the first photo)
Lashes that grow in weird directions
Lashes that fall out (all.the.time)
Mascara that’s hard to remove (now you can just use coconut oil or soap and water)

And if you try it out and aren’t as impressed as I have been? They will give you up to SIX months to get your money back or exchange it — that never happens with cosmetics!


One coat would give me the look I would wear to work each day. And if we want to go with a few coats, we’re ready for a night out!


I have been using it for about a week now and my lashes are stronger already! This shot is from this morning, no mascara.


But don’t just take my word for it, try it out for yourself!

I’m giving away a little prize pack: 1 Lash Project conditioning mascara AND a lipstick color of your choice. (I’m currently loving Vogue and New York)

Thanks to RAL, this prize can be YOURS! The giveaway runs until July 31st which is THE launch date — so you can wake up on the morning it launches and know if you’re a winner!


But what if you don’t win?

No worries!

You can use my code: CITC to save 22% on your order from!!!

This is the highest discount you will see during their launch campaign, so stock up on lipsticks, glosses, (love me some Mint 2 Be in Honey Badger) and eye shadows — I have never been disappointed with their high quality products. (and they always offer that six month unheard of return/exchange policy)

Then do yourself a favor and become a VIP with Red Apple Lipstick and they will send you coupon codes to use each month, so you will continue to get a discounted rate on The Lash Project mascara as well as any of their other products.

Your to-do list:
  • Enter to WIN the prize pack below — just CLICK ON the “a Rafflecopter giveaway” link where you’ll have FIVE chances to win! (cross your fingers and toes that you win!)
  • Go over to and become a VIP and sign up for an email reminder to get your Lash Project Mascara on their launch date, July 31st.
  • Use code CITC to save 22% on your order of $50+ to stock up on RAL goods.

Good luck from my lashes to yours!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


51 thoughts on “Red Apple Lipstick presents: The Lash Project (with a giveaway)

  1. So frustrated by mascara that makes my eyes ache! That’s my biggest beef, closely followed by smudging.

  2. My eyelashes have gotten thinner over the last year or so and also I recently was told I needed to eat gluten free for the rest of my life. I really want to try this!

  3. I would love to try this mascara because I have very sensitive, reactive eyes. Once my eye swelled up like a balloon from trying a new mascara. It looked like I had been in a fight – you couldn’t even see my eyelashes. It was pretty crazy.

  4. I have long lashes naturally, but totally love mascara, and always want them to be thicker, fuller looking. I’d love to try a gluten-free mascara that would do those things for me, and not have to worry about itching eyes after a couple hours.

  5. I’ve only worn it a handful of times (when in weddings!) since celiac… So many itchy eyes/eye lids… Sounds like this is a great product! Would love to try!!!

  6. most of us have the same problem from other mascaras: clumping and running that sometimes we look like a raccoon!

  7. I really need a non-toxic mascara because all of the other ones I have used make my eyes watery and itchy and lately they have been stinging really bad.

  8. I have Celiac’s too! I love the look of this mascara..I have a problem with light lashes and it is awesome that it is gluten free.

  9. I *hate* when mascara leaves flakes/smudges under the eyes. Extra bad in the summer because of humidity! Wouldn’t it be nice to get all the $$$ back that we’ve spent on awful products over the years?

  10. I live in Florida, so our humidity is high. Hate having lower lash transfer. And it happens to most I’ve tried. Would love to finally have a natural mascara that doesn’t want to run away.

  11. My pet peeve is that my eyes are very dry and I rub them a lot. Mascara feels like it irritates my eyes and I end up rubbing even MORE. ouch.

  12. Hope I win!
    Your lashes look much better than my non-existing blonde lashes! I love the fact this mascara is free of all the bad stuff and safe for those of us with celiac.

  13. I am a teenager that simply wants to be able to wear a bit of makeup on a daily basis…it is extremely hard to find any that I enjoy wearing, however. After spending ridiculous amounts of money on numerous types of mascaras in the small chance to find one I liked, I still have not come across one that feels healthy and beautiful on me. Itchy eyes (along with it getting into my contacts and making it worse) is my biggest problem, and my eyes constantly water with most that I have tried. My mom has purchased RA Lipsticks, Rayelle Balm, and their eyeshadows for my birthday before, and I have even purchased things myself from them. They are a trustworthy company that I absolutely LOVE, and I’ve honestly been waiting for the day that they would make mascara; it’s finally here and I’m SO excited!!

    • Also, being diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 2 years ago was around the same time I began wanting to wear makeup. It was kind if an upsetting time for me, until I found out that ALL their products are reliably GLUTEN FREE!!! 😀

  14. Biggest pet peeve is the amount of toxic and harmful ingredients in traditional mascara’s, at the same time the smudging of mascaras that make my eyes look like raccoon eyes 🙂

  15. I want a mascara that gives color to my pale almost white eyelashes, that doesn’t make my eyes itch, water, and swell up. I recently tried a celebrity’s gluten free mascara, and it all ran out on the brush. Totally unusable. A two or three month supply melting off the mascara brush. Needless to say I never made that mistake again.

  16. I’m always surprised by how itchy mascara makes my eyes. I’ve spent ridiculous amounts as well just trying to to find something that isn’t itchy and doesn’t flake into my eye, irritating my contacts.

  17. I hate how hard it is to take off any other kind of mascara, and leaves me feeling like i’m doing damage to my eyelashes!

  18. I’m so excited to give this a try!!! Maybe I can finally wear mascara without black dripping down my face. 🙂

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