Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo Chicago — FREE TICKETS!

Being an official blogger for the GFAF Expo in Chicago next weekend has its perks — not only do I get to mingle among some of my favorite blogger friends and vendors, but they’re also giving me FIVE regular admission one day passes to give away!



Actually all of the blogging team (and other vendors/authors) are giving away tickets too, so I rounded up a little list, but there are others out there as well — go check them out, show some GF from Milwaukee love, and enter to win:

Imagine stepping into a gigantic open room full of tables overflowing with samples and being able to EAT.IT.ALL! (of course you still have to check on ingredients if you have multiple intolerances/allergies, but this is the place to be for ingredient checking!)

If that hasn’t excited you enough — take a look HERE at the vendors. Impressive, right? Did you see Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery listed? They are our hometown hero — be sure to stop by their booth at the expo… they did our gluten-free wedding cake, cupcakes and desserts!
Enough already. Where are those tickets?



To ENTER for the FREE TICKETS leave a comment below telling me a little something about you: which day you’d be coming, a product you just HAVE to try at the expo, how long you’ve been gluten-free, the name of your dog or any other fun fact. It’s that simple! (I’d also love if you SHARE this post on our timeline, Facebook would like me to PAY for you to see FREE information and get FREE tickets, so sadly, many of our GF-friends are missing out on posts — the more the merrier!)

WANT EXTRA ENTRIES? Complete each task below, leave a separate comment for each, that’s an additional 6+ entries!

  • Of course you should already LIKE GFAF Expo on Facebook — they post often about apps, the GF candy lists, blogs you should be reading, and all the info on the expo, but if for some crazy reason you haven’t already, click on that LIKE button on their page and come back and let me know you’re follow along.
  • Same for Twitter, FOLLOW @gfafexpo then leave a separate comment for doing so.
  • Please tell me you LIKE my Celiac in the City page on Facebook? Leave another comment for that.
  • You know the drill, FOLLOW @celiacinthecity on Twitter and get another entry by leaving another comment.
  • On Instagram? FOLLOW: celiacinthecity and leave a comment for that!
  • SHARE this post on your timeline, Instagram feed, or Twitter account and leave a comment EACH time you do so!

Winners will be drawn  TUESDAY, APRIL 8th at 10pm CST, be sure to leave your NAME & EMAIL so I can contact you and let you know that you’ve won. The lucky winners will be able to pick up their tickets at the GFAF Expo Registration Desk on the day they choose to attend.

44 thoughts on “Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo Chicago — FREE TICKETS!

  1. My name is Lisa. I love gluten free food and trying all the samples at the show! I’ll be going to the expo on Sunday. My dogs name is Zoey and my cats are Luke and Lucy. My fun fact about myself is I technically only have 9.5 toes and my old cat only had 9.5 toes on her back paws too…both of us lost the .5 due to surgeries. 🙂
    I like the Expo and CITC on FB and also CITC on Instagram. I would like them on twitter too but don’t have a twitter account!!

  2. Main reason I would love to go is to find dune good ideas for a gluten free wedding cake! I’ve been gluten free for a little over a year, abd it’s changed my life so much!

  3. I have been GF for 5 yrs after being diagnosed with celiac….I have always wanted to go to the expo but never had the opportunity. Thinking I will go this tear on Sunday. I don’t have one specific product I have to try rather want to try as many as possible as I always feel like I am trying to find new GF foods. I also have a brother in law who was just diagnosed this past year. Fun fact about me I am originally from Chicago so I am a Bears fan living in Packers world….including my whole household with the exception of 1 if my daughters who has joined my side! Our dog’s name is Jello…he is a very fat puggle and when he gets excited his whole body shakes just like jello does…

  4. My daughter has been gf for 2 1/2 years. Last years find was Red Apple Lipstick. Love the lipstick! And my blogger find was The Allergista. It is so many products and people. I’m so excited to go again this year. I would love to win the tickets. Thanks

  5. Hi Sarah! I am interested in going to the Expo for two reasons….one I work as a Food Service Manager at a local hospital and would like to offer more Gluten Free options for patients/visitors and the second is because my boyfriend must follow a Gluten Free diet so I would like to check things out for him also. Either day works for me to go but I am guessing I would go Saturday. Thanks!

  6. Hi Sarah. Thanks for all you do. It’s Greatly Appreciated. I’ve been Gluten Free for 3 years, having been generally symptom free, when I was diagnosed by my naturopathic dr. Now I’m more sensitive than imaginable, and cc issues are a concern every time I’m not eating at home. You have put me at ease knowing that you have been so many places with so any great food experiences. I look forward to the Expo, to sample new companies options and foods I normally skip even thinking about. So many times I want to try new products, But don’t want to pay boku bucks in case I don’t like it. It’s often hard to trust foods you haven’t carefully evaluated and researched multiple times, even when you’ve just checked the product weeks ago, it may have changed. I’m excited to go and enjoy a day ful of eating where I don’t have to think twice. … On a side note, my 2 dogs, Cooper andRuby, both dachshunds, will be wagging their tails at home just waiting for me to return with a bag full of treats.

