Day 1 of 10 Days of Real Food

Just tuning in? I’m doing the 10 Days of Real Food Pledge from 9/19-9/28. Feel free to join me at any time — but check out their website first for all the details like what the 10 day pledge is all about, what you can/can’t eat, and recipe/food ideas. (keep in mind that Lisa and her family are not gluten-free… so some of the recipes need to be converted — give a shout if you need ANY help!) 


Guess who got her husband to join her on this 10 day adventure?

This girl. 🙂

It’s so much easier to stay on track when you have a partner.

Breakfast: Caprese Poached Eggs

I use these poach pods.

Family garden tomato, fresh-from-the-balcony basil.

Lunch was leftover roasted chicken and roasted beets. I was on.the.go at work today, so barely had time to eat, let alone snap a pic.

I snacked on a banana, a Honeycrisp (my fave) apple, and a little snack mix of raisins, marcona almonds and unsweetened shredded coconut throughout the day.

And wrapped up the day with a dinner of — you guessed it, roasted chicken! But we mixed it up by adding brown mustard and sriracha for some kick then put it on top of mixed greens, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella. (broiled for a few seconds)

As you can see, we have been cleaning out the fridge — I hate wasting food, so we are trying to get creative with what we have… and then I’ll restock. We have plenty of garden goods to use up, so I already packed tomorrow’s lunch salad.

Don’t worry, it’s not just salads that you can eat! But if you do, you’re going to need a real food dressing (the store bought stuff is FULL of extras — and one of the “rules” is that if something is packaged, it has to have less than five ingredients, which is so rare for dressings) that tastes good too. I’ll give you the ratio, so you can make it for one or the whole family — and feel free to just eyeball it, and adjust to your taste buds.

 Simple Vinaigrette Dressing

3 parts olive oil

1 part vinegar of your choice – we used blackberry infused vinegar, but any will work

Fresh herbs of any kind

Squirt of brown mustard — key to emulsifying (holding it all together)

Salt & Pepper

Place all of the ingredients in a canning jar, tighten the lid and give it a good shake — until all the ingredients have come together. Toss greens with dressing, just to coat, you don’t need much to give it great flavor.

That’s my Day 1. What did you have today?

7 thoughts on “Day 1 of 10 Days of Real Food

  1. One of the lessons I walked away with from our first Real Food adventure was to make my own salad dressing from now on. There are great recipes out there and it’s fun to play around with and make your own. It’s SO worth the little effort it takes to make! And way to go MN!! No more Jimmy John’s for at least 10 days….. 🙂

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