Friday Photos

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.

This week was a whirlwind… where did the time go?

The plan for the weekend was to jet out to Denver, home of my sweet little Valentine. (D-town is kind of a regular on CITC, in case you missed it you can read about gluten-free in Denver here or here.)

But plans changed and it left my weekend pretty wide open, so I’m going to finish up week 6 of the Couch to 5k, run around doing errands for my celiac sister’s shower (all GF of course) next weekend, and head out to the farm tonight for a Pinterest party — just me, Molly and Q. (who has also become a regular around here.)

But before I get moving — here is the week in review.


The mystery of the afternoon snack was finally solved over on Facebook.

Kohlrabi — sprinkled with a little Penzeys seasonings.


Still on a tea kick.

SPORTea — served at The Grind at UWM, Alterra, or on-the-cheap at home.


More recipe testing for Carrie’s (Ginger Lemon Girl) new slow cooker cookbook. (seriously… pre-order it)

Almond & Dried Cherry Granola alongside her Chunky Applesauce


Because of leftovers – like tasty enchiladas from Cocina DeLeon – and my trip to the market for soup, we did more warming up than actual cooking this week, which was a good thing since our week was loaded with hair cuts, dentist appointments, test driving cars and one sick husband. But I still make time for a good breakfast, no matter what.

Fried egg sandwich loaded up with spinach, on Ancient Grain from Molly’s Gluten-Free Bakery


Brown rice cakes are sometimes my vehicle for spreads I love. (like hummus, peanut butter or tuna)

Farm fresh hard boiled egg w/ roasted red pepper hummus rice cake


And sometimes there is dinner at my desk — working until 9:30 one night a week makes for some serious planning to have a hearty lunch and dinner packed.

Zesty Corn Tortilla w/ chiles, cilantro and lime from Wisconsin Soup Company


There you have it — my week. What about yours… any new recipes you tried this week that we should know about? Tell us about it! (after seeing 53 comments over on the FB discussion about kohlrabi — and a great little discussion going on this morning about eating paleo — I’m digging the comments and hoping to see more here on the blog!)

Happy day!


10 thoughts on “Friday Photos

  1. Kohlrabi… not a veggie I have ever considered as a raw snack. I got a mandolin slicer for Christmas… thinking it would be a nice addition to salads too (I’ve been eating a lot of fennel recently). In winter it’s hard to find exciting veggies worth eating raw.

    • Funny, I’ve only ever had it raw! A little farmer’s stand up north starting serving up samples of fresh cut kohlrabi and we have been fans of it since that summer. Yes, great in salads, gives a good crunch. Looking forward to spring veggies already. 🙂

    • I need to make another batch of the applesauce already — it has been our go-to treat for a snack, breakfast, right before the gym, right after the gym. We’re loving it! And the other recipes too… can’t wait to see the book, you should be really proud of yourself! Kudos!!! 🙂

  2. They don’t really fit into the “real food” challenge, but we made a recipe that the boys have been begging me to try. GF mini corn dog muffins. They were really easy to make with just a few ingredients, and the kids LOVED them. They tasted like “real” corn dogs.

  3. This week I made my egg “muffins” and meatloaf “muffins” for quick to grab goodies. As well as quinoa stuffed peppers! All Real Food and Gluten Free! You’re always inspiring me to get creative in the kitchen!

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