Friday Photos

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

I did it.

Checked another item off my 2012 list — I taught a gluten-free class!

And it was THE best experience.

I’ll be writing more about it soon… I’m still basking in the good vibes of meeting such a wonderful, interactive, positive, group of gluten-free friends. The perfect crowd for this first timer.

This is going to be hard to believe, but I didn’t take one photo.

Not a one.

But luckily there was a fellow blogger in the house — someone who takes photos of everything she eats too, so I did score this one from her, via Twitter.

Thanks, Heather.

Go check out her blog, Picky Eater Confessions.

Like what you see? It was a little sampler: grandma’s monster cookies, apple streusel chex mix, beer dip, and blueberry muffins from The Cake Mix Doctor. (I’ll be posting the other recipes soon when I recap the class.)

I will tell you that the apple streusel chex mix has some of this brand spanking new cereal included in the recipe…

(And I’ll also tell you that the regular cinnamon chex are still at the top of my list.)

And these cookies will always be there too.

Grandma G’s Monster Cookies

Preparing for the class, I did a little inventory of my gluten-free cookbooks — I guess I have a few.

Do you have any of these?

Last weekend I ventured out of Milwaukee for a dear friend’s bridal shower — she’s a little ray of sunshine and she’s all about supporting the gluten-free folks. They had plenty of options for me, clearly labeled.

A gluten-free brunch: fruit, crustless quiche (from Sendik’s) and Udi’s muffins

More venturing out landed me in the midst of our family garden (you can see more here and here — ever had kale chips? go check them out.) to check on this year’s progress.

Lookin’ good, lookin’ real good.

garden fresh tomatoes = salsa, capreses, BLTs, pasta sauce

Most days, I come up with a coffee creation at home, but there are days (when it’s 90 degrees) when I just want someone else to make me my morning java — I think I found my new go-to coffee place. It’s close to home. A little local spot called Roast. 

Iced Coffee with milk — a tad bit of honey.

Walking has been my exercise of choice lately — any time I can get outside and soak up the rays, I’m all for it. But I did get my bike out and dust it off this week too, so who knows where I might end up.

What are you doing these days to work off the sweets? And what are your plans for the weekend, are you celebrating all the dads out there with a cookout? 

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