Friday Photos: the view from here


Still on a high from chatting with a writer from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning. We talked all things gluten-free, which as you know, I could talk about all day. It was refreshing to speak with someone from the media who truly understands celiac disease. (Her daughter was diagnosed years ago and now lives in NYC, but feels Milwaukee is one gluten-free friendly place to be.) Agreed.

I’ll keep you guys in the loop — when it will run in the paper, what recipes we choose to share, which apron I’ll wear for the photos, etc. 🙂

Speaking of highs… we had the best time last night at Cafe Manna for our GF Get Together event.


Between appetizers and the meal, we put our creative sides to work making valentines for our friend Marty (his mom owns Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery) who just got a new heart — we’re all rooting for him and happy to hear he’s doing so well recovering.

Allison gave us a demo on her braille writer. Her valentine was the best one, hands down. You can check out her blog here, for all of her adventures with Gilbert, her best buddy. (And while I was searching around to link to her blog, I found this AMAZING video of her singing her buddy Gilbert to sleep.) Absolutely beautiful.

photo 2

But we didn’t stop with photos, we thought a video was in order.

For the record, Julie was very willing to order this appetizer with me, even though she isn’t a huge beet fan, she keeps an open mind. And although she didn’t dig into these wraps like I did — I loved them — she did end up eating the “wraps” after I ate the beets out of them, saying that, “I do like a little beet flavor.” Ha!  Stay tuned for more “Julie Reviews” in the future! 🙂

Mark came home with a new yogurt for me — anyone tried Siggi’s?

Siggi's yogurt

Very few 2

All about recycling. photo 3

Certified gluten-free. Gold star for the husband! photo 4

These happened this week too. Grandma G’s Monster Cookies — flourless, easy-peasy. Make them soon. photo 2

We wrapped up #31daysofcelebration and started #28daysoflove — join in over on Instagram, (you can find me as: celiacinthecity) or feel free to post the pics to Facebook too. Just use the hashtag #28daysoflove to see them all.

photo 3

That’s it from over here — tell me the best part of your week. Are you baking, cooking, dancing in the kitchen? Or just snuggled up on the couch avoiding these temps?

Have a JOYful weekend!

xoxo ~ Sarah

3 thoughts on “Friday Photos: the view from here

  1. What a LOADED post!!! Congrats on the newspaper interview – very cool! Wishing your friend Marty an excellent outcome with the transplant. Sounds like he’s got a good support group. Finally, I’ve just written to the company that makes that Siggi’s yoghurt to see if the are distributing it up here in the Great White North. That’s got my name all over it. Oh, and one day, when I make it to Milwaukee, I’d love to share some beet appetizers with you 🙂

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