  7. I’m planning to go on Sunday…My non celiac children love to go to the expo, I think they enjoy more than me…I’m so excited to be there and met all the people that I’ve been reading all these years after my diagnosis.

  8. Hi Sarah – Love your blog! I already “liked” your FB page and have for quite awhile. I have been GF for 14 months. My step-daughter was just diagnosed in December at 22years old. My husband eats GF too as we don’t allow gluten in the house. He even changed his shampoo for me! Now that’s love! We can go either day. We can’t decide which speakers we want to see more. They all look so great. Would love to get my step-daughter to go to your get-togethers. It would be helpful for her to meet people her own age dealing/living with celiac.

  9. Newly diagnosed with gluten and dairy allergy in January 2014 after 40 years of digestive problems. I am overwhelmed right now and would love to go to the Expo to see and try “safe” foods and pick up tips and information about my food allergies. Thrilled this is in Chicago area.

  10. My name is Dani I am looking to go to the expo on Sunday! I was diagnosed march 8,2012 and I am looking forward to eating everything and trying all different new food! My dogs name is Yoda and looks just like Yoda from Star Wars.
    Fun fact: I am working with the Milwaukee Brewers to create a Celiac AwarenessNight for my Girl Scout Gold Award for this 2014 season!

  11. I’d go on Saturday the 12th. I’ve been dairy free for 16 years and gluten free for 15. I was cool before it was cool to be GF! My folks live in Chicago so I’d definitely go with my mom who’s gluten free as well.

    I’m just so excited to try new delicious foods. The first GF expo I went to at state fair park when I was 16 I had to go to a corner to cry because I was so happy to eat donuts again (kinnickinick). It was magical!

    So excited you’re blogging about it Sarah!

  12. They just recently diagnosed my 3 yr old daughter with Celiac Disease, really recently, like 5 days ago. 🙂 She has multiple health problems. I would love to attend this Expo on Sunday with my daughter. She gets her last screening test done on Saturday and I think it would be a nice way to officially start our GF journey together. I don’t have a dog but our cat’s name is Mattie. 🙂 We live in Riverwest in MKE. I have four kids ages 14-3, who I will now be getting tested for Celiac, as well as myself. I liked your page and followed you on Instagram. Feel free to check out my daughter’s website I listed it above. She was born with some rare brain abnormalities and is a little miracle. 🙂 I am on limited funds do to my daughter’s medical needs so a free ticket for me and one for my partner, if you have 2 to spare, would be fabulous! We are going to try to attend whether we win tickets or not, but free tickets just means more diapers and GF food for my Lily big! 🙂 Thanks So Much! I look forward to reading all your blogs in the future 🙂
    Vicki & Rosie
    Lily’s Mommies

  13. I have followed you for over a year on facebook. We live in the Madison area and I enjoy your Milwaukee restaurant ideas. I wished we lived closer so we could go to your meet-ups!

  14. My son was diagnosed with celiacs 1.5 yrs ago. This will be our first expo and we are looking forward to trying EVERYTHING! I am looking forward to not asking about something being gf, not looking at ingredient lists and not looking things up on my phone. 🙂

  15. My name is Dani I am looking to go to the expo on Sunday! I was diagnosed march 8,2012 and I am looking forward to eating everything and trying all different new food! My dogs name is Yoda and looks just like Yoda from Star Wars.
    Fun fact: I am working with the Milwaukee Brewers to create a Celiac AwarenessNight for my Girl Scout Gold Award for this 2014 season!

  16. Not sure how many of these you, have but here’s to hoping!:) The third entry is for little sis #2 who has not tested positive for celiac, but who does mostly GF given that she falls asleep mid-day after eating gluten. She’s also super supportive of our GF lifestyle and is excited to help me pick out some Red Apple products:) We “like” you in every possible way! 🙂

  17. I am also putting my name in the hat on behalf of my celiac sister who is coming to town from NY. She was diagnosed 1.5 years before me and had she not described her experiences in the bathroom, I would have never guessed that’s what I had! We’re planning to come Sunday afternoon! She’s never been to one of these and she’s going to be blown away by all of the options!!!:)

  18. Hello:) I was diagnosed with celiac in Jan 2012… After my first GF expo last year, I am thrilled to try EVERY vegetarian option in the house. Just made your delicious breakfast oat squares and they were GREAT. Thank you for sharing!:)

  19. My name is Liane, my husband I will be attending on Saturday. We plan on going to the Admirals game in Rockford on Friday night and heading to the Expo the next morning (if we can find a reasonable hotel that is- anyone know of any discounts our coupons?)
    I want to try EVERYTHING! I have been gluten free since January 11th, 2012 when I received my Celiac Diagnosis. (Wink) My dogs name is Bristol and she looks just like Hank the Ball park pup, in fact I think I see a puppy wedding in her future LOL

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