Friday Photos ~ Family Reunion

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

Where did the week go?


I feel like just yesterday I was hanging out in Denver with my BFF and her girls. How is it already Friday again? (and why am I only posting on Fridays?)

To ease back into real life, I brought my other sister Laura home with me from Denver. I say that, even though she had already booked her own ticket and made plans to be home in WI. (she’s a Wisconsin girl at heart, her roots are here, and someday she’ll be back… I just know it.)

That meant a sleepover we were exhausted and passed out party on Sunday night and then a mini-road-trip up to Appleton on Monday.

This was a pretty big deal because I got to meet “other sister Sarah” IRL. (in real life, folks!) 🙂

In case you are just tuning in, I have my real life sister Laura and then my dear friend Laura who I went to college with in Milwaukee. She has an older sister Sarah. I have a younger sister Laura. So we became “sisters” too and refer to our real life sisters as “other sister Sarah” and “other sister Laura.”

Still with me?

Other sister Sarah and I had “met” over Skype and FaceTime, but this was the real deal. The kind of get together where you can hug it out.

And have a headtilting laugh or two.

That’s sister Sarah in the middle — isn’t she lovely? And she JUST had a baby. Looks amazing.

And not only is she super mom to little man and big sister, but she reads this blog. (so does sister Laura — Hi, LL!) I won’t lie, it was pretty great to hear that I have a reader in Arkansas. Big deal in my book, real big deal.

Know what else is a big deal?

When you show up at someone’s home, not even knowing you’ll be eating there, and they have already done a little research and are whipping you up some (gluten-free) lunch when you arrive.

Boom goes the dynamite.

greens with tomatoes, feta, pine nuts, onions, peppers topped with Bell and Evans chicken and vinaigrette

These weren’t served up for lunch, but there were displayed on the counter and were tempting me the entire time I was there.

And I got lucky because between good girl talk and our little photo shoot… their mama was working on a batch of jam.  

My Mamasita is the jam maker in our family — haven’t tried it myself yet, but she made it look so easy. (so there really is no excuse at this point)

As I sat there watching her, I thought it must be some long time family recipe. One that came with a story. But she surprised me by saying, “it’s just the recipe from Sure-Jell.” (she wanted to make sure the recipe credit went to the right people) 🙂

So the recipe’s from a box. Whoopdie-do-dah. It tastes just like summer. And I went home with a jar after an afternoon of family time — one delish lunch party, one storybook to put big sister down for a nap, three tries at making the perfect star for a DIY 4th of July craft, a visit from a soon-to-pop mama, (congrats on the new baby boy!) four attempts at a sisters photo, and one content little baby boy who makes you want to have a little bubba right now. How’s THAT for a story?

I dipped into “Ann’s Hometown Jam” by Tuesday.

What are you dipping into this weekend — a pool? a stash of cookies from the freezer? (going to be too hot to bake) Anyone else out there doing the jam making thang? Would love to hear about it! 

PS- don’t forget to sign up for my “Going Gluten Free 101” class happening Thursday, June 14th by clicking HERE. 

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