{Friday Photos — a girl. her mamasita. both love food. today will travel.}

Today is a good day, isn’t it?

The countdown is on … I leave for Denver on Tuesday! And you guys know how much I heart D-town. This is a super-special trip because my BFF just had a sweet little baby girl — and already has a little “bee” that I just adore, and we just so happen to be celebrating her 2nd birthday while I’m there. T-minus four days!

But before I jet out to the Rockies, the countdown (in hours) is going for a long weekend up north.

I can already hear Jungle Jim’s calling my name — you really should stop in and visit next time you’re in the northwoods.

But before I go, let me recap the week.

You know that smiling face — it’s my Mamasita!

That little trickster showed up at our Team Gluten-Free 5k on Saturday to SURPRISE me. And surprise me she did. (she had been scheming with the husband and my bestie Liesel for quite some time) They were like ninjas and showed up right before the race started — out of no where.

The icing on the cake? My mama got to stay until Tuesday.

She loves food as much as this girl, so we filled up on all kinds of GF goodness while she was here.

A couple smoothie breakfasts, lunch in Cedarburg at Vintage Cafe, and a night of grilling on the balcony — my guy can make a mean steak.

While we were out and about last week, we spotted the new Fresh Market in Fox Point. They stock some GF treats I have never even seen before. And they carry Jovial GF pasta. Get in there and check it out!

Before I sent my mama on her way, I introduced her to one of my all time favorite restaurants, Bunky’s Cafe in Madison. 

We shared the hummus plate, meat lasagna, and chocolate-caramel cheesecake. Go there. As soon as you possibly can.

Oh, and after the 5k last week, we fueled up on some Luna Protein Bars — the folks at Luna were kind enough to send some of every flavor for the group to try. I’ve gotten nothing but rave reviews this week, from those who tried them. (although I wish the ingredient list was just a tad shorter, I love that they pack in the protein — 12g — for each bar, and they keep me full longer)

Like days like today, when I’m camped out at Alterra on the lake for a meeting, catching up on emails, and popping in here before I unplug for the weekend.

(Chocolate Cherry Almond is my new fave) 

But before I go, here are some recipes you could be making this weekend for your Memorial Day picnic.

What are you up to on this long, holiday weekend? Any road trips planned? Or chilling at home?

9 thoughts on “{Friday Photos — a girl. her mamasita. both love food. today will travel.}

  1. Had a great time Sarah:) Loved all the food even ZEN it was a great time. Hugs and Kisses from Minnesota

  2. When you are in Denver (I am a Colorado native) you must go have pizza at Lucky’s Pie at 16th & Wazee. They have the BEST gluten free pizza crust I have ever had. Numerous things can be made gluten free on their menu as well. Awesome location on the 16th street mall just down from Coors field. Have fun in the mecca of health and mindfull eating/living.

  3. Loving the layout of the pictures!! This is the first I’ve noticed them……it IS a new layout, right?? Love that you call me Liesel. Love even more that you recognize my Ninja ways…..
    Have an awesome weekend, Sjel Soster.
    Love you!

  4. That was so nice of your mom to surprise you like that 🙂 Enjoy this time with her! We’re staying local this long weekend. Getting our maternity pictures done, graduation party and perhaps an Ikea trip with my mom!

    • Let’s hope you have semi-cool temps for the photos — wish we were getting HOT temps and sun up north, but hoping the rain stays off for a while so we can enjoy the lake. (if all else fails, I am fine with hot tubbing in the rain!) Have a great weekend, Maria!

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