Friday Photos featuring “Mashed Potato” Soup

Welcome to Friday Photos, a weekly feature here on Celiac in the City — you can read how it all started by clicking HERE.)

I’m playing nurse again for my guy — nothing too serious, but it’s tooth related, and you and I both know how much dental pain can ruin a Friday night.

Since he’s on a soft foods diet for the next day or so, I thought I’d throw together some soup with what we had in the kitchen. The first time I made Potato Leek Soup was several years ago when my nephew was visiting for the week — man was he a picky eater! Had to get a little creative and leave out the part where there were leeks and onions involved. (they were on his “I’m not eating THAT” list)

Once he tasted it though, he was sold. He absolutely loved it, said it tasted like mashed potatoes, then went home and kept asking my sister for it — which led to a her calling me to figure out the secret to this so called Mashed Potato Soup.

The secret is out.

Tayden’s Mashed Potato Soup

1 ½ lbs potatoes, peeled and cubed (Yukon Golds work nice)

3 leeks, washed well and sliced

1 medium onion, diced

6 cups chicken stock (vegetable works too)

2 tablespoons butter or oil


Heat butter over medium-high heat, add onions and leeks and cook for 5-7 minutes, until leeks become soft. Add potatoes and chicken stock, season with salt and pepper. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes or until the potatoes have softened.

Using a hand blender, puree until nice and smooth. I added a tablespoon of butter while doing this and more salt and pepper to round things off. This soup is pretty thin, if you prefer it more thick, you can use a tad less stock or return it to the heat and reduce it down some.

I grabbed some chives from the little “herb garden” we have going in the kitchen to top it off.


What else did this week bring?

  • Putting the recipe to good use — not only did we scoop up that super simple and oh-so-tasty applesauce as a side, I used it in my breakfast combo this week.

This is really the only product (except for the allergy-free chocolate chips) from Enjoy Life that I can tolerate. These crunchy bits give a great crunch to yogurt — and in this case, mixed in with honey sweetened yogurt, the slow cooker applesauce and cinnamon.


  • More breakfast options — poached eggs with roasted red pepper hummus and grapefruit. (sans sugar!)


  • Keeping it real with real food and no Diet Coke — this Honest Tea with lemon has been a treat!


Wrapping up Week 5 of the Couch to 5k tomorrow morning — time to hit the hay!



3 thoughts on “Friday Photos featuring “Mashed Potato” Soup

    • I will definitely try that recipe! Way to go on week 5!! I will be joining the c25k and chubby Jones again in March/April once baby boy joins the world!

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