Friday Photos: in like a lion

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

I survived the dreaded prep for the colonoscopy/endoscopy — now just waiting to go in, so figured I need to get this post done before I’m drugged up and start typing my deepest secrets.

Work has been crazy for Mark lately, (what’s new right?) which means I’ve been doing most of the cooking — luckily for me, Carrie  from Ginger Lemon Girl hooked me up with recipes to try for her new book, so the menu wasn’t so hard. After I pulled off those little quinoa cakes on Sunday, he thought he needed his turn in the kitchen.

Of course he had to show me up.

Asian barbecue glazed salmon, butter and tarragon brussels sprouts, and beet soup with fried shallots — served up right with a Crispin

On Monday night around 9:00, I decided we needed some sweet treats for our two year anniversary celebration of Gluten-Free Get Together events happening on Tuesday at Marty’s Pizza in Delafield. There wasn’t much in the cupboard, but I did have Cup4Cup gluten-free flour mix and a package of chocolate chips and coconut, so I went from there.

Nothing fancy.

I took the recipes right off the back of the bags and just substituted the C4C mix.

chocolate dipped macaroons 

chocolate chip bars

They both turned out perfectly. Not bad for a last minute decision and no idea where I was going with the late night baking adventure. I saved a few for Mark (he loved them both) and then plated them up for the crew.

Most of them were gone before our pizza arrived.

Smiles all around.

Especially those of us who enjoyed a Lakefront New Grist or two. That’s my soul sister, Kristi. Isn’t she beautiful? She’s a big gluten-free advocate — she supports us and the beer we drink.

*Note: There was a team of beer drinkers for that line of bottles.

We had all kinds of treats, including these new chips from Food Should Taste Good — sometimes salt & vinegar chips have malt in them, but not these.

I’m going to eat them after my procedure.

Ok, enough looking at food, (I’m sooooo hungry) and the nurse says it’s time to go.


I had this post almost done, ready to hit publish, and then they wheeled me off. After sleeping most of the day, (and waking up to a world of white outside) I’m back to put the final touches on it — everything went well, my mother-in-law got me home safely. I thought I was going to want a huge meal after not eating anything of much of substance since Wednesday, but instead I woke up craving cold fruit.

The fridge was pretty bare, but I managed to whip up a big smoothie with frozen strawberries and apple juice.

It hit the spot.

Tomorrow my buddy Al and his wife Peg are coming down to visit — we have a yearly tradition of celebrating Peg’s birthday by hitting up the Milwaukee County Winter Farmers’ Market and then lunch. We’re going to stock up at the market, then Maggiano’s for some Italian.

Al runs the Gluten Intolerance Group of East Central Wisconsin. He’s also been busy working on getting Dr. Rodney Ford to Wisconsin in October — looking forward to that presentation. (and some catch up time with good gluten-free pasta tomorrow!)

And Sunday I’m heading down to check out the brand new gluten-free store in Racine — Greater Grains, located inside Careers Industries.

Oh, and Molly’s Gluten-Free Bakery is now shipping! Perfect news to end the week.

Has anyone been down to Greater Grains yet? Are you going to try out Molly’s shipping?

I have a little buddy in South Dakota that would love some treats.

3 thoughts on “Friday Photos: in like a lion

  1. aaaaww!! I made the blog!!!!! You are too kind, my little g/f soul sister! It was such a great night and met more fabulous ladies!
    I also learned of my deep love of New Grist *hiccup*

  2. Kristi…so beautiful. I think I recognize some of my empty beer bottles in that picture. Good times. 🙂

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