{anything goes egg cups}

gluten free breakfast

You may remember me telling you about our anniversary getaway to Angel Inn Bed and Breakfast in the fall. They (and the husband) went ALL out to serve me gluten-free goodness all weekend long. Everything in that photo is gluten-free. My first gluten-free crepe. And that egg cup? I couldn’t stop talking about them.

Even recreated them when we got home.

gluten free egg cup ingredients(not pictured: fresh mozzarella cheese and garden fresh herbs)

gluten free egg cupsNot bad, right?

For whatever reason, I haven’t made them since. But I was getting sick of hard boiled eggs in the morning, so decided to put them on the menu again.

And although there are more fresh options in the summer and fall, these are the kind of eggs you can add pretty much anything to and make them work for you.

Last week when I made them, it was a little of everything.

gluten free egg cups

It was leftover ham from Easter that we had diced up with onions, sweet potatoes, and celery. One with spinach added too. And the one on the right was scrambled up and had leftover quinoa in it. I’m telling you, anything can work.

Anything Goes Egg Cups

Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees and grease a 6-cup jumbo muffin tin with olive oil. (update: I have had better results with the scrambled versions not sticking by greasing the pans with butter.)

anything goes egg cups

For the sunny side up version:

Farm fresh eggs (you can do 1-2 eggs per cup)
Fresh spinach
Thick sliced ham — meat is optional, these are anything goes
Pickled jalapenos
Salt & Pepper

Start by layer 1-2 pieces of ham in the bottom of the cups, if the pieces are large enough, you’ll only need one. (in this case, they were smaller, so I layered two) Top with a handful of spinach — feel free to squirt a little sriracha on the spinach too, if you like a little kick.


Crack 1-2 eggs on top of the bed of spinach and top with salt, pepper, and a jalapeno slice. If you’re like me, you want variety in the mornings, so let’s mix things up and do some scrambled too, yes?


For the scrambled version:

Farm fresh eggs (1-2 per cup)                                            Fresh spinach, roughly chopped
Feta cheese                                                                         Kalamata and/or green olives
Diced onion                                                                         Splash of milk of choice
Sriracha                                                                               Salt & Pepper

Whisk eggs, milk, and sriracha in a medium bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients and mix well. Pour into greased muffin tin cups. (you can top with more olives or green onions)

For both versions:

Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes, this will depend on how many eggs used, it may take a bit longer if you use two eggs per cup. Because I reheat them during the week, I under cook them a bit, knowing I’ll be cooking them again later. Allow to cool for several minutes in the muffin tin to set, then store in air tight container in the fridge.

To reheat, pop them in the microwave for about a minute. I am crushing on mangoes lately, so they are my side of choice.


When you try them out, stop back and tell me the ingredients you decide to you use and how they turn out. 

2 thoughts on “{anything goes egg cups}

  1. I’m loving this idea Sarah! Especially the idea of a make ahead breakfast full of protein. I’ve been a little stuck in the breakfast department recently. Also want to try those banana oatmeal cookies you just posted. I haven’t been by in a while and see I’ve been missing some yummy looking stuff 🙂 cc

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