Leap Day List of Links

Last night was our two-year anniversary of Gluten-Free Get Together events. It seems like just yesterday I was writing a recap on our first year of dinners.

February is also my gluten-free anniversary — FOUR years since my Celiac Disease diagnosis.

I used to be that person who would say that my diagnosis changed my life and I have been nothing but healthy since. Then last year around this time, I started to have issues again. *TMI warning* For the most part it was chronic diarrhea with bloating and just general uncomfortableness as the day went on.

I’ll spare you all the details, but long story short, there were times of “remission” when I thought I had gotten past it (after trips to urgent care and all sorts of samples, blood tests, and analysis) and then days when it was back in full force, which finally got me in to see my GI doctor last week.

Again more testing, sampling, antibiotics, and then dreaded “oscopies,” both endoscopy and colonoscopy were ordered for this Friday.

Normally I don’t share this kind of thing on here, but you guys are like my family — and after chatting with friends at dinner last night, it seems there are many GF friends who have undergone the same. The endoscopy was no big deal to me, been there, done that. As one friend said after hearing about the GI issues, “didn’t we take care of all this with the Celiac thing?” It’s the colonoscopy (the prep mainly) that has me a little anxious.

So, instead of focusing on my jello-for-breakfast, clear liquids diet that I’ll be on tomorrow, the prep I could do without, or the nerve wracking wait to figure out what is going on, I thought we needed a list to distract me.

Keep my mind on the important things, like what’s trending on Pinterest — do you have a Pinterest account? You can check out my boards here.

Now you’re in the know. Maybe more than you bargained for.

Enough on all that.

Let’s get to the Leap Day list.

Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Off of a Colonoscopy

  1. Joy the Baker’s new cookbook is out — how cool would it be if my husband felt so sorry for me that he showed up with it on Friday night? (he’s out of town Friday, so I’m making other arrangements for my “driver”) The book isn’t GF focused, but she makes me laugh and I don’t pick cookbooks by their GF status anymore, we just convert and modify!
  2. What do you think about cauliflower crust pizza? I’ve been on quite the pizza kick lately, have to mix it up a little.
  3. Speaking of pizza — can we have these fries on Friday night?
  4. Shout out to UW-Whitewater, just down the road for having a great GF selection for college diners. (although the cookies pictured are on my “would never eat again” list, the rest sounds great!)
  5. And what about these buckwheat pancakes for Saturday morning?
  6. This will be the last one on pizza. Seriously? Pizza grilled cheese? If I had some bread in the freezer, I would make this tonight as my “last supper” before the all-day-jello-feast tomorrow.
  7. What if you decide to do some baking at 9 pm and you need to substitute some ingredients? This will help.
  8. I’m a sucker for anything that you put the nachos label on — s’mores nachos. Oh yes.
  9. I’ve gotten some “it’s Girl Scout cookie time” emails at work from motivated moms and dads helping their daughters out… and I would love a Tagalong right now. Raise your hand if you remember when they were called that. I would need to convert these GS cookies to GF cookies, but it would be worth it.
  10. Start off our next year of GFGT events right, but joining us next month at Jose’s Blue Sombrero — check out the invite and RSVP here. 

Any tips for me on Friday? Feel free to share your TMI stories too. 🙂

Good night!

6 thoughts on “Leap Day List of Links

  1. It will be okay. It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. I felt lousy for so long, and then about half way through the jello day, I felt really GOOD! Maybe just because my stomach was getting a break. It will be fine and will give good information so you can start feeling better all the time. : )

    • So far so good… I honestly cannot believe how good I feel at 4pm not having had food since yesterday. My intestines are probably happy about the break. Or maybe my body is just so happy to see sugar (jello) again. Who knows, but I’ll take it!

  2. This was perfect as I am having my colonoscopy on the 13th of this month. I, too, am having other problems that my doctor is trying to figure out. I am gettting anxious about mine also as it is approaching. Good luck with yours tomorrow!

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