10 Days of Real Food (Take 2)

It’s time for some real food.

As much as I have been loving our anniversary cake, plenty of White Russians, and all the other goodies I’ve indulged in lately… there comes a time when you need to get back on track.

Curb the sugar.

Get back to real food.

So I’m doing my second “10 Days of Real Food Pledge,” care to join me?

You can read about my first 10 day adventure here — man I did good the first time… and I kept it up (for the most part) until our honeymoon in March.

This one will run from September 19th-28th.

I’ll be checking in here with you, as well as over on Facebook, so feel free to chime in with what’s working for you, to share recipe ideas, or just to cheer each other on.

Here are some recipes to get you started:

There are plenty of recipes and resources over on their website too!

And I’ll be back soon to share what I’m eating and keep us all in check — and this isn’t about weight loss necessarily, (although that never hurts) but last time I did this I dropped about 5 pounds …. so are you IN? 

4 thoughts on “10 Days of Real Food (Take 2)

  1. Keep up the great work, Sarah! Last time we did this, it was an amazing adventure and I learned so much! I’m cheering you on! (and will try to do my best to do all Real Food too!)

  2. Not sure I could do it, but I look forward to keeping up with your journey. I did, however, take the plunge in cutting out ALL dairy, as I should have done 12 years ago. Just couldn’t give up the cheese! Good luck!

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