Monday’s lists of links to love

Did you miss the first post about my obsession with lists? No worries — you can find it here.


I’m home in bed with that achey, sneezy, running nose, coughing-fits-that-won’t-quit bug that is going around. (and by around I mean not only the bug that knocked my husband off his feet for the last week, but the same one that is going around the whole community it seems)

This isn’t ideal timing. I’m in the middle of planning a Pinterest Perfect shower for my celiac sister — and I don’t have time to be laying around blowing my nose all day.

But another day of rest is what my body is ordering, so I soaked in a hot bath with lavender salts, made a cup of lemon tea with honey and will be camped out on the couch on a date with my DVR for the rest of the day.

While I’m laying here, I thought I’d get this week’s list of links together for you — LOVE is in the air my friends.


List of Links to Love, for Love, about Love, what’s not to Love? 

  1. I want to experiment with cake pops, have any of you made them? These would be lovely.
  2. Your Valentine wants these mini banana splits I bet. Made them this weekend, they melt quick, take photos fast!
  3. Someday I’d like a photo like this with my Valentine. Brings tears to my eyes every single time.
  4. Brownie cut outs — are you serious? These would be a breeze to convert to gluten-free.
  5. This guy is my little chef, my best buddy, my other Valentine — he’s in the “funny valentine contest” over on Facebook that I posted about yesterday. Recently started the gluten-free diet (it’s a struggle) and could use a little cheering up. Sadly, they changed the date on the contest to end today (was supposed to end last week and he was winning) and he’s in second place… can you do me a favor and go vote for him?
  6. Sweet lunch ideas for the little Valentines in your life — now that Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery has a jumbo loaf, you could easily use the cute cutters.
  7. I’m game for anything on a stick really, like these cookie pops. (use K-toos to make them gluten-free)
  8. There is still time to make these free printable gluten-free style Valentines.
  9. Or maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing. No problemo — go with these cards. Who doesn’t love bacon?
  10. Gotta love the archives… although I’m off the sugar, I wouldn’t mind a bite of this homemade cookie cake that my mother-in-law gave us a couple years ago — the recipe is in the post, if you’re feeling ambitious!

Here’s hoping your day is filled with health! (and one of the cookies from the list)



7 thoughts on “Monday’s lists of links to love

  1. Sarah, I’ve made cake balls (at Christmas this year) and you can just simply put them on a stick! Let me know if you want the recipe – they were heaven. You’ll have to convert to GF, but I don’t think that should be a problem!

  2. The whole community IS whipped out…..all the way to Lake Country. I’m barely surviving at work today 😦
    So sorry you got this nasty bug too, Sarah!
    Love the *love* listing! So many great ideas out there and simple ways to spread the love to all those fabulous people in our lives.
    Be well, sending you healing vibes and one last question….will you be my Valentine this year?!?!?!?! (you can have more than one…right??)

    • Oh no — you too? 😦 I just want to be well — and run and breathe and all those little things we take for granted. But for now, I rest. And I feel the healing vibes comin’ in.

      And I will, without a doubt, be your Valentine. It’s a given. And it’s better to have more than one. 🙂

      Love you, soul sister!

  3. The boys will be thrilled when they find out that they both made it into today’s post. We are planning to try out some GF treats for a school party tomorrow, and for our little chef to see that yummy v-tine treats come in GF too.

    • Isn’t that and oldie but goodie of Tayden and I? Miss him being little! Cannot wait to see you all this weekend and get into the kitchen with my little chef — tell him I’ll need his help getting ready for the party! (and send healing vibes… the little peanuts won’t want me showing up with this cough!)

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