Friday Photos: a field trip to Greater Grain Gluten-Free Goods in Racine

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

Last week was the grand opening of Greater Grain Gluten-Free Foods in Racine, so I took a little trip down to check things out. Although I’m blessed with all kinds of options near my place, I like to get a feel for what’s out there — and then share my field trip findings with you guys.

Take a peek.

Owner Joe Greene (pictured left) was on hand to chat and show me around. He is experiencing the gluten-free life firsthand with his wife, who has celiac disease.

Joe is the executive director of Careers Industries, the non-profit organization that runs Greater Grain and provides work opportunities and training for persons with disabilities, serving over 450 people in southeastern Wisconsin.

Because they have already been eating gluten-free for eight years — they are pros on knowing what’s “in” on the GF market.

They started stocking the shelves with their personal favorites, but are open to suggestions from their customers too. (they have a mailing list and a product suggestion list going near the register)

*UPDATE 3/10/12* Just heard from Joe — and they added SIXTY new products this week all from customer requests!

Plenty of snack foods — including some of my top picks from Food Should Taste Good. If you haven’t tried “The Works” chips yet, do yourself a favor and pick some up today.

Sweet treats galore — who knew there are a variety of gluten-free ice cream cone options?

All your flour needs. (kind of looks like my “pantry” doesn’t it?

A freezer section with some familiar finds…

and some I’ve never seen — anyone tried this pizza?

You know I’m off the sugar when Udi’s is cranking out new products and I have no idea. Have you had these?

I know some family members that will be happy to see these cream soups, for a certain cheesy potato recipe.

I was tempted to snag a bag of these, but I didn’t. I bet they taste just like those peach rings. Easter basket maybe?

Picking pasta could be a tad overwhelming — options galore!

They also carry organic meats — beef, chicken, lamb, and more. Those beef sticks were gone in no time.

The store is decked out in one of a kind, handmade art pieces from clients of Careers Industries — giving it a warm feeling in the store, reminding you that when you shop there, your dollars are going to a good cause.

Hopefully they’ll add Elizabeth Barbone’s new book to the mix — I’ll be previewing some recipes from the book this weekend, my copy has shipped and Amazon promises it will be here soon.

Give a warm welcome to Greater Grain — stop in and say hello, stock up (in one trip instead of three different stores) on all your go-to favorites and see what’s new. Check out their website for a money saving coupon! And stop by for Lori’s (from Burp! Where Food Happens) article featuring Greater Grain.

Did you see your top GF product in the photos? Did I miss anything?

11 thoughts on “Friday Photos: a field trip to Greater Grain Gluten-Free Goods in Racine

    • I haven’t done any price comparing, but if you are near Racine I think it is worth it to have the local products!(and helping a great cause) Also, the ENTIRE STORE is GF so no questions or worries… and there are so many more options than WF. 🙂 Go check them out!

  1. thank you for this store my son is 1 years old and just diagnosed with celiac and it has been to hard to find food for him then we went online in search of food for him and we found this store we went there and was amazed one of the ladies working there said to my sons father if your son likes these bars call me and i wont take them off the shelf he did so and she is not takeing the off the shelf

  2. this is awesome, I just happened to fall upon your website. I’ve been diagnosed with celiac and colitis 14 months ago and am having a hard time. being a bread and pizza lover its hard to find a good tasting comprimise. I am about an hour + away from Racine but I am definatley going to try it out. Thanks!!

  3. I’ve tried the Cheese and Pepperoni Gourmet pizza. Gluten Free Frenzy carries them. It is a pretty good pizza. Out of the frozen pizzas that I’ve tried, I think this is one of the best.

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