Post-Honeymoon recovery: a list of links for traveling gluten-free

We made it home safely, with plenty of tales to tell.

I’ll just be honest and say I’m still adjusting to reality. For some reason, I am having the worst time getting back into the swing of things.

So… I promise there will be more pictures with stories of our adventures on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, but for today, how about a list of links?


  • If you are traveling to a country where the native language is not English, you can grab some Triumph Dining Cards to make things easier on everyone. (I only busted out my Spanish version once on our trip.)
  • Although I didn’t bring my toaster bags on this trip, I do take them on pretty much every other trip, even if it’s a weekend at a friend’s house. 
  • My suitcase, purse and carry-on all contained these Larabars, they are my current favorite. If I had been thinking ahead, I would have ordered and mixed it up with some GFBs too. 
  • Glutino pretzels are a staple for travel – perfect dipped in mustard, cream cheese, with regular cheese bites, on their own, dipped in PB&J, plenty of possibilities. 
  • These Go-Pinic meals pretty much saved me on the plane ride home – NO gluten-free options from American Airlines on that flight, even after calling to request it. Boo. 
  • Some airports have snack options for us too — I scored some Peeled Snacks along with some Honest Tea for the ride there. 
That’s what worked for me on this trip — what are your gluten-free travel tips? Let’s make a list to help newbie GF travelers! 

5 thoughts on “Post-Honeymoon recovery: a list of links for traveling gluten-free

  1. I’m heading to Puerto Rico next month. I was wondering if you had any success eating gluten free at any restaurants there. I’m Celiac as well and plan to bring a ton of food with me too but I love eating out when I can safely so anything you could recommend would be very much appreciated! THANKS!!

    • Hi Gayle! We ate at Pikayo and Aquaviva, both were great! I would bring a GF dining card in Spanish with you, but the locals were wonderful. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton, the chef there (Simon) went above and beyond for us. It was beautiful, enjoy!!

  2. Happy return Sarah – by the looks of things you had a great time… I imagine it’s hard to come back to “regular life” after all of the anticipation. We got married on Thursday – postponing a honeymooning for awhile, and I’m glad as I’m still spinning from our tiny event! Good luck getting back in the groove!

  3. I usually make up some trail mix then I know what’s in it and it has all my favorites. I packed a Go Picnic for the plane trip back for our last trip.

  4. Glad you enjoyed your honeymoon and had safe travels. I just got back from New Orleans, had some GoPicnics in my carry-on (bought at Target). I also found them for sale, along with little bags of rice crackers and popcorn, in the Detroit Airport at those stores with books, mags and snacks. This is progress.

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