Friday Photos: the view from here




My whirlwind of a week.

From Denver…


Have I mentioned how much I love Denver?


(Probably because there are always snacks waiting.)

And this little bee.


And her sweet pea sister.


And plenty of treats!





Back home to MKE for an evening with Ted Perry from Fox6.


He’s doing a story on gluten-free living — tune in this Wednesday at 10pm! set your DVR today. 🙂

Last night I got SPOILED by my dear friends Julie and Emmie — pizza, prizes, giggles, and sweets. (Mark was out if town, but we snuck in a morning chat.) A girls’ night was the perfect way to spend Valenitne’s Day…did you celebrate in style too?


And now I’m turning out the lights in St. Croix Falls tonight, in a cozy hotel room with my celiac sista and Mamasita. (It’s her birthday tomorrow and I’m surprising her with a cake from Molly’s…THANK YOU, Mary for being so sweet!)

A whirlwind indeed.

Good night!

Have a JOYful weekend.


PS: Thursday is our 3 year anniversary of GF Get Together events — we’re celebrating at Cocina DeLeon, a fiesta! And guess who’s coming? 🙂


7 thoughts on “Friday Photos: the view from here

  1. I’m going to Denver in a few weeks. Any good gluten-free restaurants you’d recommend? I have a few places I plan to check out but am always look for other Celiacs recommendations 🙂

    • Hi Amanda! There are plenty of posts on D-town… if you just use the search box on the home page, you can search Denver and read all about my food adventures. Ones I have frequented? Udi’s in Stapleton (and downtown, but no fries!) Lala’s for pizza, Lucky Pie pizza, Snooze for breakfast. (go early, be prepared to wait)

      • Thanks! I’ll search your blog for others. And yay, breakfast! Hardest meal to find gluten-free restaurants for, in my experience!

      • Awesome! I always call ahead anyway (which I’m sure you can relate to) to make sure they can accommodate my food allergies AND Celiac. I’m excited because I’ve heard they’re a very gluten-free friendly city. Glad to have found your blog, by the way! I found it through The Patient Celiac’s blog.

  2. I’ve been following your blog for a bit and just wanted to say how much I appreciate it!! 1/2 my famly (2 kids and my husband) are gluten intolerant and your resources have been so helpful. We have the good fortune of living only minutes from Molly’s and that has helped us a lot!

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