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Gluten-free tidbits hit social media or are sent to me each week — things I want to share with you, I mean to share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. but it doesn’t always work out that way. Life happens. (I won’t bore you with all the ways things don’t always go as planned… everyone has their days!)

So I’m going to try something new, NEWS FLASH to be exact. With new finds and plenty of fun photos.

Sometimes they’ll be short and sweet. And other times they’ll have some heft to them — like today’s post where I interview a local GF young lady you’re going to want to stick around to meet!

But first a few things I’ve been meaning to share…

These chips are addictive. (don’t say I didn’t warn you — we have Mamasita to blame.)



Have you tried the Figgies & Jammies from Pamela’s yet? If you’re missing fig newtons, go get these today!

photo 1


How often do we get to have gluten-free pizza?

photo 1-3


Okay, fine. For me, it’s pretty often, BUT….


How often do we get to have it DELIVERED?


Last weekend in Coon Rapids, MN we had pizza delivered from Sammy’s to our hotel after a long road trip — and it was AHmazing.

photo 2-3

(truth be told, it got a bit soggy on the way over, but the mountain of toppings made up for it and it was good cold, which is always the test for GF pizza)


Know what would make the perfect ending to a pizza dinner?


Some of these GLUTEN-FREE CUT OUT COOKIES from Miss Abigail of Abigail’s Originals!

cache_884700289                   cache_884700288


I met Abigail right before our holiday cookie exchange — she was in the middle of fundraising for her upcoming (JUNE 21st!) trip to Europe and reached out to see if I’d be interested in trying them. HELLO! Cookies? Yes. Me. I’m in!



To raise funds, she decided to tackle the perfect gluten-free sugar cookie dough and then decorate them for the season. People went bonkers for them. Several people had placed orders prior to the party to take home for their family celebrations and those who didn’t order extra were wishing they had!

photo 3-2


They have also done them for other celebrations — check out these love birds!


I had to chance to catch up with Abigail recently and talk all about her trip…


CITC: How long have you been gluten-free?

A: Five years, since third grade.


CITC: How did Abigail’s Originals get started?

A: To raise money for my summer trip we started with the cookies but then added some crafts too.


CITC: So why cut-out cookies?

A: Well, you can usually find gluten-free snickerdoodles or chocolate chip mixes at the store but not really sugar cookies.


CITC: Tell me more about travel abroad this coming summer with the People to People Ambassador Program.

A: Teachers can nominate you and you get a letter that says you have been invited to participate. The trip that I have signed up for will take me to Italy, France, and Spain over the course of nearly three weeks. My experience there will take me to the Roman Colosseum, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Monaco, Cannes, Barcelona and many more places there as I explore the Mediterranean region with my group.


CITC: Where are you most excited to visit?

A: Italy, I have always wanted to travel to there. That’s the country we’re doing the home stay in, I’ll be staying with a family.


CITC: What about eating gluten-free there with a family you haven’t met?

A: My mom called and asked about that and she said when they scan the area they have to make sure that the family knows what gluten-free is and make sure they can feed you safely.


How are you preparing to travel gluten free?

A: I plan to pack plenty of snacks, chances are there won’t be many snacks provided on the plane. Definitely pack a lot of snacks.


Abigail is right, snacks are key — we all know that one, right!? And what better snack to have around this summer than some of her cut out cookies? (my celiac sista and Chef Carter will vouch for the cookies, as well as the GF Get Together crew!) And they will ship them right to your door or if you are local to the Milwaukee area, they will coordinate delivery or pick-up.

They’re just $6 for a dozen and you can place an order online HERE.  Or you can contact her through her Facebook page to place an order as well.

She has done all of the fundraising for her trip and I’m proud to say we have supported her in the GF community by collecting donations and purchasing cookies, if you would prefer to just help her out with a  donation for her trip, you can click HERE for her fundraising page.

She has just under $600 to go before reaching her goal of nearly $7,000 — she has done ALL of the fundraising herself, so impressive! I think we can help her get there, yes?

I’m going to place my order for red, white, and blue patriotic stars for summer celebrations (they freeze beautifully!) and I know Chef Carter would love me to show up with some on my next visit — he says they are the best cookies he has had and asks for them for breakfast. 😉  Don’t worry, her mom is taking over as “head baker” until she returns from her trip so the cooking baking will continue and even after her trip, she’s going to keep it up, so we’re all in luck!

Let’s help Abigail reach her goal — if you’ve already tried her cookies, leave a comment and let others know how much we are all loving them!



2 thoughts on “News Flash: finds & photos

  1. The pizza from Sammie’s looks amazing!! I am so excited they have one in coon rapids! I will definitely check it out, and it’s celiac safe from cross contamination, I am assuming!! (?) The weird thing was their menu online did not have any gluten free options. Hmm… I am definitely going to call and ask what flavors they make gluten free!!

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