{banana breakfast sushi}

Many moons ago, my friends from Attune Foods sent me boxes of their cereals to try out — at the time, I shared these Berry Good Crispy Rice Treats with you. (they were a hit at our GF Get Together that month!)

rice crispy treats

I’ve been going through old photos this weekend and came across some more shots of the fun ways we used the cereals.

My best buddies were visiting that week, and I knew Chef Carter was going to be a fan of the cocoa crispy brown rice…


I was right! 🙂


We got a little crafty one morning — and came up with breakfast sushi!


And I have all the ingredients in the house today, so it only seems logical that I make it again, yes?

You should too!

Breakfast Sushi


chocolate chips

nut butter  (I used peanut butter) 

Erewhon crispy rice cereal of your choice (wouldn’t the cocoa ones be good here?!) 

The amounts depend on how many bananas you are using– this is one of those recipes where you can’t really go wrong. If you have extra melted chocolate and peanut butter, just add in some crispy rice cereal to the bowl, stir it up, spread onto wax paper and you’ve got a sweet crispy treat for later.

For each banana, I use a small handful of chocolate chips and about a tablespoon of peanut butter. Melt in the microwave, stirring every 30 seconds until completely melted. Slice bananas. Dip banana pieces into melted mixture, then roll in cereal and set on a wax paper covered tray. Place in the fridge for a few minutes to set.

You could also use white chocolate chips and the berry crispy rice used in the bars pictured above. Feel free to omit the chocolate and just do nut butter. And next time I’ll definitely be using the cocoa crispy rice. (If Carter doesn’t eat it all first!)



This super simple recipe is linked up to Gluten-Free Wednesdays — go check out ALL of the other recipes by clicking on the graphic below!


5 thoughts on “{banana breakfast sushi}

  1. Lovin’ the banana sushi – certainly kid friendly, but what adult wouldn’t love it too? It presents really well – and is super healthy to boot! Does the cereal stay crispy, or is this an eat as made kind of thing?

    • Hi Claudine! Let’s be honest… I ate it ALL that day. 😉 I would guess the cereal may get a bit soggy in the fridge, but also the bananas would brown — wondering about the freezer though? Hmmm….

      Probably better to just make and eat. And then make more. 🙂

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