{Friday Photos}

Sitting at the airport in Denver.


For a couple hours.

And Michael Phelps could be on at any minute…but the only TVs are at the bars.

So I might be going for a drink….

Today’s post is straight from my phone, no laptop this trip, so watch out world, I’m getting techie.


The week started out all extra healthy. I was staying with my sister and she just finished the Whole30 challenge….she ROCKED it, and had plenty of healthy options at her place.

And then I flew to Colorado.


Beautiful isn’t it?


And things started to slide in the direction of “flexible” eating.







But I pulled myself together a bit this morning.


And introduced my little bee to orange slices.


If you are in CO, check out Larkburger. And Udi’s is always on our list of stops. The brownies? From the Boulder farmers’ market last visit….sister Laura saved them for us to make while we watched the Olympics.

Speaking of which, I have to go track down a TV and see my guy Phelps. Fingers crossed I get out of here by 9.

Have a fun-filled weekend….I’m back to real life next week, see you then!

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