Friday Photos: celebrate

It’s been a week of celebrating.

Celebrating summer. Like this cake from Tracy over at Shutterbean — summer on a plate.

Gluten-Free Coconut Cake with Berries

You’re going to want the recipe, I promise you will, so here it is. I converted it to gluten-free by simply substituting a cup of Cup4Cup flour mix. (no one, and I mean no one, will know the difference)

Celebrating sister time with lunch at Cafe Hollander.

Speaking of celebrating — why don’t you join us for the next GF Get Together event happening next week at Cafe Hollander? (see the invite here)

Celebrating family time. (which is why this post is semi-random and pieced together… I’m home in Minnesota with my fam, staying up until my eyes beg for surrender and taking advantage of every daylight hour to be outside, in the fresh air, with my best buddies)

And their little brothers. (my peanuts)

mama & daddy’s first night out — auntie Sarah survived!

I FINALLY wore them out.

We’re a food family though, so although we’d rather be outside playing, we take time for good grub.

mamasita’s mac & cheese

We celebrate the little things — like getting the table set for a lunch party, using grandma’s “special” wine glasses to sip soda out of, and dancing around in the kitchen. Just because.

And it doesn’t have to be anything gourmet. Kids are happy just getting to the table with you, having helped prepare the meal — they get excited about the little things. I’m telling ya. Celebrate it.

they LOVE anything they can serve up themselves… small dishes = happy kiddos

Celebrating with mamasita at Chevy’s in Sioux Falls, SD.

*note: although they have a gluten-free menu, there seemed to be some confusion on some of the GF menu items (the same thing happened in the twin cities) so be sure to double check everything before ordering.*

Celebrating solo.

pit stop picnic on the way to Minnesota — Riverside Park ~ La Crosse, WI

Celebrating South Dakota’s gluten-free friendliness with a stock up on beverages.

Hy-Vee rocks

Have you tried Michelob Ultra Light Cider yet? It’s no Crispin, but it is celebration worthy.

How funny is that sign? Not only does Hy-vee stock my favorite gluten-free beer, but they are encouraging you to celebrate too. (started this post yesterday, saw the sign today — confirmed the need for more celebrating in life)

So take note… grab your friends and family, some good food, and then celebrate.

We already are.

You should join us.

What are you celebrating this week?

6 thoughts on “Friday Photos: celebrate

  1. I was looking for the asterisk on your comment on lack of gluten free knowledge in a twin cities restaurant but couldn’t find it. Is there a story to be told? As I live in River Falls and frequently dine out in the cities, it might be handy to know where you ran into trouble?

    • The asterisk was just to take note that although they have a GF menu, you need to double check with the server to be sure the ingredients are GF. When I went to the Chevy’s in the cities, the server told us an item was GF, but then when we questioned it, the manager came out and said it was not.

      On this occasion, the sweet corn side dish was listed on the GF menu, but when they brought it out, I questioned it again (same item as in MN) and the manager came and told us it was not GF, even though it was still on the menu.

  2. We are all enjoying the food and your company. Has been quite the ride so far this week but, wouldn’t have it any other way:)

  3. LOVE all of the celebration. Life is a party and you seem to be soaking it in 🙂 big hugs to the family. xoxo ‘other’ sister Laura

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