Lists of Links: my guy’s birthday edition

Did you miss the first post about my obsession with lists? No worries — you can find it here.


This is my guy.

It’s his birthday today. (Happy Birthday, Babycakes!)

So I thought it might be fun to do a “lists post” in his honor. He is behind our most creative endeavors in the kitchen and is the official taste tester for any baking I do.

Any time there is an event, you’ll find him at the source of all things cooking.

(he makes a mean burger and an even better flank steak, and barbecue chicken -it’s all about the brine, baby- is my top request when we’re up north with the big grill)

We spend as much time as possible together in the kitchen — no, that’s not our kitchen. I wish! But someday we’ll have an island like that in our kitchen. (we do have one up north, but a three hour drive for dinner would be a little excessive)

Others like to get in on the fun too — he and his brothers, brothers-in-law and nephews roasted two whole pigs for his parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party, with him running the show.

When he’s not cooking (and the temperatures are right) he’s on his bike.

Pretty good guy, yes?

He’s got great taste too — for food, clothes, accessories, you name it. He would make a killer personal shopper.

So today, in honor of his birthday, here’s a gift for you.

Mark’s List of Links

  • His go-to place for recipes — Cooks Illustrated. They will never let you down. Ever.
  • Who knows his favorite food? (it’s this) And thanks to an embarrassing game at my bridal shower, I now know too.)
  • The very first night he cooked for me, he made me crème brûlée. He makes it pretty much perfectly with this little tool. 
  • Almost as important as the main dish is cocktails. His all time favorite? Old Fashioneds. But in the top five has to be the Moscow Mule, they go in these.
  • If there is a way to incorporate sriracha into a dish, he’ll find it. So this cookbook was perfect for him!
  • The iPad comes right into the kitchen with us — so this mount should be on the list for his next birthday, yes?
  • If he had to pick where we were going for dinner tonight? Probably here. A top pick of ours in Milwaukee.
  • The crowd pleasing dip he could whip up with his eyes closed? Artichoke dip. You can grab our recipe here. 
  • He doesn’t joke around about food. If you ask for a snack, he’ll show up with something like this little plate of fun, in under 10 minutes.

So there’s a little peek into the world of my guy.

I’m a pretty lucky girl.

6 thoughts on “Lists of Links: my guy’s birthday edition

  1. What a sweet post, Sarah! Your guy is so handsome and so special. 🙂 What kind of bike does he have? Hubby has two bikes, but we call the big one, a Honda Valkyrie, “mine” … not because I operate it, but because we got it for me because I wanted a suitable bike for long trips. It’s perfect!

    Happy Birthdayto your hubby!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Shirley — he’s pretty great, I’m blessed. 🙂 He has a FatBoy… but of course he has his next bike on his mind at all times! Love that you got yourself a comfy ride for the long ones, that is our plan for the future too, but I bet he’ll always keep his first Harley. (we had our wedding at the HD Museum, perfect match for us) Glad you guys are riding too, and with this weather, we’re itching to get out there!

  2. What a fantastic fella… and those of us with “special” diets know what keepers dudes like this are… the way to the heart is truly through the stomach 🙂 Happy birthday to your great guy!!

  3. Happy Birthday to the greatest Brother-in-law and Uncle we could have asked for. He does make amazing flank steak and BBQ chicken. He is the reason my kids will now eat chicken on the bone, as long as I make it as close to Uncle Mark’s as I can.

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